Configuring Dynamic Heterogeneous Wireless Communications Networks using a Customised Genetic Algorithm

  • Claussen H.
  • Kucera S.

Wireless traffic is growing at an exponential rate due to the prevalence of smart devices, surging demand for multimedia content and the advent of the "Internet of Things". To satisfy demand, network operators are deploying Small Cells alongside their traditional Macro Cells. The resulting Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets) are highly spectrally ...

High-speed Room Temperature Terahertz Detectors based on InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

  • Blin S.
  • But D.
  • Consejo C.
  • Coquillat D.
  • Dyakonova N.
  • Gutin A.
  • Knap W.
  • Konczykowska A.
  • Muraviev A.
  • Nodjiadjim V.
  • Nouvel P.
  • Pénarier A.
  • Riet M.
  • Ruffenach S.
  • Shur M.
  • Teppe F.
  • Torres J.

Compact and fast detectors, for imaging and wireless communication applications, require efficient rectification of electromagnetic radiation with frequencies approaching 1 THz and modulation bandwidth up to a few tens of GHz. This can be obtained only by using a mature technology allowing monolithic integration of detectors with low-noise amplifiers. One ...