Analysis of Dynamic Brain Imaging Data

  • Mitra P.
  • Pesaran B.

Modern imaging techniques for probing brain function, including functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, intrinsic and extrinsic contrast optical imaging, and magnetoen-cephalography, generate large data sets with complex content. In this paper we develop appropriate techniques of analysis and visualization of such imaging data, in order to separate the signal from the ...

Effect of Electronic Corrections on the Thickness Dependence of Thin Oxide Reliability

  • Alers G.
  • Krisch K.
  • Monroe D.
  • Oates A.
  • Weir B.

The thickness dependence of constant voltage lifetimes tests are compared for ultrathin oxides in the range of 50-125angstroms. An apparent factor of 100 enhancement in the lifetime of 50angstroms oxides relative to the 125angstroms oxides is observed at a fixed electric field when the field in the oxide is calculated ...

Cyclic Association Rules

  • Ozden B.
  • Ramaswamy S.
  • Silberschatz A.

We study the problem of discovery association rules that display regular cyclic variation over time. For example, if we computmpute association rules over monthly sales data, we may observe seasonal variation where certain rules are true at approximately the same month each year. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the interleaved ...

Charged and neutral exciton phase formation n the magnetically quantized two-dimensional electron gas

  • Cohen E.
  • Gekhtman D.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Ron A.

We report on a spectroscopic study of the lowest-energy electron-hole transitions of the two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG), with a density varied by photoexcitation in GaAs/Al sub (0.1) Ga sub (0.9) As quantum wells and under a perpendicularly applied magnetic field B. The transition into the phase consisting of a charged ...

Capacity of a Mobile Multiple-Antenna Communication Link in a Rayleigh Flat-Fading Environment

  • Hochwald B.
  • Marzetta T.

We analyze a mobile wireless link comprising M transmitter and N receiver antennas operating in a Rayleigh flat-fading environment. The propagation coefficients between every pair of transmitter and receiver antennas are statistically independent values which they maintain for another T symbol periods, and so on. Computing the link capacity, associated ...

Scheduling Space-Sharing for Internet Advertising

  • Adler M.
  • Gibbons P.
  • Matias Y.

Ther has recently been an enormous increase in the volume of advertisements appearing on the internet. The existing technology allows great flexibility in how these ads can be placed, but this leads to new scheduling problems that do not arise in more conventional forms of advertising. This paper describes new ...

The Effect of Cu Concentration and Distribution on the Lifetimes of Submicron, Bamboo Al(Cu) Runners

  • Marcus M.
  • Prybyla J.
  • Theiss S.

We have studied the effect of Cu concentration and initial distribution on the electromigration lifetimes of 0.3 - 0.8microns wide, >= 99% bamboo Al interconnects. The mechanism by which Cu reduces electromigration in polygranular interconnects may not be important in bamboo interconnects, so it is not possible to predict whether ...

Optical Testing Methods for Organic Electroluminescent Displays

  • Carver G.
  • Velasco V.

Several academic and industrial organizations are developing displays based on organic electroluminescent (OEL) materials. Once the functional capabilities and expected lifetimes of organic displays are firmly established, OEL technology can be used to improve human interfaces in products such as hand-held terminals. This paper presents optical methods for testing the ...

A Statistical Assessment of Some Software Testing Strategies & Application of Experimental Design Techniques

  • Ehrlich W.
  • James D.
  • Nair V.
  • Zevallos J.

An important problem in software testing is the efficient generation of test cases. Two classes of strategies, random and partition testing, have been discussed extensively in the software testing literature. In this paper, we provide a systematic statistical comparison of these two classes of strategies and demonstrate the usefulness of ...

Efficient Algorithms for Robust Estimation in Linear Mixed-Effects Models Using the Multivariate t-Distribution

  • Liu C.
  • Pinheiro J.
  • Y. Wu

(Title originally was Robust Estimation in Linear Mixed-Effects Models Using the Multivariate t-Distribution) Linear mixed-effects models are frequently used to analyze repeated measures data which arise in many areas of application, because of the flexibility they offer in modeling the within-subject correlation often present in this type of data. The ...

A Flexible Multicast Routing Protocol for Group Communications

  • Aggarwal S.
  • Massey D.
  • Paul S.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: A FLEXIBLE PROTOCOL ARCHITECTURE FOR MULTI-PARTY CONFERENCING: FROM DESIGN TO IMPLEMENTATION) This paper describes the design and implementation of a new multicast protocol architecture that can be used for conferencing or online discussion groups. Applications of this type have the characteristic that while all group members are usually ...

SCALPEL Projection Electron Beam for Sub-Optical Lithography

  • Harriott L.

The performance of integrated circuits has been improving steadily for the past three decades. The linear dimension of the smallest feature on a chip decreases by nu2 every three years giving a two fold increase in density. This progress has been largely driven by progress in optical lithography. There have ...

An Analytical Formula on the Transient Response of An Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier

  • Srivastava A.
  • Sun Y.
  • Zyskind J.

In WDM systems with optical amplifiers, channel add/drop can cause power changes in the existing channels. In this paper we present and analytical formula on the transient power of the existing channels as a function of time when one or more of the input channels are dropped or added at ...

Nearest Neighbor Queries in Metric Spaces

  • Clarkson K.

For a metric space V with distance measure d, and sets S,Q subset V, this paper gives a data structure for answering nearest neighbor queries on S: given q epsilon V, find a the point in S closest to q. The set Q is used here in the construction of ...

Load and Availability of Byzantine Quorum Systems

  • Malkhi D.
  • Reiter M.
  • Wool A.

(Title originally was "Optimal Byzantine Quorum Systems") Replicated services accessed via quorums enable each access to be performed at only a subset (quorum) of the servers, and achieve consistency across accesses by requiring any two quorums to intersect. Recent, b-masking quorum systems, whose intersections contain at least 2b+1servers, have been ...

Analysis and Design Methods for Broadband Power Systems

  • Kakalec R.
  • Thottuvelil V.

As traditional methods of powering telecommunication networks are replaced by more distributed approaches such as broadband, maintaining the present high levels of reliability and availability while minimizing cost requires a thorough network analysis prior to deployment as an integral part of the design process. We present here an analysis methodology ...

Nano-electronics for Advanced Computation and Communication

  • Howard R.
  • Mankiewich P.
  • Timp G.

The transistor was invented in 1947 for use as an amplifier and electronic switch. The invention grew in economic importance as it became a smaller, lower power, and more reliable alternative to the mature vacuum tube technology, but for many years it showed lower performance and often at higher cost ...

B Diffusion and Clustering in Ion Implanted Si: The Role of B Cluster Precursors

  • Eaglesham D.
  • Gilmer G.
  • Gossmann H.
  • Jaraiz M.
  • Pelaz L.
  • Poate J.
  • Rafferty C.

A comprehensive model for B implantation, diffusion and clustering is presented. The model embodies the usual mechanism of Si self-interstitial diffusion and B kick-out and also includes the formation of immobile precursors of B clusters prior to the onset of transient enhanced diffusion. These immobile complexes, such as BI sub ...

Experimental Evidence for Composite Fermions

  • Willett R.

The study of correlated two dimensional electron systems in the extreme quantum limit has been advanced by development of a field-theoretic model and associated experimental findings. The fundamental theoretical construction transforms the interacting 2D electrons into quasiparticles referred to as composite fermions. The properties of such an interacting quasiparticle system ...

A monolithic multiplexed 16-wavelength WDM transmitter with accurate channel spacing

  • Doerr C.
  • Joyner C.
  • Monnard R.
  • Stulz L.
  • Zirngibl M.

We demonstrate direct modulation results on a 16-channel chirped multifrequency laser without a shared amplifier. There is no optical power penalty compared to the case of a single modulated channel when all 16 channels are modulated simultaneously at 310 Mbps, and 2 dB power penalty when they are are modulated ...