Effective Mass and g-Factor of Four Flux Quanta Composite Fermions

  • Baldwin K.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Stormer H.
  • Tsui D.
  • West K.
  • Yeh A.

We investigate the properties of composite fermions with four attached flux quanta through tilted field experiments near Landau level filling factor v=3/4. The observed collapse of fractional quantum Hall gaps in the vicinity of this quarter-filling state can be comprehensively understood in terms of composite fermions with mass and spin. ...

The Marriage of Effects and Monads

  • Wadler P.

Gifford and others proposed an effect typing discipline to delimit the scope of computational effects within a program, while Moggi and others proposed monads for much the same purpose. Here we marry effects to monads, uniting two previously separate lines of research. In particular, we show that the type, region, ...

Binomial Moments of the Distance Distribution and the Probability of Undetected Error

  • Ashikhmin A.
  • Barg A.

In [1] K.A.S. Abdel-Ghaffar derives a lower bound on the probability of undetected error for unrestricted codes. The proof relies implicitly on the binomial moments of the distance distribution of the code. We use the fact that these moments count the size of subcodes of the code to give a ...

The Design of a Class Mechanism for MOBY

  • Fisher K.
  • Reppy J.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: CLASSES AND MODULES) We believe that modern programming languages require both a module system and a class mechanism. Unfortunately, current class constructs overlap significantly with module features, causing undue complexity. In this paper, we describe the design of a simple and elegant class mechanism that works in concert ...

External Source Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Using a Split-Pair Magnet

  • Desantolo A.
  • Mandich M.
  • Reents W.

A new instrument has been designed, built, and tested for high performance Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry which allows operation at gas pressures of up to ~20 torr in the ion source and up to ~0.01 torr in the ion trap. FTICRMS performance is not compromised at these ...

On the Apollonius Solutions to the GPS Equations

  • Hoshen J.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: ON THE SOLUTIONS TO THE GPS EQUATIONS) It has been shown previously that the Problem of Apollonius can be used to obtain closed form solution to the GPS pseudo-range equations. While the Problem of Apollonius can have up to 16 solutions, it has been demonstrated that the GPS ...

Capacity Analysis of an Integrated Voice and Data CDMA System

  • Matragi W.
  • Nanda S.

In this paper, we present an innovative approach for evaluating the Erlang capacity of a single carrier CDMA system with voice and data users with different bit rates. Traditionally, the capacity of a system is determined by the outage probability, which is set as a fixed value for all types ...

Comments on Partial Parallel Interference Cancellation for CDMA

  • Buehrer M.
  • Nicoloso S.

In this letter we comment on partial parallel interference cancellation as discussed in a recent paper. The work in [1] showed that by multiplying symbol estimates by a factor less than unity in early stages of cancellation, the performance of parallel cancellation can be improved relative to full ("brute force") ...

Intermodal Dispersion and Mode Coupling in Perfluorinated Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fiber

  • Dueser M.
  • Reed W.
  • White W.

In recent years, there has been great interest in use of plastic optical fiber (POF) for local area network (LAN) applications. Because polymer materials have much lower elastic moduli than silica, it is possible to produce plastic fibers with very large cores and still maintain acceptable mechanical properties. Thus, plastic ...

Detection Algorithm and Initial Laboratory Results using the V-BLAST Space-Time Communication Architecture

  • Foschini G.
  • Golden G.
  • Valenzuela R.
  • Wolniansky P.

The signal detection algorithm of the vertical BLAST (Bell Laboratories Layered Space-Time) wireless communications architecture is briefly described. Using this joint space-time approach, spectral efficiencies ranging from 20-40 b/s/Hz have been demonstrated in the laboratory under flat fading conditions at indoor fading rates. Some early lab results are presented. Recent ...

The Cache Location Problem

  • Krishnan P.
  • Raz D.
  • Shavitt Y.

(Title was originally Transparent En-Route Cache Location) Caching improves network and system performance for WWW browsing. The way caches are currently deployed requires clients or caches to be aware of the location of nearby caches. This creates management and configuration problems, which may also lead to performance bottlenecks. In contrast, ...

Electroplating Copper Onto Resistive Barrier Films

  • Takahashi K.

An analytical solution for the metal resistance-controlled plating current distribution on circular wafers is obtained to determine the conditions under which a uniform metal film can be electro-deposited on a resistive film. Results indicate that, when using conventional copper plating solutions, uniform films cannot be deposited on 500 angstroms thick ...

Evidence for Covalency of the Hydrogen Bond in Ice: A Direct X-Ray Measurement

  • Barbiellini B.
  • Hamann D.
  • Isaacs E.
  • Platzman P.
  • Shukla A.
  • Tulk C.

Hydrogen bonds play a crucial role in determining many of the distinctive properties of water and biological complexes. In particular, in ice, hydrogen forms two distinct types of bonds with neighboring oxygen. The shorter (1.00 angstroms) covalent bond is a typical molecular sigma-bond between the oxygen and hydrogen. It has ...

Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers Flip-Chip Bonded to Gigabit/s CMOS Circuits

  • Chirovsky L.
  • Cunningham J.
  • D'Asaro L.
  • Goossen K.
  • Hobson W.
  • Hui S.
  • Krishnamoorthy A.
  • Leibenguth R.
  • Lopata J.
  • Walker J.
  • Wynn J.
  • Zydzik G.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: VERTICAL CAVITY SURFACE EMITTING LASERS FLIP-CHIP BONDED TO CMOS CIRCUITS) We describe the first integration of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) arrays with fast CMOS circuits via flip-chip bonding.

Measurements of the Bulk, c-axis Electromechanical Coupling Constant as a Function of the AIN Film Quality

  • Becker A.
  • Becker A.
  • Fetter L.
  • Huggins H.
  • Lutsky J.
  • Miller R.
  • Naik R.
  • Pastalan J.
  • Reif R.
  • Rittenhouse G.
  • Sodini C.
  • Wong Y.

Piezoelectric thin-film AIN has great potential for on-chip devices such as Thin-Film Resonator (TER) based bandpass filters. The AIN electromechanical coupling constant, K sup 2, is an important material parameter which determines the maximum possible bandwidth for bandpass filters. Using a previously published extraction technique, the bulk c-axis electromechanical coupling ...

Interaction of Bragg Solitons in Fiber Gratings

  • Aceves. A
  • Agrawal G.
  • De Sterke C.
  • Eggleton B.
  • Litchinitser N.

We investigate numerically the interaction between two copropagating Bragg solitons in a fiber grating. We find that in the low-intensity limit, the interaction is reminiscent of nonlinear Schrodinger solitons in that Bragg solitons attract or repel, depending on their relative phases with the difference that the relative phase between two ...

User Interface for a PCS Smart Phone

  • Hu J.
  • Kashi R.
  • Narayanaswamy S.

New smart phones that provide wireless voice and data communications services are becoming available. In this paper, a new user interface for a Personal Communications Services (PCS) smart phone is described. The user interface is designed around the unique characteristics of the phone and the way users interact with applications ...

Effect of Loudspeaker Position on the Robustness of Acoustic Crosstalk Cancellation

  • Elko G.
  • Ward D.

Acoustic crosstalk cancellation is a signal processing technique whereby two (or possibly more) loudspeakers are used to deliver desired signals exactly at the listener's ears. Such a system is useful for 3D audio applications, and removes the requirement for the listener to wear headphones. However, crosstalkk cancelers are notoriously non-robust ...

WebCompanion: A Friendly Client-Side Web Prefetching Agent

  • Klemm R.

Accessing remote Web sites is often a frustrating experience for users because of long Web page retrieval times even over relatively fast Internet connections. Useres are more likely to embrace the further expansion of the role of the Web into a major infrastructure for electronic commerce and for information, application, ...

Exponential Multiplicity of Inherent Structures

  • Stillinger F.

The mechanically stable spatial arrangements of interacting molecules (potential energy minima, "inherent structures") provide a discrete fiducial basis for understanding condensed phase properties. Simple plausibility arguments have been advanced previously suggesting that at fixed positive density the number of distinguishable inherent structures rises exponentially with system size. A more systematic ...