Oxidation at Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub x at High P sub O sub 2

  • Caporaso A.
  • Gallagher P.
  • Laudise R.
  • O'Bryan H.
  • Sherwood R.

Dense large, grain ceramic samples of Ba sub 2 YCu sub 2 O sub x have been oxidized at 400 to 500C in 100 to 300 atm oxygen for 1 to 10 days. The high pressure treatment has increased the equilibrium content x slightly above 7 but there is no ...

A Loop Solution for Growing Telephone Service Demand: The SLC(R) 120 NAS

  • Nandi R.

Arrival of the "information age" has brought with it unprecedented demands for modern telecommunications services. Switching and transmission networks are being expanded and modernized throughout the world to satisfy these demands. The SLC(R) 120 NAS is an attractive solution for handling the growing demand in the loop and the specific ...

Using Combustion Toxicity Data In Cable Selection

  • Anderson R.
  • Kaufman S.
  • Refi J.

As a result of New York State's combustion toxicity reporting requirements, combustion toxicity data are available on all cables sold in NY. To use these data in cable selection, a method is presented for converting lethal concentration (LC sub (50)) data into lethal lengths (LL sub (50)) for wire and ...

Factors Influencing Critical Current Densities in High T sub c Superconductors

  • Fisanick G.

A key requirement for many practical application of the new class of high T sub c superconductors is the ability to sustain high current densities in the presence of magnetic fields. The new materials present two substantially different behaviors. For Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub 7 critical ...

A 36ns Radiation Hard 256k x 1 SRAM

  • Alchesky L.
  • Arnold R.
  • Benevit C.
  • Clemons D.
  • Flores R.
  • Longfellow D.

a 256K x 1 SRAM has been designed and fabricated using a radiation hard 1.0micron CMOS technology. Typical measured performance values include an address-activated access time of 36 nsec and a write time of 34 nsec. Soft-error studies predict the memory cell to be SEU insensitive, rail-span collapse simulations estimate ...

VLSI Device Trends and Limitations

  • Sze S.

Since the beginning of the integrated-circuit (IC) era in 1958, the minimum feature size for commercial ICs has been reduced at an annual rate of about 13%. At this rate, the minimum feature size will shrink to 0.5 micron in early 1990s and to 0.1 micron around year 2000. Assuming ...

Novel Semiconductor Heterostructures

  • Wilson B.

Recent advances in heteroepitaxy have permitted the growth of novel semiconductor structures with interesting new optical and transport properties. Such heterostructures offer exciting opportunities for fundamental research in addition to their potential for novel device applications. I will present some examples from the III-V and IV-IV materials systems.

Speaker Independent Phonetic Transcription of Fluent Speech for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition

  • Levinson S.
  • Liberman M.
  • Ljolje A.
  • Miller L.

We give the results of experiments in which we apply our method for speaker dependent transcription of speech to the speaker independent case. We have retrained our existing system on the TIMIT data base withholding utterances of one male and one female speaker for testing purposes. Our acoustic/phonetic model was ...

Fast Packet Technology in the Future Network

  • Luderer G.

Fast packet technology's state of the art is reviewed, its benefits and challenges for the future network are discussed and some speculations on its use in the future network are made.

Single-Mode Media and Apparatus for Fiber-to-the-Home

  • Haber J.
  • Kalish D.
  • Refi J.

Information Age technology has begun to appear in homes across the U.S. as several local exchange carriers, working closely with AT&T and other vendors, have begun placing fiber to residences in preselected upscale communities. AT&T has developed a complete line of single-mode fiber cables, splices, connectors, and closures to provide ...

The Concurrent C Programming Language

  • Gehani N.
  • Roome W.

Concurrent programming is becoming increasingly important because multicomputer architectures, particularly networks of microprocessors, are rapidly becoming attractive alternatives to traditional maxicomputers. We picked C as the basis for our work on parallel programming because (a) it is an immensely popular language, (b) it does not have parallel facilities, and (c) ...

A Comment on 'Almost Orthogonal Functions'

  • Loka R.

We presented a paper on 'Almost Orthogonal Functions' at the 18th ISMVL, Palma de Mallorca. The purpose of this note is to give further explanation as to how almost orthogonal functions can be related to multiple-valued functions, in response to questions which arose in Palma

The New S Language

  • Becker R.

S is an interactive language and system for graphics, data analysis and quantitative computing that has been in use at AT&T, universities, and in industry since 1984. A new version of S has just been written, retaining the best features of the previous versions but incorporating a number of new ...

Evolving Networking Capabilities

  • Hoover G.
  • Weber R.

Over the past decade, dramatic changes have taken place in wide-area networking. This has been due to legal, regulatory and technical reasons. This paper examines the technical evolution that has transformed analog, hierarchical, rigid, voice-oriented wide-area networks into digital, flexible intelligent bandwidth management systems capable of handling voice, data and ...

Magnetic Polarons and Other Spin Effects in II-VI Semiconductors and Their Heterostructures

  • Jackson S.

Using linear response theory, we have derived the form of a spin fluctuation-induced e-h interaction in a semi-magnetic semiconductor, in terms of spin susceptibilities. We then use neutron scattering[1] results on the type III antiferromagnetic behavior and magnetization results[2] on the spin glass behavior of this system to explain recent ...

Physics of Plasmas in a Dipole Field

  • Hasegawa A.

Dipole field is the most elementary structure of a magnetic field, yet the behavior of a plasma in a dipole magnetic field is very interesting both from the point of view of a single particle motion and of a collective fluid motion. In particular when a stochastic motion and diffusion ...

Physics of Plasmas in a Dipole Field

  • Hasegawa A.

Dipole field is the most elementary structure of a magnetic field, yet the behavior of a plasma in a dipole magnetic field is very interesting both from the point of view of a single particle motion and of a collective fluid motion. In particular when a stochastic motion and diffusion ...

Intelligence in Automated Assembly

  • Miller G.

A major fraction of manufactured goods are assembled products. Questions of how things are assembled, what things are assembled, how they are tested and how they are designed for both assembly and test are therefore issues of substantial concern which furthermore have a direct bearing on robotics research.

Future Outlook for Communications Technologies

  • Lucky R.

Everyone knows that this is the information age, but what do we know about the properties of information itself? In this talk we will discuss a few of the mysteries of information technology. First, how can we define and measure information? What is the information content of English text, and ...

The Software Design Quality Review

  • Fallah M.
  • Tucker G.

Since 1982, the AT&T-Bell Laboratories Quality Assurance Center has conducted Design Quality Reviews of software and hardware development projects, including reviews of specific development products. Reference 1 presents the initial procedures developed for these reviews. This paper incorporates the improvements achieved in the procedures since then, and presents some general ...