CCD-based thermoreflectance measurements of a multi-section slotted laser

  • Donegan J.
  • Enright R.
  • Mccloskey D.
  • O'Reilly Meehan R.
  • Wallace M.

In this paper, CCD-based thermoreflectance microscopy is used to obtain high resolution images of the surface temperature variations in a three section slotted single mode laser. Existing temperature measurements are limited in their ability to capture this information: these novel measurements indicate significant temperature gradients across the laser grating section, ...

Outdoor Trial of an Analog-only Small Cell Unit with Millimeter-Wave Wireless Backhaul for Mobile Communication System

This paper analyzes the achievable signal quality of a novel system architecture for small cell units with integrated millimeter-wave wireless backhaul. In contrast to existing systems, the data signal on the backhaul link uses the same 3GPP compliant signal as with the access link serving the users. The small cell ...

Solar power enabled analog-only small cell unit with millimeter-wave wireless backhaul for mobile communication system

  • Kaltbeitzel G.
  • Klein T.
  • Maier S.
  • Pascht A.
  • Schlesinger H.
  • Woerner S.

This paper presents a completely wireless small cell unit for mobile communication systems with lowest possible power consumption. It consists of a simple frequency conversion from millimeter-wave backhaul to access frequencies based on the self-heterodyning concept with only analog amplifiers as active components. This enables an energy autonomous operation based ...

A Simple Framework for Cross-Layer Network Enhancements in Linux

The viability of cross-layer enhancements in computer networks has been discussed for many years. The case for cross-layer solutions usually lacks experimental validation in realistic deployments. Most researchers use simulation to validate their proposed solutions. We demonstrate a technique that we have been using to experiment with cross-layer solutions in ...

Dymo: Dynamic Monitoring of Large Scale LTE-Multicast Systems - Research Report

  • Abdelmalek Y.
  • Bejerano Y.
  • Gupta V.
  • Gutterman C.
  • Infante H.
  • Raman C.
  • Young T.
  • Yu C.
  • Zussman G.

LTE evolved Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (eMBMS) is an attractive solution for video delivery to very large groups in crowded venues. However, deployment and management of eMBMS systems is challenging, due to the lack of realtime feedback from the User Equipment (UEs). Therefore, we present the Dynamic Monitoring (DyMo) system for ...

A Case Study on Capturing and Visualising Face-to-Face Interactions in the Workplace

Face-to-face interactions have proven to accelerate team and larger organisation success. Many past research has explored the benefits of quantifying face-to-face interactions for informed workplace management, with little attention being paid to how this information is perceived by the employees. In this paper, we offer a reflection on the automated ...

Bigdata application overview

The paper describe the Big data development background briefly, introduce the basic big data platform architecture and primary principle, and then it give the big data development trend in the future.

HiFi: A Hierarchical Filtering Algorithm for Caching of Online Video

Online video presents new challenges to traditional caching with over a thousand fold increase in number of assets, rapidly changing popularity of assets and much higher throughput requirements. We propose a new hierarchical filtering algorithm for caching online video: HiFi. Our algorithm is designed to optimize hit-rate, replacement rate and ...

Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits for Coherent Communications in Metro Networks

We review silicon photonic integrated circuits for coherent communications in metro networks. These circuits include highly integrated dual-polarization in-phase/quadrature modulators, single-chip polarization-diversity receivers, and microring modulators for advanced modulation formats. The high-degree integration of silicon photonics leads to low-cost and compact coherent optical modules.

128-Gb/s 100-km Transmission with Direct Detection using Silicon Photonic Stokes Vector Receiver and I/Q modulator

We report a highly compact and monolithically integrated silicon photonic Stokes vector receiver. Paired with a silicon I/Q modulator with a power-tunable carrier in the orthogonal polarization, a transmission at 128-Gb/s over 100 km of fiber is achieved with direct detection.

Cellular Engineering for the Remote-Controlled Delivery of Therapeutics

Stem cells have a number of useful properties, including their ability to proliferate, migrate and differentiate. For this reason, numerous clinical studies have utilized stem cell-based therapies for the treatment of various human diseases and disorders. An emerging area of interest lies in engineering cells to further enhance their innate ...

Dynamic Path Selection in 5G Multi-RAT Wireless Networks

  • Borst S.
  • Calin D.
  • Kaya A.
  • Viswanathan H.

Emerging 5G networks will not only offer higher link rates, but also integrate a variety of Radio Access Technologies (RATs) in order to provide ultra-reliable broadband access to a wide range of applications with high throughput and low latency requirements. SDN enabled dynamic path selection is of critical importance in ...

Delay versus Stickiness Violation Trade-offs for Load Balancing in Large-Scale Data Centers

  • Borst S.
  • Liang Q.

Load balancing provides a key mechanism for achieving efficient resource allocation in data centers, ensuring high levels of server utilization and robust application performance. The load balancing techniques implemented in current data centers tend to rely on mapping packets to a server IP address through a hash value calculated from ...

Large-scale Measurement and Analysis of Cloud Service Reliability

Given the growth and our increasing reliance on cloud services, it is crucial that we have a better understanding of the reliability of cloud services. Today, a cloud service is composed of a complex array of building blocks and any of the building blocks can fail. Prior empirical studies on ...

Wireless Strategies Beyond WiFi for Fixed Network Service Providers

  • Dhingra V.
  • Glapa M.
  • Krishnan Y.
  • Patil G.

Fixed access network service providers are witnessing increasing competition in their TV and broadband businesses. In response, many MSOs have started offering residential, enterprise and WiFi hotspots as a value-added service and as an enabler for churn reduction. Some MSOs, such as Cablevision, are using their WiFi footprint to launch ...

IMS shared streaming video

  • Gaglianello R.
  • Liu D.

This paper describes the design, architecture and implementation of an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) shared streaming video (SSV) application that executes within the framework of the Lucent Techologies' 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) IMS services architecture. IMS being only one of several standards for creating applications, we will use the ...

Optimized Regenerator Placement in Elastic Optical Networks

  • Morea A.
  • Zami T.

This paper illustrates the relevance of specific allocation of flexible opto-electronic regeneration for ultimate spectral efficiency in the core elastic WDM networks: up to 2.5 times more traffic can be transported with sophisticated regeneration strategies versus basic 100Gb/s routing.

Distributed Entity Disambiguation with Per-Mention Learning

  • Ajwani D.
  • Mai T.
  • Nicholson P.
  • Sala A.
  • Shi B.

Entity disambiguation, or mapping a phrase to its canonical representation in a knowledge base, is a fundamental step in many natural language processing applications. Existing techniques based on global ranking models fail to capture the individual peculiarities of the words and hence, struggle to meet the accuracy-time requirements of many ...

Hybrid III-V / Silicon Laser with Integrated Silicon Athermal Wavelength Locker

  • Chen Y.
  • De Valicourt G.
  • Dong P.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Kim K.
  • Melikyan A.

Hybrid III-V/silicon laser with integrated athermal wavelength locker is reported. Integrated athermal filter shows athermal operations over $ 40C temperature fluctuations in a frequency bandwidth of 2THz.

Improvement of Bandwidth Limitation Tolerance for High-speed PAM-4 Transmission Using Turbo Equalizer

  • Buchali F.
  • Buelow H.
  • Dischler R.
  • Hu Q.
  • Schmalen L.
  • Schuh K.

We beat the bandwidth limitation of low-cost IMDD system achieving high-speed PAM-4 transmission. With information iteratively delivered between equalizer and decoder, a low-complexity turbo equalizer is applied to cancel the inter-symbol interference caused by the hardware bandwidth limitation.