Multidimensional Continued Fractions

  • Lagarias J.

This talk describes a multidimensional continued fraction algorithm of additive type based on finding reduced bases of a lattice LAMBDA(t) depending on the parameter t which varies form 1 to 0 with initial value t sub 0 = 1. A sequence of critical values t sub 0 > t sub ...

High Frequency InGaAs/InP Multiple Quantum Well Buried MESA Electroabsorption Optical Modulator

  • Bar-Joseph I.
  • Chemla D.
  • Eisenstein G.
  • Koren U.
  • Miller D.
  • Miller B.
  • Tucker R.

We describe the structure and performance characteristics of an InGaAs/InP multiple quantum well (MQW) electroabsorption buried mesa optical modulator.

Token Execution Strategies for Distributed Algorithms: Simulation Studies

  • Lloyd M.

We study distributed computer systems with bidirectional point- to-point links. In a chaotic algorithm a processor may transmit a message whenever it wishes. In a token algorithm a processor may transmit a message only when it holds a unique token. Many local networks implement only token algorithms. Token algorithms may ...

High Density Interconnect for Advanced VLSI Packaging

  • Adams A.
  • Bentson R.
  • Bertram W.
  • Levinstein H.
  • Mcknight W.
  • Rubin J.
  • Terhaar B.

A high-density, low-resistance interconnect structure for packaging multiple chips in a common package is described. The structure contains four copper conductor levels: one power, one ground, and two signal levels. Polyimide is used as the interlevel dielectric. Vias between levels contain electrodeposited nickel. The interconnect structure also contains a large-area, ...

Adaptive Techniques for Quantization, Prediction and Bit Allocation

  • Jayant N.

Efficient techniques for low bit rate speech coding depend critically on adaptive algorithms for quantization, prediction and bit allocation. This talk reviews some of the more widely used classes of adaptive algorithms. Some of these algorithms are also useful in providing efficient digital representations of wideband audio and image signals.

The Use of Very High Temperature Anneals to Improve the Epitaxial Quality of Silicon on Sapphire

  • Batstone J.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Phillips J.
  • Stevie F.
  • West K.

The heteroepitaxial quality of (100) Si films on (~1102) sapphire substrates (SOS) as measured by Rutherford Backscattering (RBS) is improved by a high temperature anneal after deposition which brings the Si temperature to between 1350C and 1400C for between several seconds and 10 minutes.

Data Analysis of Ambulatory Blood Pressure Readings: Before p Values

  • Clark L.
  • Denby L.
  • Pregibon D.

The nature of ambulatory BP monitoring is such that exploratory data analysis is both useful and necessary. In any study using ambulatory monitoring there are many sources of uncontrolled variability including: individual levels of BP; individual diurnal pattern of BP; individual physical activity patterns; individual mental activity (psychological) patterns; and ...

Book Review of 'Clustering of Large Data Sets' by Jure Zupan

  • Landwehr J.

This book is written in an informal style, and there are many figures and small examples to carry the reader along. It is refreshing to see a contribution to statistical methodology from a chemist, motivated by a generic problem in his work. I find the clustering ideas interesting; it would ...

Using Piecewise Polynomial Approximations to Generate from Arbitrary Continuous Distributions

  • Ulrich G.
  • Watson L.

Approximate inverse cdf algorithms are ideally suited for generating random variates from new and unusual continuous distributions for which exact generators have not yet been constructed. Piecewise polynomials provide a flexible means to approximate the inverse cdf, particularly since increased accuracy is obtained simply by increasing the order of the ...

Synthesis of Cubic Li sub x Zr S sub 2 (0<=x<=1)

  • Murphy D.
  • Sinha S.
  • Sunshine S.

The layered dichalcogenides (MX sub 2; M=Group, IV, V, or VI X=S or Se) are good two dimensional hosts for intercalation reactions. In particular, reactions with lithium are of interest as positive electrodes in secondary batteries. Recently we have shown that a three dimensional host, cubic TiS sub 2, can ...

Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Reconstructed Si(111) Surfaces

  • Morgan W.
  • Tully J.

We have performed molecular dynamics simulations to compute the surface energies of the Si(111)-2x1, 5x5, 7x7 reconstructions. Using the Stillinger and Weber sup 1 2 and 3- body potentials for silicon we find surface energies of +0.37, +0.77, and +0.54 eV/atom repectively relative to the unreconstructed surface.

Chemistry: A Basic Science

  • Chan M.

Careers for chemistry majors will be described. The talk is part of an annual career night at the Bronx High School of Science.

The Impact of New Technologies on Subscriber Loop Networks

  • Mochida Y.
  • Wyndrum R.

ISDN trials are underway and commercial service may soon be a reality. Indeed, some of the presenters in this area treated ISDN as a fait accompli, declared victory, and had set their sights on Broadband ISDN.

Statistically Typical VLSI Circuits (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Dunlop A.

Eight Polycell and macro cell circuits have been carefully generated to represent typical Polycell placement and routing problems. The first circuit is to be a smoke test. It has 3 pads, 2 two input cells and 5 one input cells. Two of the remaining circuits are made up of all ...

Dependence of Zero Disperson Wavelength and Dispersion Slope of Multimode Fibers on Normalized Refractive Index Difference (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Refi J.
  • Shang H.

Theoretical relations are obtained for graded-index multimode fibers that relate zero dispersion wavelength (lambda sub 0) to normalized refractive index difference (delta) and dispersion slope (S sub 0) at lambda sub 0 to lambda sub 0. Comparison of these curves with empirical data shows good agreement between lambda sub 0 ...

A Comparative Study of Macrobending Losses in Multimode Graded Index Fiber (NOT KNOWN IF PUBLISHED BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Cherin A.
  • Neysmith H.

A comparative experimental and analytical study of 62.5, 85 and 100micron core graded index multimode fiber has shown that the 62.5micron design is the least sensitive to macrobending. In this paper, the experimental results of the study are presented and compared with the trends predicted from the analytical model.

Hot Carrier Aging of 1.0micron CMOS NMOSFET Devices

  • Tran L.

This paper reports room temperature hot carrier aging measurements under dc stress of LDD n-channel MOSFETs used in the 1.0micron CMOS technology being manufactured for VLSI custom logic, static RAMs and processors. The transconductance degrades the most in device aging, whereas threshold shift is observed when delta g sub m ...

Testimony before Subcommittee on Science and Space

  • Lanzerotti L.

Tell about the major report on the Space and Earth Science Program which the Space and Earth Science Advisory Committee (SESAC) of the NASA Advisory Council has prepared.

Electro-Optic Ceramics

  • Peterson G.

The field of electro-optic ceramics will be reviewed. Transparent ceramic materials continue to find ever increasing applications to displays, spatial light modulators filters and shutters. Because of their reasonably rapid response times and good resolution capabilities, they are excellent candidates for developing technologies such as fiber optic switching.

Techniques for Faint Object Imaging at 1 Micron

  • Tyson J.

New techniques have been developed for faint object imaging at 1 micron. These allow detection and photometry at a level of 0.01% of sky background, per pixel. The detector is a silicon CCD which suffers 20% fringing from the sky emission lines. This telescope is moved randomly between exposures, producing ...