1.6Tbps WDM Direct Detection Transmission with Virtual-Carrier over 1200km

  • Buchali F.
  • Buelow H.
  • Schuh K.
  • Thai Le S.

We demonstrate 1.6Tbps 8-channel WDM direct detection transmission with virtual carriers over a record distance of 1200km with Corning TXF fiber by using either Kramers-Kronig receiver or a low complexity interference cancellation scheme.

Components for High Speed 5G Access

  • Achouche M.
  • Bonk R.
  • Borkowski R.
  • Debregeas H.
  • Pfeiffer T.

Emerging access networks raise the need for specific components. We present a counter-heating method for wavelength stabilisation in NGPON2 TWDM-PON systems. Then we present a +6dBm high-power externally modulated laser at 10Gb/s and 28Gb/s for XGS-PON or 25G-EPON systems.

Probabilistic Constellation Shaping: Challenges and Opportunities for Forward Error Correction

  • Schmalen L.

We discuss the impact of probabilistic amplitude shaping on the forward error correction stage in future optical transceivers and highlight some potential pitfills, as well as challenges and opportunities for future research that may arise.

31.2-Tb/s real time bidirectional transmission of 78x400 Gb/s interleaved channels over C band of one 90-km SMF span

  • Bertran Pardo O.
  • David J.
  • Faure J.
  • Lavigne B.
  • Le Monnier M.
  • Weisser S.
  • Zami T.

We transmit 78x400Gb/s PDM-64QAM 50GHz-spaced channels over one 90-km SSMF span with real time transponder, transporting 31.2 Tb/s with 8 bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency

Influence of the maturity of technology on the benefit of 75 GHz-spaced 64 GBaud channels in WDM elastic networks

  • Bertolini M.
  • Lavigne B.
  • Zami T.

We quantify how the benefit of 75 GHz-spaced 64 GBaud channels in WDM core transparent networks depends on the associated elastic modulation set and on the maturity of transponder implementation, that impact WDM transmission reaches

White Gaussian Noise based Capacity Estimate and Characterization of Fiber-Optic Links

  • Alvarado-Zacarias J.
  • Alvarez-Aguirre R.
  • Amezcua Correa R.
  • Chen H.
  • Essiambre R.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Koonen T.
  • Okonkwo C.
  • Ryf R.
  • Van Weerdenburg J.

We use white Gaussian noise as a test signal for single-mode and multimode transmission links and estimate the link capacity based on a calculation of mutual information. We also extract the complex amplitude channel estimations and mode-dependent loss with high accuracy.

Generation and Intradyne Detection of Single-Wavelength 1.61-Tb/s Using an All-Electronic Digital Band Interleaved Transmitter

We generate 100-GHz wide in-phase and quadrature electrical signals via two synchronized digital band interleaved digital-to-analog converters and demonstrate single-wavelength digital band multiplexed QAM with an aggregate all-electronically generated line rate of 1.61 Tb/s.

100 Gbps b-modulated Nonlinear Frequency Division Multiplexed Transmission

We demonstrate that the performance of 100 Gb/s NFDM system employing the continuous nonlinear spectrum is significantly enhanced by modulating only the b-coefficient, providing a gain up to 1.5 dB over the conventional OFDM system.

Weighted Filter Penalty Prediction for QoT Estimation

We experimentally show that noise distribution with regards to filters impacts the QoT by several dB. We thus propose a new QoT prediction method achieving up to 1.7dB margin reduction for links with high hop counts.

Mode-Multiplexed 16-QAM Transmission over 2400-km Large-Effective-Area Depressed-Cladding 3-Mode Fiber

We demonstrate 2400 km mode-multiplexed 16-QAM transmission over a low DMGD (27.1 ps/km) and low MDL (1.75 dB) 3-mode fiber link. The large effective-area 3-mode fiber is shown to outperform a standard single-mode fiber for distances up to 4500km.

Bandwidth Efficient and Flexible 5G Fronthaul

This paper provides an overview of the numerous fronthaul interfaces specifications initiatives launched in several fora and SDO, and describes the main requirement on transport. Focus is given on Low layer interfaces, and massive MIMO.

Flexible Transmission Enabled by Novel M2-QAM Formats with Record Distance - Spectral Efficiency Tuneability

We propose a variable M2-QAM format and coding scheme and demonstrate record distance â€" spectral efficiency tuneability by 6.4 bit/s/Hz and Î"L≈18x, respectively, at 400 and 600 Gb/s per carrier and report record terrestrial reach for high spectral efficient up to 256QAM.

Investigation of 100G (4×25G) NG-PON2 Upgrade using a Burst Mode Laser based on a Multi-Electrode Laser to enable 100 GHz Wavelength Grid

Investigation of NG-PON2 upgrade to 25 Gb/s line-rate on a 100 GHz grid using a burst-mode transmitter based on a multi-electrode DFB. Compliance with NG-PON2 MSE requirements is shown.

Mode Selective Photonic Lantern with Graded Index Core

We demonstrate a mode selective photonic lantern with a graded index core, which modes are a better match when splicing to graded index transmission fiber compare to those from a photonic lantern with step index core.

Optical Crosstalk Reduction using Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE)

We employ spectrally filtered amplified spontaneous emission as the signal carrier and matched local oscillator to mitigate optical crosstalk. We demonstrate polarization crosstalk reduction in single-mode fiber transmission and modal crosstalk reduction over multimode fiber.

Reception of Burst Mode High-Order QAM Signals with Pilot-Aided Digital Signal Processing

We present pilot-assisted burst mode DSP design for high-order QAM signals. Short preambles are used for frame, frequency synchronization and channel estimation. The proposed scheme is experimentally demonstrated to detect 16G-baud PDM 128/256/512-QAM bursts.

Transmitter-side Volterra Filtering for Increased Dispersion Tolerance in 56 Gbaud PAM-4 Systems

We experimentally demonstrate that a transmitter-side Volterra-based pre-distortion for 56 GBaud, PAM4 signal with receiver FFE outperforms receiver-side Volterra filtering and allows for 70% higher tolerance to chromatic-dispersion. Transmitter coefficients are computed without receiver feedback.

93.34 Tbit/s/mode (280 Tbit/s) Transmission in a 3-Mode Graded-Index Few-Mode Fiber

We transmit 381×24.5 Gbaud PDM-64-QAM modulated channels per mode of a 30 km graded-index three-mode fiber, resulting in a record per-mode data-rate of 93.34 TBit/s and an aggregated net-data-rate of 280 Tbit/s.

10Gb/s Low-Cost Directly Modulated Multi-Electrode Laser with Suppressed Thermal Wavelength Drift for Burst-Mode Upstream Transmission in TWDM-PONs

We report on a novel 10Gb/s low-cost multi-electrode DML employed as a very wavelength stable burst-mode source for upstream TWDM-PONs. 10X wavelength drift reduction is achieved compared to conventional DMLs enabling transmission on 100GHz grid.

Record 560 Gb/s Single-Carrier and 850 Gb/s Dual-Carrier Transmission over Transoceanic Distances

We demonstrate record single-carrier 560-Gb/s over 6,600 km and 430-Gb/s transmission over 13,200 km, as well as dual-carrier 850-Gb/s over 6,600km, and 1-Tb/s over 3,960km, leveraging advanced DACs, wideband receiver, probabilistic shaping and nonlinear mitigation.