Wideband Packet Communication Systems

  • Luderer G.

This paper highlights important features of Wideband Packet Technology (WPT) that might impact the architectural evolution of future switching systems.

Admit - ADVICE Modeling Interface Tool

  • Hsu K.
  • Liu S.
  • Subramaniam P.

A modeling interface tool has been developed for the circuit simulator ADVICE [1]. It allows model developers to provide the needed information of their new model in an ADVICE-like syntax and FORTRAN/C subroutines to create a customized copy of ADVICE for testing and evaluating the trial model in the context ...

Scaling Studies of CMOS SRAM Soft-Error Tolerances - From 16K to 256K

  • Anderson R.
  • Desko J.
  • Flores R.
  • Fu J.
  • Hewlett F.
  • Koga R.
  • Kohler R.
  • Lee K.
  • Nagy W.
  • Shimer J.
  • Steenwyk S.

The processing and design geometric scaling effects on the soft-error levels of the 16K 2microns technology and the 256K 1micron technology CMOS SRAMs are separated by fabricating the 16K 2microns design with the 1micron process.

Provably Efficient Algorithms for Dynamic Allocation

  • Coffman E.
  • Leighton F.

The design and analysis of algorithms for on-line dynamic storage allocation has been a fundamental problem area in computer science for many years. In this paper we study the stochastic behavior of dynamic allocation algorithms under the natural assumption that files enter and leave the system according to a Poisson ...

Optical Fiber Up-Tapers Modeling and Performance Analysis

  • Amitay N.
  • Presby H.

We have developed an extensive CRAY computer-based simulator employing the propagating beam method for the accurate evaluation of the performance of optical fiber up-tapers. Up-tapers with and without straight tips, with arbitrary index profiles and tapering functions can be evaluated by our simulator.

Recent Advances in GaAs on Si

  • Cho A.

The performance of electronic and optical devices fabricated with GaAs on Si has advanced to the degree that this technology may be considered for device applications. Possible areas range from simply replacing the GaAs substrate with Si to integration of GaAs and Si devices on the same substrate. In this ...

Heuristic for Partitioning Logic Among IC Chips

  • Venkateswaran V.

We develop a Lagrangean heuristic for the IC design program - given functional units with known area and interconnections, select no more than K chips and assign units to these to minimize cost. Chip design variables are area and pin-out capacity; cost is a sum of chip area costs and ...

Re-Evaluating the Design Space for Register-Transfer Hardware Synthesis

  • Kowalski T.
  • Mcfarland M.

This paper describes an experiment that challenges the conventional formulation of register-transfer level hardware synthesis. RT- level synthesis is typically viewed as a translation from a functional specification to a set of interconnected modules plus a control sequencer to drive those modules. The cost of a design is taken to ...

The Manhattan Street Network

  • Maxemchuk N.

The throughput per user in loop and bus configured local area networks decreases at least linearly with the number of users.

Local Area Networks

  • Maxemchuk N.

An elementary introduction to local area networks will be given including talks on the operation of Loop networks. Bus networks, Unidirectional networks, Tree networks, and Mesh networks. :

Voice and Data on a CATV Network

  • Maxemchuk N.

A technique for transmitting voice and data on a conventional subsplit CATV network is described. :

Electronic Structure and Superconductivity of Copper Oxides

  • Schluter M.

We discuss the electronic structure of the LaCuO and YBaCuO high T sub c superconducting compounds. The conventional bandstructure point of view is contrasted with the localized moment model.

Random Access Strategies for Fiber-Optic Networks

  • Maxemchuk N.

Twelve random access strategies are described that do not constrain the distance or transmission rate of a network, and can use the capabilities of fiber-optic components.

Tactical Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for Multimode and Single-Mode Systems (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Darden B.
  • Kalomiris V.
  • Kathiresan K.
  • Lefevre B.

(U) A single-mode, duplex hermaphroditic connector and all- dielectric fiber-optic cable assembly has been designed for use in a Single- Mode Fiber-Optic Communication Systems (SIMFOCS). The connector and cable are rugged, waterproof, and resistant to the stringent environments typical of tactional military applications. High precision bioonio plugs and sleeves are ...

Particle Size Measurement in Optical Waveguide Manufacturing Torches Using Dynamic Light Scattering

  • Bautista J.
  • Potkay E.
  • Scatton D.

The bulk of optical fiber manufacturing processes involve the conversion of SiCl sub 4 to Si0 sub 2 through the use of premixed or surface mixed torches.

Tomorrow's Library Today

  • Penniman W.

This paper covers four major topics. In it I describe what I see as the current environment for libraries in business as well as in the public sector. I describe a model or structure for looking at the future and influencing that future. To do so, I talk about the ...

Uses of Scattered Light Speckle To Measure Fluid Velocity Fields

  • Dudderar T.

This seminar talk will describe the development and application of scattered light techniques to the study of velocity fields in fluids. Comparisons with other familiar optical techniques such as LSP* and LDV** will be used to illustrate the unique capabilities of this new full-field technique.

Probabilistic Verification of Communication Protocols

  • Maxemchuk N.
  • Sabnani K.

This procedure checks the most probable sections of the protocol behavior. Some of the ideas used in this procedure are based on a convolutional decoding procedure due to Jelinek and a performance evaluation procedure due to Rudin. A protocol is specified as a collection of FSMs interacting with one another ...

Long Wavelength Photoluminescence of InAs sub 1-x Sb sub x (0<x<1) Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy on (100) InAs

  • Cho A.
  • People R.
  • Wecht K.
  • Yen M.

InAs sub 1-x Sb sub x films have been successfully prepared by molecular beam epitaxy on (100) InAs substrates. Long wavelength photoluminescence has been investigated over the complete compositional range.

The Solid State sup 29 Si and sup 13 C NMR of Poly(di-n-alkylsilanes)

  • Bovey F.
  • Schilling F.

Poly(di-n-hexylsilane) is composed of a crystalline phase (I) in which the silicon main chain has an all-trans or planar zigzag conformation, together with a less ordered phase (II) in which gauge conformations are present.