Diffusion of Co During Si Wafer Processing

  • Benton J.
  • Boone T.
  • Jacobson D.
  • Rafferty C.
  • Rosamilia J.
  • Weinzierl S.

The introduction of Co silicide into the process flow for Si integrated circuit manufacturing has necessitated a thorough understanding of the effec tof Co contamination on the electrical properties of both Si and SiO sub 2. In these experiments, Co was intentionally introduced into the Si by two methods; either ...

A 3.2 GOPS Multiprocessor DSP for Communication Applications

  • Ackland B.
  • Brinthaupt D.
  • Daubert S.
  • Knobloch J.
  • Micca E.
  • Moturi M.
  • Nicol C.
  • Sackinger E.
  • Singh K.
  • Williams J.

A multiprocessor DSP chip with four programmable processing elements and a global resource controller connected to a high performance split-transaction bus is reported. The 207mm sup 2 0.25microns CMOS chip achieves 1.6 Billion 16-b MAC/s at 100MHz operation with 3.3V.

Polarization Locked Vector Solitons and Axis Instability in Optical Fiber

  • Bergman K.
  • Collings B.
  • Cundiff S.

We experimentally observe polarization-locked vector solitons in optical fiber. Polarization locked-vector solitons use nonlinearity to preserve their polarization state despite the presence of birefringence. To achieve conditions where the delicate balance between nonlinearity and birefringence can survive, we studied the polarization evolution of the pulses circulating in a laser constructed ...

A 2 Million Transistor Digital Signal Processor with 120 nm Gates Fabricated by 248 nm Wavelength Phase Shift Technology

  • Barr D.
  • Baumann F.
  • Bolan K.
  • Freyman R.
  • Kizilyalli I.
  • Klemens F.
  • Kohler R.
  • Mansfield W.
  • Miller M.
  • Nalamasu O.
  • Pati B.
  • Timko A.
  • Vaidya H.
  • Wang Y.
  • Watson G.

Alternating phase shift technology has been shown to substantially improve focus latitude and resolution for several years. However, the use of phase shift masks to improve the process latitude in gate level lithography has been hindered by the lack of commercially available tools that can convert conventional gate layouts into ...

TCP Performance over cdma2000 RLP

  • Khan F.
  • Kumar S.
  • Medapalli K.
  • Nanda S.

This memo provides performance results for TCP over cdma2000 RLP. The simulations are performed for a single user running a long FTP application with "infinite" data backlog. With the assumption of a long FTP application, maximum TCP throughput is the relevant optimization metric. The goal is to analyze the impact ...

Formation, Evolution and Annihilation of Interstitial Clusters in Ion Implanted Si

  • Benton J.
  • Coffa S.
  • Eaglesham D.
  • Halliburton K.
  • Libertino S.

Formation, thermal evolution and annealing kinetics of self-interstitial clusters in ion implanted Si have been investigated. Deep level transient spectroscopy measurements performed on epitaxial and Czochralski Si samples implanted with Si ions at energies of 145 keV or1.2 MeV reveal that these clusters are formed for fluences above 10 sup ...

Detecting and Resolving Packet Filter Conflicts

  • Hari A.
  • Parulkar G.
  • Suri S.

Packet filters are rules for classifying packets based on their header fields. Packet classification is essential to routers supporting services such as Quality of Service (QoS), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and firewalls. A filter conflict occurs when two or more filters overlap, creating an ambiguity in packet classification. Current techniques ...

Investigation of p-n junction and dopant profiles in InP-based laser by low voltage SEM

  • Lentz J.
  • Venables D.
  • Waltemyer D.
  • Wang D.

In recent developments in SEM instrumentation and theoretical understanding low voltage (~1KeV) SEM technique (LVSEM) is increasingly becoming a powerful tool to image dopant profiles in semiconductors. LVSEM has demonstrated that doped regions in semiconductor can give rise to constrast in secondary electron (SE) images without aid from a chemical ...

Growth Over Grating 1.5microns DFB Lasers

  • Ebert C.
  • Ford G.

Growth over grating is an important process step in determining the performance of DFB lasers. While destructive methods such as SEM can be used to assess the regrowth step and preservation of the grating, non-destructive means are desirable for process monitoring. In this work, we demonstrate how the grating overgrowth ...

Integrity Constraints for XML

  • Fan W.
  • Simeon J.

Integrity constraints are useful for semantic specification, query optimization and data integration. The ID/IDREF mechanism provided by XML DTDs relies on a simple form of constraint to describe references. Yet, this mechanism is not sufficient to express semantic constraints, such as keys or inverse relationships, or stronger, object-style references. In ...

Finite-Length Signal Quantization using Discrete Optimization

  • Chapman D.
  • Demir A.
  • Feldmann P.

This paper introduces a novel, discrete optimization based method for the computation of coarsely quantized, oversampled finite-length digital signals. The method, while only suitable for offline computation, is more general than the established sigma-delta encoding technique, due to its capacity to take into account complex specifications and design trade-offs. Signal ...

An Architecture for Packet Striping Protocols

  • Hari A.
  • Parulkar G.
  • Varghese G.

Link striping algorithms are often used to overcome transmission bottlenecks in computer networks. Traditional striping algorithms suffer from two major disadvantages. They provide inadequate load sharing in the presence of variable length packets, and may result in non-FIFO delivery of data. We describe a new family of link striping algorithms ...

Analysis of Synchronization Algorithms with Time-Out Control Over Networks with Exponentially Symmetric Delays

  • Abdel-Ghaffar H.

We study the performance of a family of slave-to-master clock-offset synchronization algorithms based on ping-ponging timing cells over symmetric uplink/downlink of a master-slave pair. We analyze the total number of tries and synchronization time using an exponential model for the Cell Delay Variation (CDV). For this analysis we implement a ...

The Future of MEMS in Telecommunications Networks

  • Walker J.

The move toward dense wavelength division multiplexed networks provides an application rich environment for MEMS components and systems. In many crucial component applications, there are no clear technological winners leaving room for new technologies such as MEMS to create inroads. In this paper, wavelength division multiplexed networks and their evolution ...

400 Gb/s Transmission over 544 km from a Spectrum-Sliced Supercontinuum Source

  • Boivin L.
  • Doerr C.
  • Lin W.
  • Monnard R.
  • Schiffer P.
  • Stulz L.
  • Taccheo S.

We report the error-free transmission over 544 km of standard fiber of 40 channels at 9.953 Gb/s from a spectrum-sliced supercontinuum source. All but three of the transmitted channels have error floors better than 10 sup (-16).

Hierarchical Bayes Approach to Adapting Delta-and-Delta-Delta Cepstra

  • Surendran A.

In most adaptation schemes, when limited amount of data is available, the estimation errors affect the feature coefficients which have a small dynamic range, i.e., delta and delta-delta coefficients. On the other hand, adapting only the cepstral coefficients compromises the performance when large amounts of data are available. In this ...

Multiple Classifiers by Constrained Minimization

  • Niyogi P.
  • Pierrot J.
  • Siohan O.

The paper describes an approach to combining multiple classifiers in order to improve classification accuracy. Since individual classifiers in the ensemble should somehow be uncorrelated to yield higher classification accuracy than a single classifier, we propose to train classifiers by minimizing the correlation between their classification errors. A simple combination ...

Relational Queries Over Interpreted Structures

  • Benedikt M.
  • Libkin L.

We rework parts of the classical relational theory when the underlying domain is a structure with some interpreted operations that can be used in queries. We identify parts of the classical theory that go through "as before" when interpreted structure is present, parts that go through only for classes of ...

Joint Maximum a Posteriori Estimation of Transformation and Hidden Markov Model Parameters

  • Chesta C.
  • Lee C.
  • Siohan O.

Model adaptation techniques can usually be divided into indirect and direct approaches. On one hand, indirect or transformation-based techniques assume that a general transformation shared amongst different acoustic units is applied to clusters of model parameters. Such approaches (e.g., MLLR) are quite efficient when the amount of adaptation data is ...

RATES: A Server for MPLS Traffic Engineering

  • Aukia P.
  • Kodialam M.
  • Koppol P.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Pan P.
  • Sarin H.
  • Suter B.

It has been suggested that one of the most significant reasons for Multi-Protocol Label Switched Network (MPLS) deployment is network traffic engineering. The goal of traffic engineering is to make best use of the network infrastructure and this is facilitated by the explicit routing feature of MPLS which allows the ...