Long term field demonstration of optical PMD compensation on an installed OC-192 link

  • Anthony J.
  • Bush A.
  • Chbat M.
  • Desthieux B.
  • Fevrier H.
  • Fuerst T.
  • Lanne S.
  • Penninckx D.
  • Soignb J.

We demonstrate the world's first long term optical PMD compensation for an OC-192 (9.95328 Gb/s SONET) signal on the installed fiber infrastructure of a network operator in East Texas. With a line PMD of 30 ps, BER improvement greater than 4 orders of magnitude has been achieved

For a flexible and scaleable ATM connection management: experiments

  • Charton N.

This paper presents experiments carried out with a TINA-based service, in the area of ATM connection management. Conclusions are reported on the flexibility of the service, with respect to its modularity, ease of use and deployment, as well as on its performance and scalability characteristics

Foveated video image analysis and compression gain measurements

  • Bovik A.
  • Sanghoon Lee

We present a framework for assessing the quality of, and determining the efficiency of foveated and compressed images and video streams. We develop unique algorithms for assessing the quality of foveated image/video data. By interpreting foveation as a coordinate transformation, we analyze the increase in compression efficiency that is afforded ...

Frame erasure concealment using sinusoidal analysis-synthesis and its application to MDCT-based codecs

  • Aguilar G.
  • Juin-Hwey Chen
  • Parikh V.

This paper presents a frame erasure concealment algorithm based on sinusoidal analysis-synthesis and its application to MDCT-based codecs. When a frame is lost, sinusoidal analysis of the previously decoded and buffered signal is performed. The analysis gives a set of sinusoids, which are used to synthesize the waveform corresponding to ...

A mathematical model for defect impact based on in-line vs test data correlations

  • Cruceta S.
  • Fernandez A.
  • James D.
  • Lorenzo A.
  • Oter D.

This paper describes the methodology used to build a mathematical model to determine the yield impact of particles in integrated circuits, known as “Kill Ratio” (KR). The Kill Ratio represents the probability that a certain particle of a given size at a given inspection step will cause the failure of ...

On fundamental issues in IP over WDM multicast

  • Chunming Qiao
  • Wei J.
  • Xijun Zhang

As WDM technology matures, IP over WDM multicast will become a challenging new topic. Supporting multicast at the WDM layer provides additional advantages, but also raises many new issues that do not exist in IP multicast. For example, the limitation on the light splitting capability of switches is one major ...

Rapid service development on a TINA-based service deployment platform

  • Bakker J.
  • Batteram H.
  • Verhoosel J.
  • Wibbels M.

This paper reports on the experiences with the development of services on a TINA-based service deployment platform. Within the MESH (Multimedia services on the electronic super highway) project, such a platform is developed based on TINA service architecture 5.0. Various services have been developed on top of this platform using ...

Wired data communication; evolution and impact on semiconductor technologies

  • Brenner T.
  • Preisach H.
  • Wedding B.

Existing networks are overloaded by data traffic. This article shows possible evolution paths towards higher capacity and gives some examples of the latest developments to overcome fiber capacity limitations and fiber impairments which are reducing the data transmission performance. These developments are based on ultra high speed chips and on ...

Prevention of plasma induced damage on thin gate oxide of HDP oxide deposition, metal etch, Ar preclean processing in BEOL sub-half micron CMOS processing

  • Ackaert J.
  • Coppens P.
  • Creusen M.
  • De Backer E.

In this paper a comparison is made of several PID measurement techniques. A novel mechanism of plasma induced damage (PID) by high density plasma (HDP) inter metal dielectric (IMD) deposition is proposed. Results of a design of experiment (DOE) on Ar preclean minimizing PID are presented. For metal etch, HDP ...

Virtual private networks: secure access for E-business

  • Younglove R.

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Providing seamless services for VoIP mobile data networks using CAMEL/IN concepts

  • Grech M.

Packet switched real time applications are receiving considerable interest in mobile networks, in particular the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is currently undergoing study into its evolution for the support of such applications. Telephony is expected to be one of the first real time applications such as voice over IP ...

High speed digital transceivers: A challenge for manufacturing

  • Cole C.
  • Warwick T.

The evolution of personal computers and network servers is pushing the micro-electronics industry to integrate high speed transceiver macrocells onto CMOS Integrated Circuits (IC). Some examples of high speed transceiver standards are: Fiberchannel, Gigabit Ethernet, NGIO, FireWire (IEEE 1394), USB 2.0 and VESA display standards. ASICs designed for DATACOM and ...

Correction to ""integrated tunable fiber gratings for dispersion management in high-bit rate systems""

  • Ahuja A.
  • Eggleton B.
  • Kuo P.
  • Mikkelsen B.
  • Nielsen T.
  • Rogers J.
  • Westbrook P.

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Catering for electromagnetic compatibility requirements in the project plans of products

  • Venter F.

This paper addresses the main issues that one needs to take into account when drafting project plans for new products, where EMC requirements have to be incorporated. It is also shown why these guidelines must be implemented as early in the product development cycle as possible. Some practical problems with ...

Silicon radio integration: architectures and technology: from cartesian zero IF receive & transmit to polar zero I and Q, from silicon bipolar to bulk and SOI CMOS

  • Sevenhans J.

During the nineties we have witnessed a string of advances in Silicon RF integration: from the introduction of the first integrated Si bipolar radios for GSM and DECT in the late eighties to the full single chip integration capabilities today using SiGe BiCMOS technologies. Where RF design used to be ...

Grating-assisted Mach-Zehnder OADM using cladding-photosensitive fibre for cladding mode suppression

  • Bakhti F.
  • Bruyere F.
  • Da Loura J.
  • Daxhelet X.
  • Lacroix S.
  • Sansonetti P.
  • Shou X.

We report the realization and performances of an OADM using a grating-assisted Mach-Zehnder interferometer made of cladding-photosensitive fiber. This component provides low-cladding-mode coupling (<0.6 dB for 36 dB apodized grating isolation) and a high return loss up to 30 dB

High coupling optical design for laser diodes with large aspect ratio

  • Gaehe C.
  • Miller K.
  • Stakelon T.
  • Sun-Yuan Huang
  • Wiand G.

We have designed and performed the optical modeling of a cruciform cylindrical lens to replace the corrective lens in a confocal optical system and demonstrated a coupling efficiency of 85%. This represents more than 3 dB improvement over the conventional confocal system of single mode fiber coupling for 980 nm ...

A dual-speed 125 Mbaud/10 Mbaud CMOS transmitter for Fast Ethernet

  • Leonowich R.
  • Shoaei O.
  • Shoval A.

A 10 Mbaud waveshaping and current-mode line driver for 10Base-T and a 125 Mbaud current-mode line driver for 100Base-TX/FX dual-speed transmitter for a Fast Ethernet transceiver chip are presented. Their power consumption from a single 5 V supply are 200 mW and 125 mW respectively. Transmitter die area for both ...

LMDS standards architectural issues

  • Arunachalam A.
  • Foerster J.
  • Sater G.

The IEEE 802.16.1 Task Group is developing PHY and MAC protocols as part of the LAN/MAN series of standards. Issues related to standards development for LMDS are discussed. Solutions incorporated into the current set of baseline documents are described, along with rationale for their inclusion

A combined 10/125 Mbaud twisted-pair line driver with programmable performance/power features

  • Leonowich R.
  • Shoaei O.
  • Shoval A.

With shrinking supply voltages and portable local area networks (LANs) becoming more prevalent, it is becoming essential to implement transceivers dissipating minimal power. One important aspect of a transceiver is the twisted-pair driver. For 10/100 Ethernet, a typical push-pull driver can be implemented drawing 10 mA in 100Base-TX mode and ...