Lessons from Experience

  • Menechian A.

While transformation has been discussed at length in the communications industry, the dialogue in many ways has been limited to a technical scope. This explains why we have seen so much investment in new IP, IPTV and IMS technologies, as service providers transform their networks to address the convergence of ...

Session Initiation Protocol Firewall for the IP Multimedia Subsystem Core

  • Bessis T.
  • Gurbani V.
  • Rana A.

As the deployment of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accelerates, there is an accompanying need to secure the SIP infrastructure. One way to do so is through a SIP firewall, which is loosely defined as a device that blocks attacks mounted via SIP Using this definition, a firewall is indistinguishable from ...

Variable FEC Decoding Delay and Playout Slowdown Method for Low Start Delay and Fast Channel Change for Video Streaming in DVB-SH Mobile Broadcast Systems

  • Faucheux F.
  • Kerboeuf S.
  • Morel M.
  • Roullet L.

In the digital video broadcasting satellite services to handhelds (DVB-SH) system for broadcasting multimedia services to mobile receivers, a multiprotocol-encapsulation inter-burst forward error correction (MPE-IFEC) technique has been introduced to mitigate the deep signal fading events which primarily occur in the land-mobile satellite channel. It is based on a clever ...


  • Dinu M.
  • Peeters M.

Internet Architecture Evolution and the Complex Economies of Content Peering

  • Krogfoss B.
  • Sofman L.
  • Weldon M.

In recent years, the Internet has been evolving from a hierarchical (multi-level) network to a flatter structure, due in large part to the exponential increase in end user video consumption. This evolution of the Internet has resulted in more highly interconnected ISPs and content providers, with tens, hundreds, and even ...

Cathode-excited linear amplifiers

  • Muller J.J.

Neutralization of these amplifiers is considered in relation to power amplification, stability and feedback. The use of neutralizing capacitances having values which differ from the internal capacitances of the vacuum tubes, in combination with appropriate reactances between the grids of symmetrical stages, permits control of power amplification, stability, and feedback. ...

Rotary equipment of the Hague district

  • Alberts D.A.
  • Verlooy J.P.

Holland is divided into a number of zones and each zone into a number of sectors for the switching of long-distance telephone traffic on a national numbering scheme basis. Each zone incorporates a main district exchange and each sector a secondary exchange with associated tertiary exchanges. Time zone metering applies. ...