NMR Chemical Shifts and Polymer Microstructure

  • Tonelli A.

no abstract provided

Applications of electron beam systems to submicrometer and nanometer lithography

  • Tennant D.

Electron beam lithography (EBL) is a high resolution and versatile primary method of patterning planar materials

Stresses in Bi-Metal Thermostats

  • Suhir E.

no abstract provided

High Voltage CMOS Process Development

  • Shimer J.

no abstract provided

Microtron Accelerator for a Free Electron Laser

  • Chen S.
  • Chichester R.
  • Shaw E.

no abstract provided

Inelastic Light Scattering by Carriers in Semiconductor Superlattices

  • Pinczuk A.

We present a light scattering method for the determination of band offsets in semiconductor heterostructures.

Safety Issues Concerning Diode Lasers Used in Telecommunications Systems

  • Petersen R.
  • Philen D.

A theoretical analysis of the potential risk for eye injury resulting from exposure to a severed lightguide cable is discussed.

Optical Properties of Semiconductor Superlattices

  • Pinczuk A.

no abstract provided

Tomorrow's Library Today

  • Penniman W.

Same as previous abstract

On the Distribution of Zeros of the Zeta Function

  • Odlyzko A.

no abstract provided

Load Estimation and Load-Adaptive Optimal Control for a Flexible Robot Arm

  • Mitra D.
  • Nelson W.

The use of lightweight flexible links in robot manipulators is desirable from the point of view of achieving robot arms which are faster and less expensive than the typical robot arms in use today.

Fiber Optics for Lightwave Systems

  • Nagel S.

Processing will be discussed in the context of the requirements necessary to control the optical, dimensional and mechanical properties of the resultant lightguide transmission medium.

Reliability Issues in Optical Fibers

  • Nagel S.

This paper will review some of the open issues related to aging effects in glass fiber lightguides.

Hopping in Exponential Band Tails

  • Monroe D.

We describe a unified picture of these processes., which casts a new light on the dc transport process in these materials.

The Soliton Laser

  • Mollenauer L.

No abstract provided. Original released in 1983.

Collapsing Degrees: Recent Progress on the Isomorphism Conjecture

  • Mahaney S.

An m-degree is a collection of sets equivalent under Karp reductions (polynomial-time many-one reductions); for example the complete sets for NP or PSpace are m-degrees. An m-degree collapses if its members are (p-)isomorphic, i.e. equivalent under polynomial-time, 1-1, onto, polynomial-time invertible reductions.

Fiber to the Home and Business - Opportunities, Challenges and Timing - Network Evolution (NOT KNOWN IF PUBLISHED BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Page J.

This article addresses the evolution of lightwave systems in the loop and interoffice networks. It discusses key network architecture trends, the evolution of the loop plant, and technology expectations through the 1900's.

Atmospheric Gravity Wave Observations: Aurora Source Regions through Mid-latitudes

  • Hunsucker R.
  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Rice D.

During the first campaign of the Worldwide Atmospheric Gravity Wave Study (WAGS) on October 18, 1985, large Joule heating events were observed throughout the northern auroral oval, particularly between 1200-1600 UT. Large-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances (TIPDs) were subsequently detected by stations in Sondrestrom Greenland and along the east coast of ...

Technology Transfer: A Supplier View

  • Belanger D.

This paper is concerned with the detailed elements of the transfer process, how they interact and how knowledge of them can be used to understand and improve the technology transfer process. The remainder of the paper addresses ways of understanding this transfer process with emphasis on optimizing benefits to both ...