On the Distribution of Zeros of the Zeta Function

  • Odlyzko A.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 060785.

Transitivity is Equivalent to Independence for States-Additive SSB Utilities

  • Fishburn P.
  • Lavalle I.

The states-additive SSB utility model is a lottery-acts generalization of Savage's subjective-probability expected utility model for decision under uncertainty that presumes additive event probabilities but does not assume that preferences are transitive or satisfy traditional independence axioms.

Alliant Mini-Supercomputers in Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing

  • Berkley D.
  • Levinson S.
  • Pirz F.

The Alliant mini-supercomputer has an unusual architecture consisting of a peripheral processor system and a cluster of tightly linked computational processors.

Speech Enhancement Using Minimum Mean Square Error Short-Time Spectral Amplitude Estimators

  • Ephraim Y.

In this talk we consider the enhancement of speech signals which have been degraded by uncorrelated additive noise.

Orbital Viscosity in Superfluid 3He

  • Gammel P.

The experiments on rotating superfluid 3He have been performed which exploit the dynamic response of the anisotrophy axis.

Simulation of Error Sources in Digital Channels

  • Turin W.

The general approach to error source simulation is discussed. It is shown that the Stochastic Sequential Machine model is general enough to describe error source statistics in digital communication channels.

High Performance Custom CMOS Design

  • Krambeck R.

Techniques and CAD tools that obtain maximum performance CMOS technology at reasonable design costs will be described. These methods achieve an improvement in clock rate of a factor of two over that possible with standard cell or gate array approaches. Some specific examples of chips with clock rates between 45 ...

Chemical Purification Needs in the Electronics and Telecommunications Industry

  • Bohrer M.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 082385.

Processing of Ferrites

  • Ghate B.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 121284.

Proximity Effects Between S-Wave and Non-S-Wave Superconductors

  • Millis A.

The possibility of using proximity effect experiments to study a hypothetical higher angular momentum superconductor is analyzed theoretically.

Transient Electromagnetic Methods for Mapping the Electrical Conductivity of the Sea Floor: Part 1--The Basic Ideas

  • Chave A.
  • Cheesman S.
  • Edwards R.

Over the continents, resistivity mapping is routinely carried out from the air.

A Hierarchical File System for The Unix TM Operating System

  • Korn D.
  • Krell E.

Until symbolic links were added, the UNIX life system was a logically consistent hierarchy.

Magnetotransport in Heterostructures

  • Stormer H.

Traditionally magnetotransport measurements, such as the Hall effect and Shibnikov-deHaas data, have been important tools to characterize new materials. In the area of heterostructures, measurements of the magnetotransport were instrumental for unravelling their two-dimensional aspects and the associated novel physical behavior.

Preparing Libraries for a Competitive Environment

  • Penniman W.

All information service organizations operate in a competitive arena -- be they libraries in the public sector or specialized information centers in government or industrial R&D environments. They all complete with other organizations for finite and scarce resources in a zero-sum game. There are winners and losers, unfortunately, in the ...

Optical Detection of Interwell-Exciton Transfer in In sub (0.53) Ga sub (0.47) As/InP Quantum Wells Grown by Chemical Beam Epitaxy (See organ. 111 review. Not approved - resubmit.)

  • Harris T.
  • Sauer R.
  • Tsang W.

We use photoluminescence (PLE) spectroscopy to show that excitons confined to single quantum wells in In sub (0.53) Ga sub (0.47) As/InP communicate through thin barriers.

A Comparison of Field Performance Measurements on Multi-National Packet Switching Networks

  • Richman S.

By design, not all packet services offer the same performance. Many are designed for good delay or throughput, but not both. A few are designed to achieve both. This paper discusses delay and throughput performance measurement results from several years of packet switching field performance measurements conducted by AT&T Bell ...

Image States and The Surface Potential Barrier

  • Smith N.

The simple multiple-reflection model of surface state occurrence in the projected s,p band gaps of metals is expended to the study of the energy dispersion near the boundaries of the surface Brillouin zone. The model is applied to available photoemission and inverse photoemission data in the GammaYGamma direction on Cu(110) ...

Physics of Lithium Quench Condensed Microstructures

  • Bishop D.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 120985.

Computers and Combinatorics

  • Graham R.

This talk will describe a variety of mathematical problems with a predominantly combinatorial flavor for which computers have had, may have or will probably never have, a significant role in their solution.

The Solution to Berlekamp's Switching Game

  • Sloane N.

Berlekamp's game consists of a 10 X 10 array of light-bulbs, with 100 switches at the back, one for each light, and 20 switches at the front that complement any row or column of lights.