Minimum Interference Routing with Applications to MPLS Traffic Engineering

  • Kodialam M.
  • Lakshman T.

This paper presents a new algorithm for dynamic routing of bandwidth guaranteed tunnels where tunnel routing requests arrive one-by-one and there is no a priori knowledge regarding future requests. This problem is motivated by service provider needs for fast deployment of bandwidth guaranteed services and the consequent need in backbone ...

Accommodating Performance Limitations in Distributed Virtual Reality Systems

  • Carraro G.
  • Edmark J.
  • Ensor J.

The paper briefly describes a sports simulator called Peloton. Simulation participants exercise or compete within virtual reality environments that represent the roadways along which they appear to bicycle, run, or walk. The visual display of each racecourse is a composition of multiple three-dimensional sub-spaces, which are called regions. Some regions ...

A New Approach to Tracking with Active Contours

  • Pardas M.
  • Sayrol E.

This paper addresses the application of active contours or snakes for robust tracking of contours. Conventional snakes approaches to tracking initialize the current frame snake with the snake obtained in the previous frame and then optimize this result considering only the current frame information. In our approach, motion estimation is ...

Extraction and Tracking of the Eyelids

  • Pardas M.

Facial analysis is used in a number of applications like face recognition systems, human-computer interaction through head movements or facial expressions or model based coding. In all these applications a very precise extraction of the feature points corresponding to the eyes is necessary. In this paper, we present a method ...

Software Product Lines: A Case Study

  • Ardis M.
  • Daley N.
  • Hoffman D.
  • Siy H.
  • Weiss D.

A software product line is a family of products that share common features to meet the needs of a market area. Systematic processes have been developed to dramatically reduce the cost of a product line. Such product line engineering processes have proven practical and effective in industrial use, but are ...

A Note on a Question of Peled and Wilke Regarding Stutter-Invariant LTL

  • Etessami K.

Peled and Wilke, [PW97], showed that the stutter-invariant languages expressible in linear propositional temporal logic (LTL) are precisely those expressible in LTL without the "next"-time operator. They did so by providing a translation, F, which converts a stutter-invariant LTL formula element to an equivalent formula F(element) not containing the "next" ...

A Unified Neural Network-Based Speaker Localization Technique

  • Arslan G.
  • Sakarya F.

Locating and tracking a speaker in real-time using microphone arrays is important in many applications such as hands-free video conferencing, speech processing in large rooms, and acoustic echo cancellation. Speaker can be moving from the far-field to the near-field of the array, or vice versa. Many neural network based localization ...

A SAT Solver Using Reconfigurable Hardware and Virtual Logic

  • Abramovici M.
  • De Sousa J.

In this paper, we present the architecture of a new SAT solver using reconfigurable logic and a virtual logic scheme. Our main contributions include new forms of massive fine-grain parallelism, structured design techniques based on iterative logic arrays that reduce compilation times from hours to minutes, and a decomposition technique ...

Dynamics of Lattice Kinks

  • Kevrekidis P.
  • Weinstein M.

We consider a class of Hamiltonian nonlinear wave equations governing a field defined on a spatially discrete one dimensional lattice, with discreteness parameter, d = h sup (-1), where h > 0 is the lattice spacing. The specific cases we consider in detail are the discrete sine-Gordon (SG) and discrete ...

High Quality Embedded Wideband Speech Coding Using an Inherently Layered Coding Paradigm

  • Ramprashad S.

Presented is an embedded coding strategy using the Multimode Transform Predictive Coding (MTPC) framework. The design uses many inherently layered features of the original MTPC framework including iterative bit assignments and frequency domain coding. The design also uses the mode decision of the MTPC to adapt the layering strategy depending ...

Reducing CLASSIC to Practice: Knowledge Representation Theory Meets Reality

  • Borgida A.
  • Brachman R.
  • Mcguinness D.
  • Patel-Schneider P.

Most recent key developments in research on knowledge representation (KR) have been of the more theoretical sort, involving worst-case complexity results, solutions to technical challenge problems, etc. While some of this work has influenced practice in Artificial Intelligence, it is rarely--if ever--made clear what is compromised when the transition is ...

High-Speed InGaAsP Electroabsorption Modulators: Dependence of the Device Characteristics on the Mesa Design

  • Akulova Y.
  • Bond A.
  • Reynolds C.
  • Shtengel G.

We present characteristics of InGaAsP electroabsorption modulators with variable length and mesa width. We demonstrate devices with return loss below -10dB, bandwidth above 40GHz and extinction ratio of 10dB/2V. We show that low capacitance is advantageous for high-speed operation even when achieved at the expense of increased series resistance.

Greedy Algorithms and Best m-term Approximation with Respect to Biorthogonal Systems

  • Oswald P.

(Title was originally Greedy Algorithms and Best m-term Approximation with Respect to Minimal Systems) The paper extends upon previous work by Temlyakov on comparing the error of certain greedy algorithms with that of best m-term approximation with respect to a minimal system in a Banach space X. An abstract set ...

Characterization of Phosphosilicate Thin Films Using Confocal Raman Microscopy

  • Bruce A.
  • Cardillo M.
  • Harris A.
  • Matthews M.

We have demonstrated a characterization tool based on confocal Raman microscopy capable of studying the vibrational spectrum of silica-on-silicon-based thin films within a confined, ~1 micron sup 3-size volume beneath the sample surface. The Raman spectra of a set of phosphosilicate thin film samples have been quantitatively analyzed and correlated ...

Wavelet Thresholding via MDL for Natural Images

  • Hansen M.
  • Yu B.

(Title was originally Wavelet Thresholding via MDL: Simultaneous Denoising and Compression) In the context of wavelet denoising and compression, we study minimum description length (MDL) criteria for model selection criteria as flexible forms of thresholding. Mixture MDL methods based on a single Laplacian, a two-piece Laplacian, and a generalized Guassian ...

Improved Algorithms via Approximations of Probability Distributions

  • Chari S.
  • Rohatgi P.
  • Srinivasan A.

We present two techniques for constructing sample spaces that approximate probability distributions. The first is a simple method for constructing the small-bias probability spaces introduced by Naor and Naor. We show how to efficiently combine this construction with the method of conditional probabilities to yield improved parallel algorithms for problems ...

High-Rate Transform Coding: How High is High, and Does it Matter?

  • Goyal V.

The Karhunen-Loeve transform (KLT) is the optimal orthogonal transform for high-rate transform coding of Gaussian sources. This well-known fact is usually established with approximations from high-resolution quantization theory. How high does the rate have to be for these approximations to be accurate? The minimum rate allocated to any component should ...

The Relentless March of the MOSFET Gate Oxide Thickness to Zero

  • Baumann F.
  • Boone T.
  • Bourdelle K.
  • Bude J.
  • Garno J.
  • Ghetti A.
  • Gossmann H.
  • Green M.
  • Kim Y.
  • Kleiman R.
  • Klemens F.
  • Kornblit A.
  • Moccio S.
  • Muller D.
  • Rosamilia J.
  • Silverman P.
  • Sorsch T.
  • Tennant D.
  • Timp G.
  • Timp W.
  • Tung R.
  • Weir B.

The narrowest feature of an integrated circuit is the silicon dioxide gate dielectric(3-5nm). The viability of future CMOS technology is contingent upon thinning the oxide further to improve drive performance, while maintaining reliability. Practical limitations due to direct tunneling through the gate oxide may preclude the use of silicon dioxide ...

Ultrathin Silicon Oxynitride Film Formation by Plasma Immersion Nitrogen Implantation

  • Baumvol I.
  • Bernstein J.
  • Denholm A.
  • Eaglesham D.
  • Green M.
  • Jacobson D.
  • Kellerman P.
  • Krug C.
  • Shao J.
  • Stedile F.

A novel method is proposed to prepare ultrathin silicon oxynitride films for gate dielectrics used in deep submicron MOSFET device structures, namely plasma immersion N implantation into SiO sub 2 films. Plasma immersion implantation pulse voltages in the range 200 to 1000 V, and fluences from 10 sup (16) to ...

Providing QoS Guarantees in Packet Switches

  • Chiussi F.
  • Francini A.

The continuous growth that we are observing in the demand for diversified Quality-of-Service (Qos) guarantees in broadband networks introduces new challenges in the design of next-generation packet switches. Packet scheduling is the most critical function involved in the provision of individual QoS guarantees to the switched flows. Most of the ...