Current Directions in Lightwave Local Area Networks

  • Knerr R.

Optical fibers are now a well established transmission medium in both long and short haul communication systems. The ever increasing data traffic generated by distributed computer systems which are interconnected by Local Area Networks (LANs) is now in many instances, being carried by optical fiber.

The Restoration of Metal Monuments: A Bibliography, 1933-1986

  • Hawkins D.

This bibliography was prepared in conjuction with the Statue of Liberty project at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Its coverage includes such subjects as corrosion, patina formation and analysis, restoration, and deterioration of metal monuments, statuary, etc.

Hybridized Sol-Gel Process for Optical Fibers

  • Fleming D.
  • Johnson D.
  • Macchesney J.
  • Walz F.

A new method of making fiber by sol-gel processing consists of overcladding a consolidated core derived from vapor deposition techniques with a cast colloidal gel. The gel, comprising 95% of the fiber mass is dehydrated in chlorine and consolidated about the core to produce fiber have losses as low as ...

How Hard is it to Compute the Shortest Network

  • Graham R.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 061285.

Proposal for Thesis

  • Ericson S.

My thesis will investigate Direct Manipulation Systems (DMS).

Computers and Combinatorics

  • Graham R.

This talk will describe a variety of mathematical problems with a predominantly combinatorial flavor for which computers have had, may have or will probably never have, a significant role in their solution.

Computers and Combinatorics

  • Graham R.

This talk will describe a variety of mathematical problems with a predominantly combinatorial flavor for which computers have had, may have or will probably never have, a significant role in their solution.

Low Temperature synthesis of II-VI Semiconductor Materials

  • Sprinkle C.
  • Steigerwald M.

Recent developments in the organometallic growth of II-VI compounds such as photolysis assisted growth and the interdiffused multilayer process (IMP) have shown the feasibility of high quality growth of Hg(x)Cd(1-x)Te for example, at temperatures low enough to achieve sharp interfaces as well as control of residual carrier concentration. However, the ...

Issues in Computing Speech from Text

  • Liberman M.

Automatic text-to-speech algorithms have two phases: structure building and structure interpretation. In the first phase, a string of text characters is developed into a much richer linguistic representation, in which word pronunciations are linked together in a structure whose properties depend on the form and meaning of the text. In ...

DEC and The Modern VAX: A Research Perspective

  • Wilson N.

The Bell Laboratories Computing Science Research Center recently bought a pair of VAX 8550's, to replace part of our collection of aged VAX-11/750s. To use the new machines, we must make them run over research variant of the Unix operating system; vendor systems just aren't suitable for our purposes.

Comparing Interpoint Distances in Correspondence Analysis: A Clarification

  • Carroll J.
  • Green P.
  • Schaffer C.

In a recent JMR article, Carroll, Green and Schaffer (1986) described and illustrated a correspondence analysis scaling that permitted both within-set and between-set squared distance comparisons. This note clarifies the relationship between the proposed scaling and another scaling in which the diagonal matrix of singular values is applied to both ...

An Application-Oriented Guide for Designing Lagrangean Dual Ascent Algorithms

  • Guinard M.
  • Rosenwein M.

A Lagrangean dual ascent procedure is a specialized algorithm, tailored for a particular model, that may effectively solve a Lagrangean dual. We present a design framework for constructing such algorithms. Our framework is adapted to design Lagrangean dual ascent algorithms for the generalized assignment and constrained arborescence problems.

A Perturbation Method for Solving Some Queues with Processor Sharing Discipline

  • Sengupta B.

In this paper, we present a perturbation method for solving a second order difference equation with variable coefficients with some additional assumptions. This method can be used to devise an algorithmic solution for the moments of sojourn times in some processor sharing queues. In particular, we examine three queues. The ...

Angle Diversity with Two Antennas: Model and Experimental Results

  • Axeling G.
  • Balaban P.
  • Sweedyk E.

Digital radio often requires diversity protection in addition to frequency diversity. Traditionally, this protection has been achieved through space diversity. New propagation data obtained in Gainesville, Florida indicate that equivalent or better protection can be obtained by closely spaced receiving antennas. In this paper, a generalized angle diversity model is ...

Temporal Decomposition of Speech: Decoding Acoustic Non-Invariance

  • Atal B.
  • Marcus S.

Articulatory phonetics describes speech as a sequence of overlapping articulatory gestures, each of which may be associated with a characteristic ideal target spectrum.

Speech Parameter Estimation Using a Vocal Tract/Cord Model

  • Larar J.
  • Schroeter J.
  • Sondhi M.

This paper proposes the use of a vocal cord and tract model for speech coding at bit rates below 4.8 kb/s. For this, a key requirement is the ability to derive model parameters from an input speech signal. Our approach to this problem employs an acoustic analysis front-end, a linked ...

The Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

  • Stormer H.
  • Tsui D.

The fractional quantum Hall effect is an example of the new physics that has emerged in recent years as a result of research in quantum-confined carriers in semiconductor heterostructures. It was first observed in a high mobility, two-dimensional, modulated-doped GaAs-(AlGa)As heterostructure prepared by molecular beam epitaxy.

Electro-Optical Effects of Externally Applied (100) Uniaxial Stress on InGaAsP 1.3 and 1.5microns Injection Lasers

  • Hartman R.
  • Parayanthal P.
  • Swaminathan V.

Semiconductor diode lasers usually emit in TE polarized mode because of the higher facet reflectivity of the TE mode compared to the TM mode. However, it is known that a tensile can increase the fain for the TM polarized emission or higher order TE modes.

Damped Pc5 Oscillations of the Geomagnetic Field, ELF/VLF Emission Intensity and Electron Precipitation at L = 4

  • Baker D.
  • Carpenter D.
  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Lepping R.
  • Maclennan C.
  • Rosenberg T.
  • Singer H.
  • Wu Q.

A damped pulsation wave train lasting for about six cycles with a period of ~ 200 seconds was recorded simultaneously on a variety of geophysical sensors at Siple station, Antarctica and in the surface magnetic field in the northern hemisphere over an extended latitude and longitude range.

Study of a Conjugate Pc5-6 Magnetic and Absorption Pulsation Event at Sub-Auroral Latitudes in the Morning Sector

  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Maclennan C.
  • Oksman J.
  • Rosenberg T.
  • Singer H.

An interval of long-period hydromagnetic wave activity occurring during local morning in the decay phase of a magnetic storm has been studied using groundbased magnetic field and cosmic noise absorption data.