3GPP C-V2X and IEEE 802.11p for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications in Highway Platooning Scenarios

  • Bakowski K.
  • David Lister
  • Garcia I.
  • Ilaria Thibault
  • Krzysztof Wesolowski
  • Michal Sybis
  • Patrick Marsch
  • Pawel Sroka
  • Vukadinovic V.
  • Xu H.

The focus of this study is the performance of high-density truck platooning achieved with different wireless technologies for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications. Platooning brings advantages such as lower fuel consumption and better traffic efficiency, which are maximized when the inter-vehicle spacing can be steadily maintained at a feasible minimum. This can ...

Silicon Photonics Enabled Hyper-wideband RF Receiver With > 85% Instantaneous Bandwidth

IEEE We demonstrate the first-ever silicon photonics enabled hyper-wideband RF spread-spectrum link. A hybrid III/V-silicon photonic mode-locked laser encoded with a four-channel silicon photonic phase encoder is used to generate optical carriers that coherently demodulate a received RF signal spanning an instantaneous bandwidth greater than 85% of the center frequency ...

Dynamic Load Balancing with Tokens

  • Comte C.

The assignment of jobs to servers in a computer cluster is subject to many practical constraints like data locality. This brings the need for simple load balancing schemes that capture these constraints in the assignment decision. In this paper, we propose a token-based mechanism that balances load without requiring an ...

Radiated Immunity Field Uniformity Enhancement Techniques for milli-meter Wave Frequencies

  • Moongilan D.

Milli-meter wave frequencies will be used extensively in 5G wireless communication and IOT network devices. These devices could be exposed to high electromagnetic fields and must be hardened to operate and coexist in their intended electromagnetic environments, and be protected from interference and sabotage. Most of these devices would be ...

Enhancing performance of coherent OTDR systems with polarization diversity complementary codes

  • Awwad E.
  • Dorize C.

Monitoring the optical phase change over a fiber paves the way for a wide range of applications that induce fast strain variations as detection of vibration and acoustic signals. However, the quality of the estimated fiber channel response strongly depends on the method used to optically excite the optical fiber ...

Triple-clad photonic lanterns for mode scaling

© 2018 Optical Society of America We propose a novel triple-clad photonic lanterns for mode scaling. This novel structure alleviates the adiabatic tapering requirement for the fabrication of large photonic lanterns. A 10-mode photonic lantern with insertion losses ranging from 0.6 to 2.0 dB across all the modes and a ...

Modelling packet insertion on a WSADM ring

  • Amar D.
  • Chiaroni D.
  • Gravey A.
  • Gravey P.
  • Morvan M.
  • Uscumlic B.

The WDM slotted Add/Drop Multiplexer (WSADM) technology relies on time slotted WDM rings, where a slot can carry a single WDM packet. All stations can insert and receive these WDM packets. This differs from previous architectures in which packets were carried over a single wavelength, while multiple packets could be ...

Scalable Deterministic Scheduling for WDM Slot Switching Xhaul with Zero-Jitter

  • Chiaroni D.
  • Gravey A.
  • Gravey P.
  • Leclerc B.
  • Morvan M.
  • Uscumlic B.
  • Zami T.

A low-cost WDM slot switching "N-GREEN" network running a deterministic scheduling provides zero-jitter forwarding as needed by CPRI traffic. For a first time, a dedicated integer linear program and a corresponding scalable heuristic have been used together to compute such scheduling and evaluate its efficiency with N-GREEN technology. The results ...

Uplink channel estimation for nonorthogonal coded access

A promising multiple access scheme, which is called nonorthogonal coded access (NOCA), has been proposed for the fifth generation wireless communication systems to achieve higher service quality with limited radio resource provisions. However, uplink channel estimation in NOCA has not been well studied and the perfect channel knowledge has been ...

Suburban Residential Building Penetration Loss at 28 GHz for Fixed Wireless Access

  • Castro G.
  • Chizhik D.
  • Du J.
  • Feick R.
  • Rodriguez M.
  • Valenzuela R.

Fixed wireless access at mm/cm bands has been proposed for high speed broadband access to suburban residential customers, and the building penetration loss is a key parameter to be assessed. We report a measurement campaign at 28 GHz in a New Jersey suburban residential neighborhood for three representative single-family homes. ...

Maximum throughput scheduling for multi-connectivity in millimeter-wave networks

Multi-connectivity is emerging as promising solution to provide reliable communications and seamless connectivity at the millimeter-wave frequency range. Due to the obstacles that cause frequent interruptions at such high frequency range, connectivity to multiple cells can drastically increase the network performance in terms of throughput and reliability by coordination among ...

Optimal Link Scheduling for Throughput Maximization in Multi-Connectivity mm-Wave Cellular Networks

  • Malanchini I.
  • Pappas N.
  • Tatino C.
  • Yuan D.

Network densification and multi-connectivity are emerging as promising solutions to provide reliable and seamless communications at the millimeter-wave frequency range. Due to the obstacles that cause frequent interruptions at such high frequency, connectivity to multiple cells can drastically increase the network performance in terms of throughput and reliability by coordination ...

Radio frequency planning & verification for remote energy monitoring: A LoRaWAN case study

This study investigates potential applicability of LoRa technology in power distribution and monitoring. A testbed has been set up at Dudullu Industrial Zone as a pilot study. Theoretical radio frequency planning has been performed and compared with field measurements in order to scrutinize applicability of this technology to remote energy ...

Over-The-air tests of high-speed moving LTE users in a reverberation chamber

© 1967-2012 IEEE. High-speed trains are nowadays a reality in most of the countries. Internet services and connectivity are required by the passengers on board using smartphones and laptops. Nevertheless, the higher the speed, the bigger the issues that operators have to face to implement mobility and to reduce the ...

On the development of IoT systems

A typical IoT system consists of four distinct architectural elements: devices, gateways, cloud and apps. All these elements require special skills in their development. In order to write safe, secure IoT systems, developers must be trained and experienced in four different areas of software development: embedded, cloud, web and mobile. ...

Avoidance of Improper Configuration Based on Self-Operation

  • Kylliainen J.
  • Raisanen V.
  • Stenberg K.
  • Tang H.

Self-operation has been proposed to reduce operational expenditure and complexity; one technique that may be applied concerns automation based on lessons from past experiences. This paper provides a solution for self-operation to learn the experiences of improper configurations and their associated network contexts. When receiving a new configuration request, self-operation ...

Equal-volume quantization of mobile network data using bounding spheres and boxes

Mobile network management systems often utilize quantization algorithms for abstraction and simplification of information, to be later processed by human operators or automated functions. In use cases such as visualization of high dimensional data or processing of anomalous observations, the off- the-shelf algorithms might produce misleading results, without the user ...

Balancing the migration of virtual network functions with replications in data centers

The Network Function Virtualization (NFV) paradigm is enabling flexibility, programmability and implementation of traditional network functions into generic hardware, in form of the so-called Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Today, cloud service providers use Virtual Machines (VMs) for the instantiation of VNFs in the data center (DC) networks. To instantiate multiple ...

Ride: A Resilient IoT Data Exchange Middleware Leveraging SDN and Edge Cloud Resources

Internet of Things (IoT) deployments rely on data exchange middleware to manage communications between constrained devices and cloud resources that provide analytics, data storage, and serve user applications. In this paper, we propose the Resilient IoT Data Exchange (Ride) middleware that enables resilient operation of IoT applications despite prevalent network ...