Comparative Magnetospheres in the Solar System

  • Lanzerotti L.

The interactions between rotating planetary magnetic fields and the solar wind create enormous flowing regions of plasma -- Jupiter dwarfs the sun -- whose behavior bears on a broad set of astrophysical problems.

High T sub C Superconductivity: Recent Advances

  • Vandover R.

Recent advances in the synthesis of superconducting cuprates, such as Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub 7, have profound scientific and technological implications which have only begun to be explored. This talk will focus on current results regarding the occurrence of high-transition- temperature superconductivity, the physical properties of ...

Advances in Optic Fiber Sensor Systems

  • Cohen L.

A fiber-optic sensor system (FOSS) consists of an optoelectronic hub, optical fibers, and an optical sensor or sensor network. The hub contains optical sources, detectors, optical and electrical components, and an output or output interface. The sensors are either extrinsic (optrodes) or intrinsic (inherent to the fiber itself).

Design Tools for Quality and Productivity

  • Phadke M.

An important aspect of producing high quality products at low costs is to design the products so that they are robust against all noises - manufacturing variations, deterioration and environmental variation. :

Development of O & M Communications for an Intelligent Network

  • Haverty M.
  • Sentoff S.

A protocol package has been developed to provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) communications for a distributed Intelligent Network provided by AT&T and APT for initial application in the United Kingdom.

Practical Steps to Process Improvement

  • Myers F.

This paper describes a joint process improvement activity underway at AT&T Bell Laboratories and AT&T Network Systems in Columbus, Ohio. The process being improved is the way product tests are designed and then deployed in the factory.

Network Applications of Speech Technology (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Tschirgi J.

Communication between people seems to occur most naturally via speech. Although desirable, it is not as easy today to have the same quality communication between people and computers. Yet, recent advances in automatic speech recognition, speech coding and synthesis and text- to-speech synthesis technologies offer new opportunities for the performance ...

Performance Issues in CIM Computers and Communications Systems

  • Yue O.

As modern factories try to implement Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), they are discovering that the cost estimates of the computers and data communication equipments range from 25% to 50% of the total cost of an automated factory. Therefore it is of increasing importance to understand the performance of these systems, ...

An Overview of Epitaxial GaAs on Si Technology

  • Cho A.

The possibility of combining the high-speed and optoelectronic properties of GaAs with the well established Si integrated circuit technology has made GaAs on Si an attractive field field to study.

Dedicated Beamline for X-ray Diffraction Experiments on Surfaces ar NSLS Brookhaven

  • Robinson I.

We have designed, built, and performed the first experiments on the X16A beamline at NSLS, Brookhaven. The components are (in order) a 60 cm toroidal focusing mirror, two crystal Si(111) vacuum monochromator, ultra-high vacuum sample preparation and analysis chamber, and 4-circle diffractometer. The precision manipulation of the samples in vacuum ...

400 Mbit/s, 372 km Coherent Transmission Experiment Using In- Line Optical Amplifiers

  • Koszi L.
  • Oberg M.
  • Olsson N.
  • Przybylek G.

We report on an optical transmission experiment using four in-line optical amplifiers. With a net gain of 58 000 X (47.7 dB) from the amplifiers, we were able to increase the longest non- regenerated transmission distance to 372 km. the system penalty associated with the amplifiers was only 1.5 dB.

Progress Toward an Antimatter Plasma

  • Leventhal M.
  • Passner A.
  • Surko C.
  • Wysocki F.

The anti-matter plasma (AMP) device is designed to efficiently trap slow (~2 eV) positrons produced by a radioactive source and to store them for times >- 10 sup 3 sec [1]. The AMP device consists of an axial B field and a three-stage axially-varying electrostatic potential well.

Preference Control: A Language Feature for AIDA Applications

  • Elrad T.
  • Maymir-Ducharme F.

One of the goals of artificial intelligence is to simulate the human decision making process. Ads's concurrency and its associated language features controlling nondeterminism in real time systems allow a partial simulation of this decision making process. A more complete specification of the human thought process requires new language features ...

Thick Selective CVD Tungsten Plugs in a Salicided Two-Level Metal CMOS Technology

  • Hey H.
  • Rana V.

The theoretical benefits of thick tungsten plugs in windows, i.e. increased reliability, reduction in layout area, and its diffusion barrier properties, have been pointed out in the past. However, process integration concerns over contact resistance variations, increased junction leakage, loss of selectivity, oxidation resistance, and adhesion problems of tungsten to ...

Selective Tungsten Plugs on Silicon for Advanced CMOS Devices

  • Desko J.
  • Lee K.
  • Manocha A.
  • Rana V.
  • Sinha A.

Small geometry, high aspect ratio Al,Si/Si contacts to shallow junctions are susceptible to: (a) opens due to inadequate step coverage of Al,Si, (b) junction leakage due to preferential dissolution of Si into Al, and (c) high contact resistance due to silicon precipitation in the windows.

Analytical Approximation for FDDI

  • Yue O.

In this paper we derive two new analytic approximations for the delay in the timed token bus network specified in the Manufacturing Automation Protocol, which is based on the OSI reference model.

Photoexcited Coherent Tunneling in 10microns Multiquantum Well Photodetector

  • Bethea C.
  • Choi K.
  • Levine B.
  • Malik R.
  • Walker J.

We have designed and demonstrated a 10microns infrared photodetector using intersubband absorption in an unequal Al sub (x) Ga sub (1-x) As double barrier superlattice structure as shown in Fig. 1. The photoresponse of this device is based on coherent tunneling of the photoexcited electrons

Computer System Tester's Environment and Productivity

  • Schaefer E.

Providing a supportive environment for computer system testers results in substantial productivity improvement. Both the physical environment and the conceptual environment in which testers work need attention. The physical environment provides tools to encourage test automation and good data collection. The conceptual environment provides tools to enhance measurement of product ...

A Bivariate Double Exponential Distribution and its Generalizations

  • Chen C.
  • Ulrich G.

A bivariate (multivariate) double exponential distribution can be generated using differences of cross products of bivariate (multivariate) normal random variables. This distribution possess desirable dependence properties in that it has linear regressions and is indexed by a single correlation parameter whose extreme values correspond to the Frechet bounds. Also, it ...

On Non-stationary Hidden Markov Modeling of Speech Signals

  • Ephraim Y.
  • Rabiner L.
  • Serralheiro A.

This paper describes the reestimation algorithm and its performance when applied to recognize spoken versions of the English alphabet and the digits. In our experiments, the system was trained using speech material from four talks (two males and two females) and tested using different utterances from the same speakers. Preliminary ...