Massive MIMO Unlicensed: A New Approach to Dynamic Spectrum Access

Nowadays, the demand for wireless mobile services is copious and will continue increasing in the near future. Mobile cellular operators are therefore looking at the unlicensed spectrum as an economical supplement to augment the capacity of their soon-to-be overloaded networks. The same unlicensed bands are luring Internet service providers, venue ...

Scaling factor optimization of turbo-polar iterative decoding

In this paper, we investigate the weighted iterative decoding to improve the performance of turbo-polar code. First of all, a minimum weighted mean square error criterion is proposed to optimize the scaling factors (SFs). Secondly, for two typical iterative algorithms, such as soft cancellation (SCAN) and belief propagation (BP) decoding, ...

DARN: Dynamic Baselines for Real-time Network Monitoring

  • Mijumbi R.

Network monitoring is necessary so as to ensure high reliability and availability in telecom networks. One of the main challenges posed by state-of-the-art monitoring tools is the creation of network baselines. Such baselines include thresholds that can be used to determine whether monitored values (with a given context, e.g. time) ...

FPGA-Centric Design Process for Avionic Simulation and Test

Real-time computing systems are increasingly used in aerospace and avionic industries. In the face of power challenge, performance requirements and demands for higher flexibility, hardware designers are directed toward reconfigurable computing using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) that offer high computation rates per watt and adaptability to the application constraints. ...

Energy-Per-Bit Performance Analysis of Relay-Assisted Power Line Communication Systems

This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the energy efficiency performance for different relaying schemes over the non-Gaussian power line communication (PLC) channel. Specifically, amplify-and-forward (AF), decode-and-forward (DF), selective DF (SDF) and incremental DF (IDF) relaying systems are investigated. For a more realistic scenario, the power consumption profile of the ...

Antenna, PHY and MAC Design

  • Schaich F.
  • Wild T.

The Air Interface (AI) represents the complete Radio Access Network (RAN) protocol stack (i.e. PHY/MAC/RLC/PDCP/RRC layers or 5G equivalents) and all related functionalities describing the interaction between infrastructure and device and covering all services, bands, cell types etc. that are expected to characterize the overall 5G system. This chapter covers ...

On the Fundamental Limit of Multipath Matching Pursuit

  • Li H.
  • Wang J.
  • Yuan X.

IEEE Multipath matching pursuit (MMP) is a recent extension of the orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) algorithm that recovers sparse signals with a tree-searching strategy[1]. In this paper, we present a new analysis for the MMP algorithm using the restricted isometry property (RIP).

Hybrid opto-electronic oscillator for single-sideband microwave photonics

  • Alouini M.
  • Bouhier S.
  • Romanelli M.
  • Thorette A.
  • Vallet M.
  • Van Dijk F.

© 2018 Institution of Engineering and Technology. All rights reserved. A single-sideband opto-RF oscillator based on a monolithic InGaAsP chip containing two distributed feedback (DFB) lasers is demonstrated. The heterodyne signal is stabilised by a hybrid method, combining optical and electronic feedback. It leads to a locking of the beating ...

Outage Analysis of Ambient Backscatter Communication Systems

  • Atapattu S.
  • Guan H.
  • Tellambura C.
  • Wang G.
  • Zhao W.

IEEE This letter analyzes the outage probability of an ambient backscatter communication system with a pair of passive tag and reader. Specifically, exact expressions of the effective channel distribution and outage probability of the reader are derived rigorously. Since the outage expression is an infinite sum, a tight truncation error ...

Simulating the vibrational quantum dynamics of molecules with photonics

  • Carolan J.
  • Harrold C.
  • Hashimoto T.
  • Joglekar Y.
  • Laing A.
  • Maraviglia N.
  • Martin-Lopez E.
  • Matsuda N.
  • Neville A.
  • O'Brien J.
  • Sparrow C.
  • Tew D.

Advances in control techniques for vibrational quantum states in molecules present new challenges for modelling such systems that could be amenable to quantum simulation methods. Exploiting a natural mapping to photons in waveguides, we demonstrate a reprogrammable photonic chip as a versatile simulation platform for a range of quantum dynamical ...

Virtual Cockpit on Embedded Platform

  • Jovanov N.
  • Lukac Z.
  • Milosevic M.
  • Samardzija D.

Autonomous driving is one of the largest trends in the automotive industry. One of the levels of autonomous driving is a semi-autonomous driving, where in addition to the fact that the vehicle has a large number of autonomous systems, the driver can still operate the vehicle. This paper describes the ...

N-Guard: a Solution to Secure Access to NFC tags

  • Di Pietro R.
  • Oligeri G.
  • Salleras X.
  • Signorini M.

In this paper we propose N-Guard: a portable, effective, and efficient solution to thwart contactless skimming of NFC cards. Our solution enables an NFC-compliant smartphone to become the protector of the user's cards, preventing the adversary from harvesting the cards' data. Moreover, we also introduce a fine grained access control ...

Identification of connected objects based on network protocol data

  • Ammar N.
  • Noirie L.
  • Sebastien Tixeuil

The increasing number of connected objects and their growing variety make it necessary to have a system to recommend IoT services for end-users, so that they can make better use of the connected objects at their disposal. In this context, we would like to propose autonomous mechanisms communicating with the ...

Maldistribution of Two-Phase Flow in Parallel Channel Heat Sinks: Effects of Thermal Connection Between Channels

  • Patankar G.
  • Salamon T.

Two-phase cold plates, in which heat is transferred to a fluid flow via the process of flow boiling, offer a high performance thermal management solution for a variety of applications. Studies have identified that flow in such cold plates can be accompanied by flow instabilities. This work studies the maldistribution ...

Thermal Interface Material Enablement of Off-Board Two-Phase Cooling

  • Amalfi L.
  • Salamon T.
  • Smith M.
  • Thome J.

Two-phase, refrigerant-based cooling offers significant promise for increasing heat densities and energy efficiencies of electronic components. One barrier to wide spread adoption of two-phase cooling solutions is preserving product features deemed essential for product functionality. An important feature present in a wide range of product applications, particularly within the telecommunications ...

Towards systematic analysis of cybersickness in high motion omnidirectional video

  • Oyaga De Frutos N.
  • Oyaga N.
  • Perez P.
  • Ruiz Alonso J.
  • Ruiz J.
  • Villegas A.

Simulator sickness and visual discomfort are known undesired effects of immersive media systems. In this paper, we propose a methodology to systematically evaluate the effect of camera motion in cybersickness for omnidirectional video contents. By simulating camera motion, we have isolated its effect from other content factors, showing that sickness ...

Collector un nombre inconnu de coupons

  • Jacquet P.
  • Lamail M.
  • Mathieu F.

Dans les algorithmes de cartographie d'Internet, l'un des problemes cl'e `a r'esoudre est celui de la d'ecouverte des differentes interfaces de sorties d'un routeur en cas dequilibrage de charge: combien de sondes doit-on envoyer tester la connexion pour etre raisonnablement certain d'avoir d'ecouvert toutes les interfaces ? Une des solutions ...

Live Demonstration: 4K100p HEVC Intra Encoder

This paper describes a demonstration setup for real-time 4K HEVC intra coding. The system is built on Kvazaar open-source HEVC encoder partitioned between 22-core Xeon processor and two Arria 10 FPGAs. The demonstrator supports 1) live streaming of up to three 4K30p videos; or 2) offline video streaming up to ...

FPGA-Powered 4K120p HEVC Intra Encoder

This paper presents a hardware-accelerated Kvazaar HEVC intra encoder for 4K real-time video coding at up to 120 fps. The encoder is implemented on a Nokia AirFrame Cloud Server featuring a 2.4 GHz dual 14-core Intel Xeon processor and two Arria 10 PCI Express FPGA accelerator cards. The presented encoder ...