Verification and Analysis of a Novel Compact Dual-Tapered Digital Optical Y-Switch in InP with Experiments and 3D-BPM Simulation

  • Buhl L.
  • Chen J.
  • Khan M.
  • Miller B.

We report on a compact dual-tapered digital-switch showing reduced crosstalk and excess loss compared to other shaped-DOSs. Measured crosstalk of -12dB using modest index changes is in excellent agreement with out 3D-BPM switch-simulation.

Direct Modulation of a Multifrequency Laser up to 16x622 Mb/s

  • Doerr C.
  • Joyner C.
  • Monnard R.
  • Stulz L.
  • Zirngibl M.

We demonstrate direct modulation results on a 16-channel chirped multifrequency laser without a shared amplifier. There is no optical power penalty compared to the case of a single modulated channel when all 16 channels are modulated simultaneously at 310 Mbps, and 2 dB power penalty when they all are modulated ...

Orthonormal sets of filters obtained by modulations and rotations of a prototype

  • Bernardini R.
  • Kovacevic J.

We extend to more general groups a well-known relation used for checking the orthogonality of a system of vectors as well as fro orthogonalizing a nonorthogonal one. This, in turn is used for designing local orthogonal bases obtained by unitary transformations of a single prototype filter, in particular, groups of ...

Fabrication of MOS devices with extreme ultraviolet lithography

  • Berger K.
  • Bokor J.
  • Cardinale G.
  • Fetter L.
  • Fujioka H.
  • Haney S.
  • Hu C.
  • Krenz K.
  • Kubiak G.
  • Nguyen K.
  • Nissen R.
  • Perras Y.
  • Ray-Chaudhuri A.
  • Stulen R.
  • Tennant D.
  • Tichenor D.

This paper reports results from the first successful fabrication of MOS devices with extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). NMOS transistors with gate lengths of 0.1microns, with good device characteristics, were fabricated. The alignment strategy, mask layout, mask fabrication, EUVL tool qualification and device characteristics will be reported.

Colossal Magnetoresistance in Cr-Chalcogenide Spinels

  • Cava R.
  • Krajewski J.
  • Ramirez A.

The manganese oxides with perovskite structure demonstrate large magnetoresistance associated with a paramagnetic-insulator to ferromagnetic-metal transition. This transition gives rise to an effect known as colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) which is of high present interest for its potential application in magnetic devices. However, the exact microscopic prescription for achieving CMR is ...

Visual Stimuli Induce Waves of Electrical Activity in Turtle Cortex Turtle Cortex

  • Cohen L.
  • Kleinfeld D.
  • Mitra P.
  • Pesaran B.
  • Prechtl J.

Wave propagation is a hallmark of physical, chemical and biological systems with oscillatory dynamics. Yet in nervous systems such waves have only been characterized in invertebrate and subcortical networks. Here we use widefield imaging in conjunction with voltage sensitive dyes to record electrical activity from the virtually intact, unanesthetized turtle ...

Adding Partial Orders to Linear Temporal Logic

  • Bhat G.
  • Peled D.

Modeling execution as partial orders increases the flexibility in reasoning about concurrent programs by allowing the use of alternative, equivalent execution sequences. This is a desirable feature in specifying concurrent systems which allows formalizing frequently used arguments such as "in an equivalent execution sequence", or "in a consistent global state, ...

Replication and Consistency in a Distributed Environment

  • Breitbart Y.
  • Korth H.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: REPLICATION AND CONSISTENCY: BEING LAZY HELPS SOMETIMES) The problem of consistent access to replicated data has re-emerged as a challenge in recent years with the advent of distributed data warehouses and data marts at the high end, and distributed data in often-disconnected mobile computers at the low end. ...

Heavy Traffic Analysis of the Dynamic Stochastic Inventory-Routing Problem

  • Reiman M.
  • Rubio R.
  • Wein L.

We analyze three queuing control problems that model a dynamic stochastic distribution system, where a single capacitated vehicle serves a finite number of retailers in a make-to-stock fashion. The objective in each of these vehicle routing and inventory problems is to minimize the long run average inventory (holding and backordering) ...

A New Method for Analyzing Feedback-Based Protocols with Applications to Engineering Web Traffic over the Internet

  • Heyman D.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Neidhardt A.

Most of the studies of feedback-based flow and congestion control consider only persistent sources which always have data to send. However, with the rapid growth of Internet applications built on TCP/IP such as the World Wide Web and the standardization of traffic management schemes such as Abailable Bit Rate (ABR) ...

Design Considerations for Electronic Enclosures Utilizing Polymeric Materials

  • Manoochehri S.
  • Mottahed B.

(Originally titled Utilization of Unfilled and Filled Polymeric Materials in the Design of Electronic Enclosure) In recent years, many attentions have been given to the design of electronic enclosure in low and high frequency domain. In past, electronic enclosures (such as cabinets and board level packs) were built out of ...

Load-Dependent Service Queues with Application to Congestion Control in Broadband Networks

  • Leung K.

We analyze D/G/1 and M/G/1 queues where the service time for an arrival depends on the amount of work in the system upon arrival. The models are motivated by the bit dropping methods (e.g., [SMS91]) as a congestion control in broadband networks. The idea there is to reduce packet (cell) ...

Context-Sensitive Learning Methods for Text Categorization

  • Cohen W.
  • Singer Y.

Two recently implemented machine learning algorithms, RIPPER and sleeping experts for phrases, are evaluated on a number of large text categorization problems. These algorithms both construct classifiers that allow the "context" of a word w to affect how (or even whether) the presence or absence of w will contribute to ...

Modeling One- and Two-Layer Variable Bit Rate Video

  • Chandra K.
  • Reibman A.

This paper presents a source model for variable bit rate (VBR) video traffic. A finite state Markov chain is shown to adequately model the short term correlations that are essential for studying network performance. The modeling technique is shown to be applicable for both H.261 and MPEG2 encoded video. The ...

The Network Redesign Problem for Access Telecommunications Networks

  • Frantzeskakis L.
  • Luss H.

The expansion of telecommunications networks is an on-going process due to the ever-increasing demand volumes. We present a model for a network redesign problem that not only considers using spare capacity on existing network facilities and deploying new facilities, but also allows for rearrangement of the demand units routed on ...

Model-Checking of Correctness Conditions for Concurrent Objects

  • Alur R.
  • Mcmillan K.
  • Peled D.

The notions of serializability, linearizability and sequential consistency are used in the specification of concurrent systems. We show that the model checking problem for each of these properties can be cast in terms of the containment of one regular language in another regular language shuffled using a semicommutative alphabet. The ...

Use of Telephone Self-Administration as a Security/Lockout Feature

  • Volejnicek D.

The capability of obtaining personalized telephone subscriber feature at any telephone, such as is disclosed by U.S. Patent No. 4,899,373, is implemented ona single switching system, such as a private branch exchange (PBX), via the terminal self-administration mechanism described in U.S. Patent No. 4,959,856. Not only is the subscriber able ...

Symbolic Protocol Verification with Queue BDDs

  • Godefroid P.
  • Long D.

Symbolic verification based on Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) has proven to be a powerful technique for ensuring the correctness of digital hardware. In contrast, BDDs have not caught on as widely for software verification, partly because the data types used in software are more complicated than those used in hardware. ...

Implied Constraints and LP Duals of General Nonlinear Programming Problems

  • Johri P.

A very surprising result is derived in this paper, that there exists a family of LP duals for general NLP problems. A general dual problem is first derived from implied constraints via a simple bounding technique. It is shown that the Lagrangian dual is a special case of this general ...

Outbound Voice Mailbox Service

  • Ferguson E.

Disclosed is an outbound voice mailbox service that would send a message at programmed times, such as when phone rates are lowest or when the recipient is most likely to be accessible. Similar services are available for facsimile transmission--most commercial facsimile machines and facsimile/modems on computers have the capability of ...