Linear impairments in long-reach & high-split TWDM-PON

  • Bonk R.
  • Pfeiffer T.
  • Poehlmann W.
  • Schmuck H.

Linear impairments in long-reach and high-split TWDM-PON are analyzed for different architectures. The influence of amplifier noise, of cross-talk from rival noise and of path penalties from dispersion on the OSNR is evaluated.

Beneficial OLT transmitter and receiver concepts for NG-PON2 using semiconductor optical amplifiers

  • Bonk R.
  • Pfeiffer T.
  • Poehlmann W.
  • Schmuck H.

Optical line termination transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx) concepts using semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) for the next-generation of passive optical networks (NG-PON2) are experimentally compared. In general, a single SOA per wavelength channel at the Tx and a configuration comprising linear SOA followed by APDs at the Rx are beneficial ...

First non-gated parallel SOA cascade to demonstrate a TWDM-PON with record reach and split for non-wavelength routed fiber plants

  • Bonk R.
  • Deppisch B.
  • Pfeiffer T.
  • Poehlmann W.
  • Schmuck H.

We demonstrate the first long-reach and high-split TWDM-PON utilizing a non-gated parallel linear SOA cascade. A record reach of up to 100 km and up to 2048 customers are achieved in non-wavelength routed fiber plants.

Towards Converged 5G Mobile Networks- Challenges and Current Trends

  • Berger M.
  • Ruepp S.
  • Zakrzewska A.

With the rapid development of wireless technologies, the concept of the Fifth Generation (5G) wireless communication system started to emerge and it is foreseen that it will be a result of standards convergence. The expectations towards 5G are set much higher in terms of capacity and maximum throughput when compared ...

Optimizing NFV Infrastructure for packet processing intensive applications

  • Cautereels P.

This presentation is intended for the NFV Winterschool organised by BL Tel Aviv. It describes methods for improving NFV Infrastructure for packet processing intensive Network Functions. First it describes possible software optimizations and how these can improve absolute performance significantly. Finally it also discusses how heterogeneous clouds can further increase ...

Optical Slot Switching Latency in Mobile Backhaul Networks

  • Benzaoui N.
  • Mattias Lott
  • Pointurier Y.
  • Qing Wei
  • Thomas Bonald

Next generation mobile networks will offer high data rates to users utilizing new radio access technologies. In addition, new applications as well as devices such as smartphones and tablets will result in a rapid mobile traffic growth. Consequently, a rapid increase of the load in the mobile backhaul segment is ...

Deliverable IR4.1 Requirements and general design principles for mm-wave radio interface

  • Gattami A.
  • Giustiniano D.
  • Halbauer H.
  • Karjalainan J.
  • Lorca J.
  • Luo J.
  • Miao H.
  • Qi Y.
  • Schaich F.
  • Weiter R.

This internal report (IR) summarizes the requirements and design principles for the mm-wave radio interface design, which consists of the following 5 subtopics: waveform, channel code (including retransmission schemes), frame structure and numerology, multiple access and duplex schemes, and initial access schemes.

Container-based Cloud Desktop Service

  • Carroll M.
  • Coss M.
  • Friedman B.
  • Hadzic I.
  • Woithe H.

We present the architecture and system implementation details of a virtual desktop service that is entirely based on LXC containers. Each desktop runs in its own container using unmodified software packages from a ``stock'' Linux distribution. The underlying host system has been modified to provide isolation similar to that of ...

Load Balancing for the Future Cloud

  • Rimac I.

Poster on load balancing work; hashing with exceptions using approximate membership lookups in routers/switches for flow stickiness.

An Enhanced Power Control Scheme for Dual Connectivity

  • Liu J.

In 3GPP LTE-Advanced Release-12, the feature of dual connectivity (DC) has been introduced to enhance small cell networks from the aspects of higher layer architecture and physical layer procedures, which can improve mobility robustness and per-user throughput as well as avoid frequent hard handover among small cells. To guarantee the ...

Backhaul requirements for LTE small cells

  • Dominique F.

Small cell types and Transport requirements

An Enhanced Coherent Joint Transmission Algorithm for Multi-Cell Downlink Transmission

  • Sun H.

Coherent joint transmission (CJT) algorithm has been extensively investigated in multi-cell cooperative downlink transmission due to its huge potential performance gains. Comparing with the existing CJT algorithm based on the multi-user eign-mode transmission, an enhanced CJT (eCJT) algorithm is proposed in this paper to further enhance the performance of cellular ...

System perspective on mm-Wave mobile communications

  • Chizhik D.
  • Moeller L.
  • Valenzuela R.
  • Wilkus S.

draft presentation for review for public release. Presentation to be given at the IWPC workshope Dec, 4, 2013, " mmWave/Sub-mmWave Applications and technologies"

Goldmining in a River of Internet Content Traffic

  • Alessandro Finamore
  • Ben Houidi Z.
  • Ghamri-Doudane S.
  • Marco Mellia
  • Scavo G.
  • Stefano Traverso

With the advent of Over-The-Top content providers (OTTs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs) saw their portfolio of services shrink to the low margin role of data transporters. In order to counter this effect, some ISPs started to follow big OTTs like Facebook and Google in trying to turn their data into ...

The Basics of 5G: What, When and Why

  • O'Brien F.

The Basics of 5G: What, When and Why

Ray Tracing Analysis and Field Trials of 3D Beamforming in Real Deployments

  • Albrecht T.
  • Halbauer H.
  • Herzog G.
  • Hoek C.
  • Koppenborg J.

In this paper, the properties and capabilities of 3D beamforming in a real propagation scenario have been analyzed by ray tracing simulation and been compared with field measurements for this environment. Therefore, a real propagation scenario comprising line-of-sight (LOS) and non-LOS (NLOS) areas has been modeled and applied to a ...