Probabilistic Eigenvalue Shaping for the Nonlinear Fourier Transform

  • Aref V.
  • Buchberger A.
  • Graell I Amat A.
  • Schmalen L.

We consider an NFT-based system embedding information into the imaginary part of the discrete spectrum. We show that by employing PES we can double the data rate. We validate our findings via Monte-Carlo and SSFM simulation and experimentally.

Performance Analysis of Dense Small Cell Networks with Dynamic TDD

  • Ding M.
  • Ding T.
  • Lin Z.
  • Lopez-Perez D.
  • Mao G.
  • Zomaya A.

Small cell networks (SCNs) are envisioned to embrace dynamic time division duplexing (TDD) in order to tailor downlink (DL)/uplink (UL) subframe resources to quick variations and burstiness of DL/UL traffic. The study of dynamic TDD is particularly important because it serves as the predecessor of the full duplex transmission technology, ...

SAS-Assisted Coexistence-Aware Dynamic Channel Assignment in CBRS Band

  • Buddhikot M.
  • Roy S.
  • Ying X.

The paradigm of shared spectrum allows secondary devices to opportunistically access spectrum bands underutilized by primary owners. Recently, the FCC has targeted the sharing of the 3.5 GHz (3550-3700 MHz) federal spectrum with commercial systems such as small cells. The rules require a Spectrum Access System (SAS) to accommodate three ...

iTCM: Towards Learning-Based Thermal Comfort Modeling via Pervasive Sensing for Smart Buildings

  • Guan K.
  • Hu W.
  • Jin G.
  • Tseng K.
  • Wen Y.

For decades, ASHRAE Standard 55 has been using the Fanger’s Predicted Mean Vote (PMV) model to evaluate the indoor thermal comfort satisfaction. However, this canonical model has drawbacks in both data inadequacy and lack of inputs from test subjects. In this research, we propose a learning-based solution for thermal comfort ...

Faster Heavy Hitters on Sliding Windows

  • Ben Bassat Ran
  • Einziger G.
  • Waisbard E.

Sliding window measurement is required by network functionalities such as load balancing, traffic engineering and intrusion detection. This work focuses on two fundamental problems -- identifying Heavy Hitters (HH) and Hierarchical Heavy Hitters (HHH) over sliding windows. We introduce two rigorously analyzed algorithms for the HH and HHH problems and ...

Learning-Based Texture Synthesis and Automatic Inpainting Using Support Vector Machines

  • Dong J.
  • Dong X.
  • Duan Y.
  • Qi L.
  • Sun G.
  • Yu H.

Texture synthesis methods based on patch sampling and pasting that can generate realistic textures with a similar appearance to a small sample. However, the sample usually has to be used throughout the synthesis stage. In contrast, the learnt representation of the textures is more compact and discriminative, and can also ...

Charging While Moving: Deploying Wireless Chargers for Powering Wearable Devices

  • Chen Y.
  • Chen C.
  • Li Y.
  • Wang Z.
  • Zhu Y.

With the promising technology of far-field wireless power transfer, wearable devices are able to harvest radio frequency (RF) energy from RF-based chargers and thus operate continuously. Rational planning of the quantity and positions of the chargers provides an effective way to improve the recharging efficiency and save the charger deployment ...

Access-independent Cloud-based Real-Time Translation Service for Voice Calls in Mobile Networks

  • Bota G.
  • Hilt A.
  • Luukkanen K.
  • Nagy L.
  • Tundik A.

Nokia offers a speech translation solution for mobile network operators. Operators can provide real-time machine translation of speech, as a useful extension to their currently available voice service. The concept provides a beneficial difference against Over-the-Top (OTT) service providers. The successfully implemented solution presented in this paper works with any ...

Optical White Box: Modeling and Implementation

  • A. Giorgetti
  • A. Ruscelli
  • A. Sgambelluri
  • Cerutti I.
  • F. Cugini
  • F. Paolucci
  • G. Cecchetti
  • Morea A.
  • N. Sambo
  • P. Castoldi

Disaggregated optical technologies have the potential to provide cost-effective and vendor-neutral optical node solutions especially suitable for metro networks. Differently from the conventional proprietary networks, specific design, modelling, control and management operations have to be carefully defined and standardized. This paper first presents the most relevant disaggregated optical devices such ...

Providing ultra-reliable low latency services for 5G with unattended datacenters

  • Hilt A.
  • Jaro G.
  • Rotter C.
  • Varga J.

The strict requirements imposed by ultra-reliable low latency (uRLL) services in 5G can be costly for 5G network operators: low latency requires the deployment of distributed datacenters, while ultra-reliability usually means attended datacenters. This paper checks whether it is possible to operate the datacenters hosting uRLL services without on-site support ...

The Next Generation Platform as a Service: Cloudifying Service Deployments in Telco-Operators Infrastructure

  • Chesterfield J.
  • Du X.
  • Flouris M.
  • Mimidis .
  • Ollora E.
  • Paolino M.
  • Pinneterre S.
  • Riganelli O.
  • Roullet L.
  • Sayadi B.
  • Soler J.
  • Van Rossem S.
  • Veitch P.
  • Zembra M.

5G standard emerges at a particular time in technology history when cloud transforms deeply al-most all industries and services: it becomes obvious that innovations have to be made cloudnative for being successful. 5G must become the ubiquitous fabric blending universal connectivity (to humans, robots, sensors...) with cloud versatility and scalability. ...

Cladding-Pumped Coupled-Core EDFA

  • Alvarado-Zacarias J.
  • Amezcua Correa R.
  • Antonio-Lopez J.
  • Chen H.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Hasegawa T.
  • Hayashi T.
  • Nakanishi T.
  • Ryf R.
  • Sakuma H.
  • Wittek S.

Fair Dynamic Spectrum Management in Licensed Shared Access Systems

  • Butt M.
  • Galiotto C.
  • Macaluso I.
  • Marchetti N.

A chair based ballistocardiogram time interval measurement with cardiovascular provocations

  • Ahmaniemi T.
  • Lindholm H.
  • Muller K.
  • Rajala S.
  • Taipalus T.

The objective of this study was to measure ballistocardiogram (BCG) based time intervals and compare them with systolic blood pressure values. Electrocardiogram (ECG) and BCG signals of six subjects sitting in a chair were measured with a ferroelectric film sensor. Time intervals between ECG R peak and BCG I and ...

140/180/204-Gbaud OOK Transceiver for Inter- and Intra-Data Center Connectivity

  • Bigo S.
  • Dupuy J.
  • Duval B.
  • Estaran Tolosa J.
  • Jorge F.
  • Konczykowska A.
  • Mardoyan H.
  • Nodjiadjim V.
  • Riet M.

We report on an on-off keying intensity-modulation and direct-detection C-band optical transceiver capable of addressing all datacenter interconnect environments at well-beyond 100Gbaud. For this, the transmitter makes use of two key InP technologies: a 2:1 double heterojunction bipolar transistor selector multiplexer and a monolithically integrated distributed-feedback laser traveling-wave electro-absorption modulator, ...

5G New Radio Base-Station Sensitivity and Performance

  • Ihalainen T.
  • Levanen Toni
  • Ng M.
  • Nielsen S.
  • Peralta Calvo E.
  • Renfors Markku
  • Valkama Mikko

In this paper, we address and analyze the receiver reference sensitivity requirements for the 5G New Radio (NR) wireless communications systems, which relate to the SNR requirements at the base station to reach 95 % of the maximum throughput defined for fixed reference channels. Based on the latest 3GPP specifications ...