Intra-Well Exciton Transport in Monolayer-Flat GaAs/AlGaAs Single Quantum

  • Damen T.
  • Deveaud B.
  • Petroff P.
  • Shah J.
  • Tu C.

Single quantum wells of GaAs grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy with growth interruption at hetero-interfaces exhibit multiple structure in the luminescence spectrum corresponding to excitons in monolayer-flat islands with N and +-1 monolayer thicknesses [1,2].

Industrial Needs in Electronic Materials Processing

  • Bohrer M.

The involvement of chemical engineers in electronic materials processing will be examined. New technological needs and the opportunities for chemical engineers will be discussed.

Rates and Pathways of Vibrational Energy Flow at Surfaces

  • Tully J.

Stochastic classical trajectory simulations, employing realistic multidimensional interaction potentials, are being carried out to elucidate the dynamics of energy flow at surfaces. Energy exchange with phonons is incorporated accurately via introduction of friction (with memory) and fluctuating forces.

Digital Coding of Speech with Zero Delay

  • Jayant N.

Algorithms for low bit rate voice typically depend on the use of encoding delay to permit efficient designs of quantizers, predictors and allocation techniques.

High T sub C Superconductivity: Recent Advances

  • Vandover R.

Recent advances in the synthesis of superconducting cuprates, such as Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub 7, have profound scientific and technological implications which have only begun to be explored. This talk will focus on current results regarding the occurrence of high-transition- temperature superconductivity, the physical properties of ...

Effects of Output Buffer Sharing on Buffer Requirements in an ATDM Packet Switch

  • Eckberg A.
  • Hou T.

Broadband packet switches handling an ATDM-type protocol format can achieve buffer efficiencies by sharing buffers between output ports; the analysis of this paper shows that the number of buffers required with sharing would be over-estimated by as much as 50 percent if the negative correlations that naturally exist between packet ...

Chemical Engineering Aspects of Optical Fiber Preform Manufacturing

  • Bohrer M.
  • Mixon D.
  • Ohara P.

This talk will focus on several chemical engineering aspects of the MCVD process.

Synthesis of Buried Silicon Compounds Using Ion Implantation

  • White A.

Ion implantation is widely used for doping semiconductors at low concentration, but, with the advent of a new generation of high ion current implanters, synthesizing new materials rather than simply doping them has become feasible.

The Customer Control System for StarKeeper Network Management System

  • Saltzman M.

This discusses the Customer Control System (CCS) a new feature of the StarKeeper NMS (Network Management System). StarKeeper is a network management system that can control a wide-area network of many Datakit VCS nodes from a single, central location. With the Customer Control System, intended to be used in the ...

AT&T Dataflow Multiprocessors for Military Applications

  • Geller M.

Overview of Family: For more than a decade AT&T has been developing general purpose digital processors for military applications.

The Rapport Multimedia Conferencing System - A Software Overview

  • Ahuja S.
  • Ensor J.
  • Horn D.
  • Lucco S.

This describes the software architecture of the Rapport multimedia conferencing environment. The system is level structured, with each level acting as a server for the clients within higher levels. The paper focuses on two levels: the conference level and the user interface level. The conference level provides mechanisms that various ...

A Case Study in Scientific Parallel Processing: Prefix-Based Computation

  • Sugla B.

Introduction: It is increasingly recognized that the efficiency of parallel programs is critically dependent not only on the inherent parallelism that the underlying parallel algorithm brings out but also on a large number of other factors.

A Real-Time Interactive Expert System for Isolating Faults in Data Networks

  • Marques T.

StarKeeper(TM) Network Troubleshooter is an expert system that enables those who are unfamiliar with data communications to function as expert diagnosticians.

Core Architecture's Role in the Capability Set of a Network Management System

  • Arnold A.

Network Management Systems are viewed and judged by their human interface. This interface can be forms, bit-mapped graphics or work station based.

Chapter 5: Reactive Plasma Etching

  • Schutz R.

5.1 Introduction: Integrated circuit fabrication processes that use reactive plasmas are commonplace in today's semiconductor production lines. The term reactive plasma is meant to describe a discharge in which ionization and fragmentation of gases takes place and produces chemically active species, frequently oxidizers and/or reducing agents.

Nucleaton and Growth of Ultrathin Epitaxial Metal Silicides on Silicon

  • Batstone J.
  • Gibson J.
  • Phillips J.
  • Tung R.

Growth of epitaxial single crystal nickel and cobalt disilicide films on silicon is performed under UHV conditions by deposition of Co or Ni on silicon followed by a high temperature reaction to form the silicide.

High Density Interconnect for Advanced VLSI Packaging

  • Adams A.
  • Bentson R.
  • Bertram W.
  • Levinstein H.
  • Mcknight W.
  • Rubin J.
  • Terhaar B.

A high-density, low-resistance interconnect structure for packaging multiple chips in a common package is described. The structure contains four copper conductor levels: one power, one ground, and two signal levels. Polyimide is used as the interlevel dielectric. Vias between levels contain electrodeposited nickel. The interconnect structure also contains a large-area, ...

Electron Beam Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy of A1 sub x Ga sub 1-x As Graded Band Gap Device Structures

  • Hopkins L.
  • Lang D.
  • Levi A.
  • Levine B.
  • Malik R.
  • Miller R.
  • Ryan R.

A new technique for the growth of III-V compounds by molecular beam epitaxy has been developed which uses electron beam heating for evaporating the group III liquid metals. The growth chamber is vertical and incorporates three large capacity 40cc hearths for Ga, Al, and In. The metal beam fluxes are ...

Coherence Collapse Instability of Semiconductor Lasers

  • Henry C.
  • Kazarinov R.
  • Olsson N.
  • Temkin H.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 040385.

Regression by Local Fitting: Methods, Properties, and Computational Algorithms

  • Cleveland W.
  • Devlin S.
  • Grosse E.

Local regression is a procedure for estimating regression surfaces by the local fitting of linear or quadratic functions of the independent variables in a moving fashion that is analogous to how a moving average is computed for a time series. The advantage of the methodology over the global fitting of ...