Integrated Photodiodes for On-chip Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Gain Measurement

  • Brenot R.
  • Carrere H.
  • Debregeas H.
  • Garreau A.
  • Gomez Carbonell C.
  • Mekhazni K.
  • Verdier A.

Two photodiodes are integrated on a semiconductor optical amplifier for on-chip measurement of the gain. Coupled waveguides drive fraction of light into photodiodes and gain is calculated from photocurrents ratio. Good consistency is found with optical characterization of the gain. The method is not sensitive to coupling losses and can ...

Small-signal model for heterogeneous integrated graphene-silicon photonics

  • Dong P.
  • Gu T.
  • Hone J.
  • Kananen T.
  • Mao D.
  • Petrone N.
  • Sinsky J.

We demonstrate directly contacted graphene-silicon p-i-n junction for ultrafast response. The two-dimensional junction is parameterized by fitting a small-signal model to RF response. The model extrapolates a maximum bandwidth up to 70 GHz.

Commercializing Silicon Microring Resonators: Technical Challenges and Potential Solutions

  • Dong P.
  • Kim K.
  • Melikyan A.

Silicon microrings can find a wide range of applications in optical interconnects and communications. However, their resonant wavelengths are extremely sensitive to fabrication and temperature variations. Here we review possible solutions to address this challenge.

Cladding Pumped EDFAs with Annular Erbium Doping

  • Chen H.
  • Essiambre R.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Larochelle S.
  • Matte-Breton C.
  • Messaddeq Y.
  • Ryf R.

We present simulation, fiber design and experimental characterization of a cladding pumped EDFA with erbium doping in the cladding. The approach is of interest for future development of multi-core EDFAs with increased saturation output power.

Uplink channel estimation for nonorthogonal coded access

  • Hu X.
  • Lou M.
  • Ma G.
  • Tuo X.
  • Wang F.
  • Zhang Y.

A promising multiple access scheme, which is called nonorthogonal coded access (NOCA), has been proposed for the fifth generation wireless communication systems to achieve higher service quality with limited radio resource provisions. However, uplink channel estimation in NOCA has not been well studied and the perfect channel knowledge has been ...

Suburban Residential Building Penetration Loss at 28 GHz for Fixed Wireless Access

  • Castro G.
  • Chizhik D.
  • Du J.
  • Feick R.
  • Rodriguez M.
  • Valenzuela R.

Fixed wireless access at mm/cm bands has been proposed for high speed broadband access to suburban residential customers, and the building penetration loss is a key parameter to be assessed. We report a measurement campaign at 28 GHz in a New Jersey suburban residential neighborhood for three representative single-family homes. ...

Optimal Link Scheduling for Throughput Maximization in Multi-Connectivity mm-Wave Cellular Networks

  • Malanchini I.
  • Pappas N.
  • Tatino C.
  • Yuan D.

Network densification and multi-connectivity are emerging as promising solutions to provide reliable and seamless communications at the millimeter-wave frequency range. Due to the obstacles that cause frequent interruptions at such high frequency, connectivity to multiple cells can drastically increase the network performance in terms of throughput and reliability by coordination ...

Maximum throughput scheduling for multi-connectivity in millimeter-wave networks

Multi-connectivity is emerging as promising solution to provide reliable communications and seamless connectivity at the millimeter-wave frequency range. Due to the obstacles that cause frequent interruptions at such high frequency range, connectivity to multiple cells can drastically increase the network performance in terms of throughput and reliability by coordination among ...

Radio frequency planning & verification for remote energy monitoring: A LoRaWAN case study

This study investigates potential applicability of LoRa technology in power distribution and monitoring. A testbed has been set up at Dudullu Industrial Zone as a pilot study. Theoretical radio frequency planning has been performed and compared with field measurements in order to scrutinize applicability of this technology to remote energy ...

Over-The-air tests of high-speed moving LTE users in a reverberation chamber

© 1967-2012 IEEE. High-speed trains are nowadays a reality in most of the countries. Internet services and connectivity are required by the passengers on board using smartphones and laptops. Nevertheless, the higher the speed, the bigger the issues that operators have to face to implement mobility and to reduce the ...

A Fast and Low-Loss Electro-Magnetically Tunable Optical Filter

  • Bolle C.
  • Cappuzzo M.
  • Earnshaw M.
  • Neilson D.
  • Safar H.
  • Sridhar A.

Fast and simple optical filtering is a prerequisite for low cost passive optical networking using multiple wavelengths to scale to higher capacity. We demonstrate a simple electro-magnetically tuned optical filter capable of tuning across more than 700GHz of optical spectrum in under 1ms with low optical loss. We show successful ...

On the development of IoT systems

A typical IoT system consists of four distinct architectural elements: devices, gateways, cloud and apps. All these elements require special skills in their development. In order to write safe, secure IoT systems, developers must be trained and experienced in four different areas of software development: embedded, cloud, web and mobile. ...

Avoidance of Improper Configuration Based on Self-Operation

  • Kylliainen J.
  • Raisanen V.
  • Stenberg K.
  • Tang H.

Self-operation has been proposed to reduce operational expenditure and complexity; one technique that may be applied concerns automation based on lessons from past experiences. This paper provides a solution for self-operation to learn the experiences of improper configurations and their associated network contexts. When receiving a new configuration request, self-operation ...

Balancing the migration of virtual network functions with replications in data centers

  • Carpio F.
  • Jukan A.
  • Pries R.

The Network Function Virtualization (NFV) paradigm is enabling flexibility, programmability and implementation of traditional network functions into generic hardware, in form of the so-called Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Today, cloud service providers use Virtual Machines (VMs) for the instantiation of VNFs in the data center (DC) networks. To instantiate multiple ...

Equal-volume quantization of mobile network data using bounding spheres and boxes

  • Ali-Tolppa J.
  • Carle G.
  • Kajo M.
  • Schultz B.

Mobile network management systems often utilize quantization algorithms for abstraction and simplification of information, to be later processed by human operators or automated functions. In use cases such as visualization of high dimensional data or processing of anomalous observations, the off- the-shelf algorithms might produce misleading results, without the user ...

Ride: A Resilient IoT Data Exchange Middleware Leveraging SDN and Edge Cloud Resources

  • Benson K.
  • Kim Y.
  • Venkatasubramanian N.
  • Wang G.

Internet of Things (IoT) deployments rely on data exchange middleware to manage communications between constrained devices and cloud resources that provide analytics, data storage, and serve user applications. In this paper, we propose the Resilient IoT Data Exchange (Ride) middleware that enables resilient operation of IoT applications despite prevalent network ...

iNEMI project on process development of BiSn-based low temperature solder pastes: Part III: Mechanical shock tests on POP BGA assemblies

  • Aspandiar R.
  • Byrd K.
  • Chen J.
  • Chen Q.
  • Cheng S.
  • Coyle R.
  • Feng S.
  • Fu H.
  • Krmpotich M.
  • Mokler S.
  • Radhakrishnan J.
  • Ribas M.
  • Sandy-Smith B.
  • Tang K.
  • Wu G.
  • Zhang A.
  • Zhen W.

Lowering peak reflow temperature from the current 240°C+ level for SnAgCu (SAC) solder paste during the assembly of electronic board products has economic, environmental and technical benefits. The Bi-Sn solder system is one low melting metallurgical system of interest, but the inherent brittleness of bismuth is its major drawback. Recently, ...

Optimizing Data Plans: Usage Dynamics in Mobile Data Networks

As the U.S. mobile data market matures, Internet service providers (ISPs) generally charge their users with some variation on a quota-based data plan with overage charges. Common variants include unlimited, prepaid, and usage-based data plans. However, despite a recent flurry of research on optimizing mobile data pricing, few works have ...

Designing Optimal Middlebox Recovery Schemes with Performance Guarantees

  • Kanizo Y.
  • Rottenstreich O.
  • Segall I.
  • Yallouz J.

Enabling functionality in modern network is achieved through the use of middleboxes. Middleboxes suffer from temporal unavailability due to various reasons, such as hardware faults. We design a backup scheme that takes advantage of Network Function Virtualization (NFV), an emerging paradigm of implementing network functions in software, deployed on commodity ...