Achievable Rates of Multidimensional Multisphere Distributions

  • Argell E.
  • Essiambre R.
  • Karout J.
  • Tulino A.

The maximum achievable rate or mutual information of multidimensional multisphere distributions in arbitrary dimensions in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise is derived. At high signal-to-noise ratios, 4-dimensional multisphere constellations offer higher achievable rates than 2-dimensional ones transmitted on each of the two polarizations of the optical carrier.

Shake Before Break: Per-Span Fiber Sensing with In-Line Polarization Monitoring

  • Simsarian J.
  • Winzer P.

Fast state-of-polarization transients induced by disturbances of the transmission fiber can cause errors and may indicate an imminent fiber break. We present simple in-line polarization monitoring schemes that detects fiber disturbances and enable proactive protection.

Low-latency 2D torus Burst Optical Slot Switching Data Center

  • Benzaoui N.
  • Pointurier Y.

We evaluate the performance of a BOSS data center network based on the 2D torus topology and the impact of transport mechanisms on the end-to-end latency. We show that the 2D torus BOSS data center is a low latency and scalable network.

Demonstration of 64 x 0.5Gbaud Nonlinear Frequency Division Multiplexed Transmissions with 16QAM and 32QAM Formats

  • Aref V.
  • Buelow H.
  • Thai Le S.

Record data rates of 25.6Gb/s and 32Gb/s for NFDM transmissions are experimentally demonstrated using 64 overlapping orthogonal 0.5Gbaud channels, showing for the first time, improvements of 0.7dB and 1.3dB over conventional systems at 1464km, for 16QAM and 32QAM formats, respectively

Complex Dielectric Permittivity Extraction Based on Multilayer Thin Film Microstrip Lines

  • Bulja S.
  • Kopf R.
  • Majid Norooziarab
  • Robert Cahill

This paper presents an analytical method for the extraction of the complex relative permittivity of multi-layered dielectric substrates that are used to construct thin film microstrip lines (TFMLs). The proposed approach is based on the analysis of an equivalent parallel plate waveguide filled with a dielectric substrate whose relative dielectric ...

Incentivizing social media users for mobile crowdsourcing

  • Aiello L.
  • Karaliopoulos M.
  • Koutsopoulos I.
  • Micholia P.
  • Morales G.
  • Quercia D.

We focus on the problem of contributor-task matching in mobile crowd-sourcing. The idea is to identify existing social media users who possess domain expertise (e.g., photography) and incentivize them to perform some tasks (e.g., take quality pictures). To this end, we propose a framework that extracts the potential contributors' expertise ...

Mutual service processes in Euclidean spaces: existence and ergodicity

  • Baccelli F.
  • Mathieu F.
  • Norros I.

Consider a set of objects, abstracted to points of a spatially stationary point process in R-d, that deliver to each other a service at a rate depending on their distance. Assume that the points arrive as a Poisson process and leave when their service requirements have been fulfilled. We show ...

3GPP ACLR measurements for Millimeter-Wave Wireless Backhaul Link with Self-Heterodyning Mixing

  • Ferling D.
  • Luz G.
  • Maier S.
  • Schlesinger H.
  • Woerner S.
  • Yu X.

This paper analyzes the signal quality achievable with a novel system architecture for low-power small cell remote units with integrated millimeter-wave wireless backhaul. The data signal on the backhaul link uses the same 3GPP compliant signal as with the access link serving the users. In contrast to existing systems, the ...

10G PON Technology Evolution

  • Cheng G.

This article first goes through the different ITU-T standards of 10G PON with relevant definition of wavelengths. Particularly this article shares the view of the latest XGS-PON standard, including its Transmission Convergence sub-layer and Physical Medium Dependent sub-layer, compatibility design with current PON approach and migration solution. This article also ...


  • Benjebbour A.
  • Bulakci Ömer
  • Mezzavilla M.
  • Pedersen K.
  • Prasad A.
  • Pratas N.

Anomaly detection and classification using a metric for determining the significance of failures Case study: mobile network management data from LTE network

  • Hatonen K.
  • Jerome R.

Big data analytics and machine learning applications are often used to detect and classify anomalous behaviour in telecom network measurement data. The accuracy of findings during the analysis phase greatly depends on the quality of the training dataset. If the training dataset contains data from network elements (NEs) with high ...

Experimented phase noise limitations in directly-detected single side-band optical OFDM systems

  • Boffi P.
  • Gatto A.
  • Magarini M.
  • Mandelli S.
  • Martelli P.
  • Morosi J.

We experimentally evaluate the impact of realistic phase noise on single side-band optical OFDM systems, directly detected after uncompensated propagation. Measures obtained with sources typical of short-medium reach applications are compared to a semi-analytical model.

Ultra-low DMG multimode EDFA

  • Chen H.
  • Correa A.
  • Correa R.
  • Eznaveh Z.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Gonnet C.
  • Huang B.
  • Li G.
  • Lopez J.
  • Ryf R.
  • Schulzgen A.
  • Sillard P.
  • Zacarias J.

We demonstrate amplification in a multimode cladding-pumped fiber amplifier supporting 36 spatial modes. Using a large core EDF, we obtain <0.5dB differential modal gain, 16dB gain, and 25dBm output power across the C-band.

40 Gbps PON with 23 dB power budget using 10 Gbps optics and DMT

  • Chow H.
  • Houtsma V.
  • Lee J.
  • Qin C.
  • Van Veen D.
  • Vetter P.

We investigate a symmetrical 40 Gbps PON using 10-Gbps class optical components. We demonstrate transmission at 40 Gbps, with 23-dB power budget and 4.6·10â?'3 BER after 10-km SSMF transmission using discrete multitone IM-DD.

32QAM WDM transmission using a quantum-dash passively mode-locked laser with resonant feedback

  • Aubin G.
  • Brenot R.
  • Calo C.
  • Freude W.
  • Kemal J.
  • Koos C.
  • Lelarge F.
  • Marin-Palomo P.
  • Merghem K.
  • Ramdane A.
  • Randel S.

We demonstrate coherent WDM transmission using a quantum-dash mode-locked laser diode with resonant feedback. We report a line rate of 12 Tbit/s (32QAM 60×20 GBd PDM) over 75 km SMF. The spectral efficiency is 7.5 bit/s/Hz.

Record 6dBm electroabsorption modulated laser for 10Gb/s and 25Gb/s high power budget access networks

  • Achouche M.
  • Barbet S.
  • Blache F.
  • Brenot R.
  • Caillaud C.
  • Debregeas H.
  • Derouin E.
  • Drisse O.
  • Duval B.
  • Fortin C.
  • Garreau A.
  • Gentner J.
  • Glastre G.
  • Goix M.
  • Lanteri D.
  • Lelarge F.
  • Martin F.
  • Mekhazni K.
  • Moustapha-Rabault Y.
  • Nguyen T.
  • Paret J.
  • Pommereau F.
  • Provost J.
  • Saturnin B.

We present an electro-absorption modulated laser with 6dBm modulated power leading to record power budget NRZ transmissions at 1.55μm: 37dB at 10Gb/s over 50km and 30dB at 28Gb/s over 10km with a pre-amplified photodiode.

Experimental characterization of submarine ""open cable"" using Gaussian-noise model and OSNRwet parameter

  • Courtois O.
  • Dubost S.
  • Dupont S.
  • Letellier V
  • Pecci P.
  • Ruggeri S.

With the coherent era, a new parameter called OSNRwet is experimentally studied for ""open cable"" characterization. A +/+0.3dB maximum deviation from the average is found for 3 modulation formats, 3 channel spacings and 3 distances.

Athermal operation of a multi-section laser for optical communications

  • Bello F.
  • Donegan J.
  • Enright R.
  • M-J-Wallace
  • Meehan R.

Two distinct athermal bias current control procedures are demonstrated for a low-cost, monolithic, three section slotted single mode laser, achieving wavelength stability of ±0.01 nm over a temperature range of 10â?"85°C. This is the first time that athermal performance has been demonstrated for a three-section slotted laser with simple fabrication, ...

Distributed rate-adaptive staircase codes for connectionless optical metro networks

  • Gebhard U.
  • Schmalen L.
  • Zhang L.

We demonstrate a multipoint-to-point network architecture for optical metro networks with distributed FEC encoding based on modified staircase codes. We present a simple rate-adaptation scheme and demonstrate throughput maximization on the network.

Spectral efficiency estimation in periodic nonlinear Fourier transform based communication systems

  • Kamalian M.
  • Le S.
  • Prilepsky J.
  • Turitsyn S.

We evaluate, for the first time, the achievable spectral efficiency of periodic nonlinear Fourier transform based communication systems with hard decision FEC and modulated perturbed plane waves with high order QAM formats, e.g 32QAM-512QAM.