Picture of Ramesh
Viswanathan Ramesh Viswanathan
Bell Laboratories
Networking Platforms Research Department
101 Crawfords Corner Road
Holmdel, New Jersey 07733-3030
Room 4F-613


Research Interests

I am broadly interested in the application of mathematical logic and formal methods to deriving better understanding and solutions for problems arising in the practice of software systems and networks. My previous work has included types and semantics for functional, imperative, and object-oriented languages; virtual multimedia environments for supporting collaboration; alarm correlation for network management; extensible and dynamically customizable infrastructure for programming network services; topology discovery for IPv6/v4 networks.

My current focus is compositional verification and online monitoring techniques for detecting and locating faults in deployed networks, BGP convergence, and infrastructure for supporting inter-carrier QoS-sensitive services such as VoIP.

Selected Publications