Marina K. Thottan

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Member of Technical Staff
Networking Research Lab
Bell Labs
600-700 Mountain Avenue, Room 2B-321, Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA
+1 908-582-0439

My current research focuses on two main areas (1) measurement techniques for next generation converged networks and (2) cross-layer optimization for network control.

I am specifically interested in designing scalable measurement methods/protocols for real-time monitoring of high speed networks. I am also interested in building theoretical models for network control. These models are used to identify and evaluate proactive control measures both at the network service level as well as at the transport level. The insight gained will be used to build an end-to-end monitoring system for the converged high speed network. I am also interested in other areas such as network security, overlay networks and wireless mesh networks.

I joined Bell Labs-Research in November 1999 after completing my doctorate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. My graduate work focused on network fault detection and the application of signal processing techniques to networking.

Selected Publications

Mobile Content Distribution

Market Sharing Games Applied to Content Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks . Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (MobiHoc), May 2004, Tokyo, Japan (with M. X. Goemans, L. Li, and V. Mirrokni).

Network Security, Worm Attacks, BGP Instability

Early Detection of BGP Instabilities resulting From Internet Worm Attacks . Proceedings of IEEE Globecom, November 2004, Dallas, TX (with S. Deshpande, and B. Sikdar).

Network Measurements

Active Service Probes, VoIP OSS

Requirements and Specifications for a VoIP OSS . Bell Labs Technical Journal, Published by Wiley Periodicals, Vol (10), No. 1, pp.(31 - 46), Spring 2005 (with G. Prabhakar, and R. Rastogi).

Distributed Network Monitoring

Distributed Network Monitoring for Evolving IP Networks. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), March 2004, Tokyo, Japan (with L. Li, B. Yao, V. Mirrokni and S. Paul).

Distributed Network Monitoring With Bounded Link Utilization In IP Networks. Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM, April 2003, San Francisco, CA (with L. Li, B. Yao, and S. Paul).

SNMP-Based MPLS Network Monitoring

SEQUIN: An SNMP-based MPLS Network Monitoring System. Bell Labs Technical Journal, Published by Wiley Periodicals,Vol (8), No. 1, pp.(95-111), 2003 (with K. Swanson, M. Cantone, T. K. Ho, J. Ren, and S. Paul).

Network Simulation

Network Simulation Via Hybrid Systems Modeling: A Time Stepped Approach . Fourteenth International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN), October 2005, San Diego, CA (with A. Kavimandan, W. Lee, R. Viswanathan and A. Gokhale ).

A Model Driven Multi-Paradigm Integrated Simulation Framework For Analysis of Communication Networks . First Workshop on Model Integrated Computing (MIC), October 2004, Arlington, VA (with A. Kavimandan, W. Lee, R. Viswanathan and A. Gokhale ).

Network Design, Planning and Multipath Routing

A Simple Polynomial Time Framework for Reduced Path Decomposition in Multi-Path Routing. Proceedings of IEEE INFOCOM, March 2004, HongKong, China (with V. Mirrokni, H. Uzunalioglu and S. Paul).

Network Fault Detection / Network Anomaly Detection, MIB Variables

Anomaly Detection in IP Networks. IEEE Transactions in Signal Processing, Vol(51), No. 8, August 2003 (with C. Ji).

Using Network fault Predictions to Enable IP Traffic Management. Journal of Network and Systems Management, Special Issue on IP Operations and Management, Vol(9), No. 3, September 2002 (with C. Ji).

MIB Variable Based Fault Classification: The Next Step Towards Proactive Network Management. Proceedings of the IEEE/IFIP, Integrated Network Managemnet VII , May 2001, Seattle, WA.

Properties of Network Faults . Proceedings of the IEEE/IFIP Networks Operations and Management Symposium , April 2000, Honolulu, HI (with C. Ji).

Fault Prediction at the Network layer Using Intelligent Agents. Proceedings of the IEEE/IFIP Integrated Network Management , May 1999, Boston, MA (with C. Ji).

Statistical Detection of Enterprise Network Problems. Journal of Network and Systems Management, Special Issue on Enterprise Network and Systems Management, Vol(7), No.1, March 1999, (with C. Ji).

Proactive Anomaly Detection Using Distributed Intelligent Agents. IEEE Network, Special Issue on Network Management, Sept/Oct 1998, (with C. Ji).

Adaptive Thresholding for Proactive Network Problem Detection. Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Systems Management, April 1998, Newport, RI (with C. Ji).

Professional Activities

I am a member of the IEEE Communications Society and served in the following capacities for the Jersey Coast Chapter: Vice Chair 2003, Treasurer 2002
Technical Program Committee Member of IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2006
Technical Program Committee Member of IEEE ICCN 2005
Technical Program Committee Member of MMNS 2005
Technical Program Committee Member of IEEE Globecom 2004
Representative of ITC to ICCCN 2005
Representative of CNOM to IEEE ICC 2004
Panelist for the CRA workshop April 2005
Panelist for the Global Science Scholar Summit, Lucent Foundation, July 2005

"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives" --Albert Einstein