Load-Aware Adaptive Threshold Adjustment for Licensed Assisted Access of LTE

  • Gu J.
  • Shen G.

In long term evolution (LTE), the component carriers in 5GHz are planned to be utilized without licenses, which obtains a new name for this feature of the LTE, i.e., licensed assisted access (LAA). The listen before talk (LBT) is required when these unlicensed carriers are utilized. The threshold of listen ...

Space-Division Multiplexing: The Future of Fiber-Optic Communications

  • Ryf R.
  • Winzer P.

Over many decades, network traffic has been growing exponentially, with cumulative annual growth rates (CAGRs) between 20% and 100% per year, the exact numbers varying among traffic types, application areas, transmission distances, and operator specificities. While many incumbent telecom operators are seeing growth rates at the lower end of the ...

agile defects prediction

  • Goldstein M.
  • Segall I.

Defects prediction is an important and widely researched area. Multiple models involving various software aspects and metrics have been proposed and evaluated in the past. Most of them look at static properties of a specific version of software system or at the entire history of changes for that system. This ...

Load Balancing for Virtual Network Functions

  • Rimac I.

Presentation on load balancing work; hashing with exceptions using approximate membership lookups in routers/switches for flow stickiness. Note: A poster version has been cleared for presentation in December 2014.

Nimble: A Platform for Efficient and Flexible Data Plane Services in Data Centers

  • Chang H.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Mukherjee S.
  • Stiliadis D.
  • Wang L.

High throughput packet processing using general purpose CPUs enables deployment of software switches and increasingly heavy duty data plane services at end servers. This paper presents Nimble, a scale-out, per-tenant service platform for dynamic deployment of data plane services in data center networks. It uses centralized control to deploy and ...

Analog 112 Gb/s PAM-4 modulation over 10 km SSMF using EML and duo-quaternary detection for low-cost data center solutions

  • Chen Y.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Lee S.
  • Von Lindeiner J.

We show through simulations and experimentally that 112 Gb/s PAM-4 may be transmitted DAC-less using a 28 GHz EML and a novel duo-quaternary detector. Experimental results show that standard FFE/DFE equalization outperforms this technique indicating that it is more suitable for use with a high-speed DAC. Nevertheless, 2 km and ...

Coupled Multi-Core Fibers: High-Spatial-Density Optical Transmission Fibers with Low Differential Modal Properties

  • Essiambre R.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Hayashi T.
  • Randel S.
  • Ryf R.
  • Sasaki T.
  • Winzer P.

The characteristics of coupled multi-core fibers (CMCF) are reviewed. Random mode coupling and low differential group delay properties of the CMCF are discussed, and relationships between differential modal group delay, bends, and twists are also investigated.


  • Enright R.
  • Lei S.
  • Nolan K.

In order to investigate the coalescence and out-of-plane jumping of two incompressible droplets on a non-wetting surface surrounded by an incompressible fluid with matched viscosity in the low Ohnesorge number regime, a two-dimensional lattice Boltzmann phase-field model is implemented. An interfacial force of potential form is used to model the ...

Intermodal Distributed Raman Amplification in 70 km Few- Mode Fiber

  • Chen H.
  • Esmaeelpour M.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Ryf R.
  • Toulouse J.

We experimentally demonstrate distributed Raman amplification for co-, counter-, and bi-directional pumping scheme in a 70 km long fiber span.

Towards AlN optical cladding layers for thermal management in hybrid lasers

  • Corbett B.
  • Enright R.
  • Lei S.
  • Levaufre G.
  • Mathews I.
  • Nolan K.
  • Shen A.

Aluminium Nitride (AlN) is proposed as a dual function optical cladding and thermal spreading layer for hybrid ridge lasers, replacing current benzocyclobutene (BCB) encapsulation. A high thermal conductivity material placed in intimate contact with the Multi-Quantum Well active region of the laser allows rapid heat removal at source but places ...

a simple test about potential uniatrity violations in the black hole firewall paradox

  • Jacquet P.

We propose a simple test designed to detect non unitary effects in the black hole evaporation. Since the effects are expected to be tiny, the test relies on information theory in order to discriminate between the non unitary hypothesis and the unitary hypothesis. We show that the modification of the ...

An Autonomous Reputation Framework for Physical Locations based on WiFi Signals

  • Acer U.
  • Kawsar F.
  • Mashhadi A.
  • Vanderhulst G.

Online reviews are used on a large scale to assess the quality and reputation of urban venues like hotels, restaurants, museums, etc. However, contributing reviews requires manual effort in the digital world, undertaken by only a small fraction of a venue's visitors. In this paper, we present a framework that ...

Space-division multiplexing and MIMO processing

  • Fontaine N.
  • Ryf R.

of multiple parallel optical paths, is left. The general technique is referred to a space-division multiplexing (SDM), and is the obvious choice for any interconnection technology if the capacity of a single serial channel reaches a technological barrier. Space-division multiplexed system can be implemented by using multiple parallel SMFs, in ...

Fast Vision-based 3D Indoor Localization and Tracking for Commodity Hardware

  • Chang H.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Yun D.

In real-time augmented reality applications, it is important to find and track the 3D position and orientation of a moving camera with high accuracy. However, it is challenging to compute a camera's 3D trajectories at high frequency on commodity hardware because the computation involves heavy-weight 2D-3D matching process. In this ...

Single-Wavelength 112-Gbit/s Transmission over 2 km SSMF using PAM-4 Driver and Clock-and-Data Recovery Circuit

  • Aroca R.
  • Baeyens Y.
  • Buhl L.
  • Chen Y.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Koc U.
  • Lee S.
  • Pfau T.
  • Shahramian S.
  • Sinsky J.
  • Weiner J.

56-GBaud, PAM-4 transmission is experimentally demonstrated over 2 km SSMF at 1551 nm, using in-house developed 4-level driver and clock-and-data recovery circuits. The lowest measured link BER is 2e-7 and the link margin is 6.5 dB at BER of 4e-5.

Latency and Jitter Comparison between Electronic and Optical Packet Slotted Ring Networks

  • Noirie L.
  • Uscumlic B.

In this paper, we demonstrate by analytical calculation and by simulations that the latency and the jitter values due to packet queuing are approximately the same for both optical and electrical slotted ring networks.

Asymptotic Base Station Placement for Microwave Backhaul Links

  • Masucci A.
  • Silva Allende A.

Wireless mobile backhaul networks have been proposed as a substitute in cases in which wired alternatives are not available due to economical or spatio-temporal reasons. In this work, we study the location problem of base stations in a given region where mobile terminals are distributed according to a certain probability ...

16K Cinematic VR Streaming

  • Aerts M.
  • Lievens S.
  • Macq J.
  • Rondao Alface P.
  • Stevens C.
  • Tytgat D.
  • Verzijp N.

We present an end-to-end system for streaming Cinematic Virtual Reality (VR) content (also called 360 or omnidirectional content) that is captured at a resolution of 16K at 50Hz, towards mobile untethered VR devices. Besides the usual navigation interactions such as panning and tilting offered by common VR systems, we also ...

Securing a Compiler Transformation

Compiler transformations can be correct and yet be insecure. One example is the commonly applied optimization that removes dead (i.e., useless) store instructions, which can introduce new leaks of sensitive information. It is shown that determining a posteriori whether this transformation introduces a new leak is difficult: it is PSPACE-hard ...