DTD-Directed Publishing with Attribute Translation Grammars

  • A. Zhou
  • Benedikt M.
  • Chan C.
  • Fan W.
  • Rastogi R.
  • S. Zheng

We present a framework for publishing relational data in XML with respect to a fixed DTD.

An Almost-Serial Protocol for Transaction Execution in Main-Memory Database Systems

  • Blott S.
  • Korth H.

Disk-based database systems benefit from concurrency among transactions, and the overhead of lock operations is usually marginal. For main-memory database systems, however, locking overhead can have a serious impact on performance. This paper proposes a serial protocol (called "SP") for the execution of transactions in main-memory systems, and evaluates the ...

Raman-Enhanced Pump-Signal Four-Wave Mixing in Bidirectionally-Pumped Raman Amplifiers

  • Bromage J.
  • Mckinstrie C.
  • Nelson L.
  • Winzer P.

We show that four-wave mixing (FWM) between pumps and signals, different from pump-pump FWM, can severely degrade the optical signal-to-noise ratio if the amplifier fiber has a zero dispersion wavelength lying midway between co-propagating pumps and signals.

Layering the Semantic Web: Problems and Directions

  • D. Fensel
  • Patel-Schneider P.

There is a W3C supported initiative for defining a web-based Ontology language on top of RDF(S). It turns out that such a layering cannot be achieved in a straightforward way. This paper describes the problem with the straightforward layering and lays out several alternative layering possibilities. The benefits and drawbacks ...

Project Management Issues in Globally Distributed Development

  • Oppenheimer H.

This paper summarizes some of the key project management challenges of distributed software engineering that have been identified during internal project management audits over the past five years. Factors that have contributed to success in this environment are also addressed. Data from project management assessments conducted in Lucent Technologies organizations ...

Standardised Service Capabilities: The Need for Standardisation Illustrated by the Development of the Presence Service

  • Carpenter P.
  • Grech M.

This paper shall provide a case study of the Presence Service, a capability that is currently being standardised in 3GPP, to identify a successful approach to toolkit standardisation and the development of a broad range of support across different players in the industry.

Dispersion Compensation of a 1xN Passive Optical Router with Low Loss, Flat Passband and Low Crosstalk

  • L. Leick
  • Madsen C.

A 1xN interferometer based router with single-stage all-pass filters in the arms has low loss, flat passbands and low crosstalk; however, we show that the router has substantial cubic dispersion over the channel passband, which is identical from channel-to-channel. For a 1x4 router with a FSR of 100GHz the average ...

Fast Incremental Updates for Pipeline Forwarding Engines

  • Basu A.
  • Narlikar G.

Pipelined ASIC architectures are increasingly being used in forwarding engines for high speed IP routers. We explore optimization issues in the design of memory-efficient data structures that support fast incremental updates in such forwarding engines. Our proposed solution aims to balance the memory utilization across the multiple pipeline stages. In ...

Demonstration of Optical Duobinary Transmission System using Phase Modulator and Optical Filter

  • Kim H.
  • Neilson D.
  • Yu C.

We experimentally demonstrate an optical duobinary transmission system employing a phase modulator and a narrow-bandwidth optical filter. Compared to the conventional duobinary signal generated by using an electrical low-pass filter, the demonstrated duobinary signal (1) provides improved receiver sensitivity, (2) overcomes the problem associated with word lengths, and (3) substantially ...

On The Complexity Of Approximate Query Optimization

  • Ganguly S.
  • M.D. Yemmanuru
  • S. Chatterji
  • S.S.K. Evani

The design of an algorithm that returns an approximately optimal plan for a given query and database, with a reasonable competitive ratio is an open problem. In this paper, we study the complexity of the query optimization problem, primarily from the perspective of its approximability.

Deriving Deadlines and Periods for Real-Time Update Transactions

  • K. Ramamritham
  • Xiong M.

Typically, temporal validity of real-time data is maintained by periodic update transactions. In this paper, we examine the problem of period and deadline assignment for these update transactions such that (1) these transactions can be guaranteed to complete by their deadlines and (2) the imposed CPU workload is minimized. To ...

Adaptive Location Management in Mobile Environments

  • K. Ramamritham
  • R. Majumdar
  • Xiong M.

Four adaptive location management algorithms have been described in this report. In these an MS dynamically finds the condition which determines whether or not to update in each location Area (LA), so that each location update becomes a necessary location update, i.e., in each updated location area at least one ...

Building the Ontology Layer of the Web

  • Patel-Schneider P.

The Web ontology language must be able to describe and organize knowledge in the Web.

Suppression of Intra-Channel Four-Wave-Mixing Induced Ghost Pulses in High-Speed Transmissions by Phase Inversion between Adjacent Marker Blocks

  • Gnauck A.
  • Liu X.
  • Wei X.

We propose a new method to suppress the intensity of the worst ghost pulse r (a single ghost pulse between two long marker blocks) resulting from intrachannel four-wave-mixing (FWM) in strongly dispersion managed on-off-keying (OOK) optical transmission by inverting the optical phases of the marker blocks surrounding the ghost pulse. ...

Simultaneous Temporal Characterization of Telecommunication Optical Pulses and Modulators Using Spectrograms

  • Dorrer C.
  • Kang I.

We demonstrate a simple technique for simultaneous and complete characterization of the optical pulses and temporal modulators commonly used in telecommunication. The electric field of a pulse and the response of a modulator are obtained from the time-frequency analysis of the two-dimensional spectrogram of the pulse gated by the modulator. ...

Additive, Nanoscale Patterning of Metal Films with A Stamp and a Surface Chemistry Mediated Transfer Process: Applications in Plastic Electronics

  • Baldwin K.
  • Loo Y.
  • Rogers J.
  • Willett R.

We describe a method for contact printing metal patterns with nanometer features over large areas. The nanotransfer printing (nTP) technique relies on tailored surface chemistries for transferring metal films from the raised regions of a stamp to a substrate when these two elements are brought into intimate physical contact. The ...

Tunneling Spectroscopy of the Elementary Excitations in a One Dimensional Wire

  • A. Yacoby
  • Baldwin K.
  • Depicciotto R.
  • O.M. Auslaender
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • West K.

The collective spectrum of interacting electronics in one-dimension (1D) has been measured by controlling the energy and momentum of electrons tunneling between two closely spaced, parallel quantum wires in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure, while measuring the resulting conductance. The excitation spectrum deviates from the non-interacting spectrum, attesting to the importance of ...

Coulomb Blockade in Metallic Grains at Large Conductance

  • Andreev A.
  • Beloborodov I.

We study Coulomb blockade effects in the thermodynamic quantities of a weakly disordered metallic grain coupled to a metallic lead by a tunneling contact with a large conductance g sub T. We consider the case of broken time-reversal symmetry and obtain expressions for both the ensemble averaged amplitude of the ...

Superconducting Fluctuations in Granular Metals with a Large Coupling Between the Grains

  • B.S. Skrzynski
  • Beloborodov I.
  • K.B. Efetov

We study the fluctuation conductivity of superconducting granular metals at low temperatures and strong magnetic field destroying the Cooper pairs. Explicit calculations are performed for larger values of the coupling between the grains than those considered in previous works. We show that in a broad region of the coupling constants ...

Coulomb Blockade in Metallic Grains at Large Conductance

  • Andreev A.
  • Beloborodov I.

We consider mesoscopic fluctuations of the Coulomb blockade oscillations in a disordered metallic grain in an external magnetic field coupled to a metallic lead by a tunneling contact with a large conductance g sub T and capacitively coupled to a gate. For a finite mean level spacing delta in the ...