Generalized Multiple Description Coding with Correlating Transforms

  • Goyal V.
  • Kovacevic J.

Multiple description (MD) coding is source coding in which several descriptions of the source are produced such that various reconstruction qualities are obtained with different subsets of the descriptions. Unlike multiresolution or layered source coding, there is no hierarchy of descriptions; thus, MD coding is suitable for erasure channels or ...

The Statistics of PMD-Induced Chromatic Fiber Dispersion

  • Foschini G.
  • Jopson R.
  • Kogelnik H.
  • Nelson L.

We present a statistical description of polarization dependent chromatic dispersion (PCD) in optical fibers due to second order polarization mode dispersion (PMD). This chromatic dispersion is the cause of pulse broadening and compression of the signal components propagating in the principal states of polarization. We show here that, remarkably, the ...

Normalization, windowing and quantization of soft-decision Viterbi decoder inputs in CDMA system

  • Lee Y.
  • Lou H.

In a Code Division Multiple Access system, a Rake receiver is used to demodulate the received multipath signals. At the output of the Rake receiver, a large dynamic range can occur depending on the channel condition and the number of multipaths received. After the Rake receiver, the demodulated signal is ...

Undecidability of Partial Order Logics

  • Alur R.
  • Peled D.

In this paper, we prove the undecidability of certain temporal logics over partial orders. Our proof is generic and can be applied to characterize various temporal operators that cannot be used for automatic verification (model checking).

On the Design of Coplanar Bond Wires as Transmission Lines

  • Goossen K.

Wire bonds are typically thought of as lumped electrical parasitic elements, and the usual design methodology is to make them as short as possible. Here another scenario is shown where the wire bonds may be thought of as transmission lines. Specifically, the practical system of "coplanar wires" is analyzed. If ...

Declustering Using Golden Ratio Sequences

  • Bhatia R.
  • Chen C.
  • Sinha R.

In this paper, we propose a new data declustering scheme for range queries. Our scheme is based on Golden Ratio Sequences (GRS), which have found applications in broadcast disks, hashing, packet routing, etc. GRS are highly regular sequences, in which elements of certain sets are almost uniformly distributed. For declustering ...

Dopant Dose Loss at the Si-SiO sub 2 Interface

  • Chaudhry S.
  • Eshraghi S.
  • Mckinley J.
  • Mcmacken J.
  • Ning J.
  • Rafferty C.
  • Stevie F.
  • Vuong H.

The phenomenon of dopant dose loss through trapping at the Si-SiO sub 2 interface has important consequences for MOS device fabrication. It represents also a challenge to analytical techniques, since the trapped dopants appear to exist in one or a few monolayer thickness at the interface. In this work, we ...

Anharmonic Adlayer Vibrations on the Si(111):H Surface

  • Chabal Y.
  • Dvorak A.
  • Honke R.
  • Jakob P.
  • Mayer A.
  • Pavone P.
  • Schroder U.
  • Stigler W.
  • Tausendpfund S.

Using infrared absorption spectroscopy, the frequency and linewidth of the H-stretching vibration on the Si(111):H-(1x1) surface has been measured over a temperature range of 14-350K. An ab initio calculation of the temperature dependence of the anharmonic frequency shift and the intrinsic linewidth of this mode has been carried out, which ...

Alternative Interpretation of Plasma Processing Damage Data to Facilitate Comparisons Between Oxide Etchers

  • Colonell J.
  • Maynard H.
  • Werking J.

Plasma processing damages devices by driving current through the thin gate oxides. During contact and via oxide etching processes, direct electrical contact between the plasma and the device junctions is made only during the overetch period when the thick oxide layer is removed. Anecdotal evidence indicates that high-plasma density oxide ...

A Differential FM Detector for Low-IF Radios

  • Glas J.

Binary differential detection of FM has drawn a lot of attention in the past. However, those receivers all apply a super heterodyne front-end architecture which first moves the received signal to an intermediate frequency. Fully integration of these receivers is not possible as the image-reject and channel selection filters will ...

On the Security of Pay-Per-Click and Other Web Advertising Schemes

  • Anupam V.
  • Mayer A.
  • Nissim K.
  • Pinkas B.
  • Reiter M.

We present a hit inflation attack on pay-per-click Web advertising schemes. Our attack is virtually impossible for the program provider to detect conclusively, regardless of whether the provider is a third-party "ad network" or the target of the click itself. If practiced widely, this attack could accelerate a move away ...

A DSP with Caches - A Performance Study of the GSM-EFR Codec on the TI C6211

  • Jeremiassen T.

Texas Instruments has announced three new versions of its C62xx DSP architecture, the C6201B, C6202 and the C6211. The first two are incremental improvements over the C6201, namely improvements in clock frequency (both) and the amount of on-chip memory (C6202). The C6211, however, has a new on-chip memory architecture that ...

Semi-Blind Symbol Synchronization for Antenna Array Signal Processing in Short Burst Multiuser SDMA Systems

  • Hatzinakos D.
  • Kuzminskiy A.

The problem of symbol synchronization for semi-blind antenna array signal processing in digital communications is considered. It is relevant to situations where the location of known training symbols within a slot of received data is not known. Training based and blind techniques have been employed to address this problem but ...

Dependence of the Device Performance on the Number of Stages in Quantum Cascade Lasers

  • Capasso F.
  • Cho A.
  • Gmachl C.
  • Hutchinson A.
  • Sivco D.
  • Tredicucci A.

The cascading scheme is a characteristic feature of quantum cascade (QC) lasers. It implies that electrons above threshold generate one photon per active region they successively traverse. This paper presents a study of the cascading behavior as a function of the number N of stacked active regions. Experimental results are ...

X-ray Edge Singularities in Nanotubes and Quantum Wires with Multiple Subbands

  • Balents L.

Band theory predicts a (epsilon - DELTA) sup (-1/2) van Hove singularlity in the tunneling density of states at the minimum energy (DELTA) of an unoccupied subband in a one-dimensional quantum wire. With interactions, an orthogonality catastrophe analogous to the x-ray edge effect for core levels in a metal strongly ...

1 Gb/s Integrated Optical Detectors and Receivers in Commercial CMOS Technologies

  • Krishnamoorthy A.
  • Woodward T.

The ability to produce a high-performance monolithic CMOS photoreceiver, including the photodetector, could enable greater use of optics in short-distance communication systems. Such a receiver requires the ability to simultaneously produce a photodetector compatible with a high-volume, high-yield CMOS process, as well as the entire receiver circuit. The quest for ...

Adapting a Downlink Array from Uplink Measurements

  • Hochwald B.
  • Marzetta T.

In a frequency division duplex system, a transmitter adaptive antenna array can potentially improve the performance of a wireless downlink. But because the uplink and downlink channels have different wavelengths, and therefore different responses, direct downlink adaptation based on channel estimates of the uplink is generally not feasible. Instead, there ...

Bandwidth Packing

  • Coffman E.
  • Stolyar A.

We model a server that allocates varying amounts of bandwidth to "customers" during service. Customers could be computer jobs with demands for storage bandwidth or they could be calls with demands for transmission bandwidth on a network link. Service times are constants, each normalized to 1 time unit, and the ...

High Dielectric Constant Hf-Ti-Sn-0 Thin Films

  • Fleming R.
  • Schneemeyer L.
  • Van Dover R.

New Hf-Sn-Ti-O thin-film high dielectric constant materials were identified using a compositional-spread approach. Thin films of composition Hf sub (0.2) Sn sub (0.05) Ti sub (0.75) O sub 2 prepared at 250C have excellent dielectric properties: 40-50 nm thick films with a dielectric constant of 40-60 were obtained, depending on ...

Characterization of p-dopant interdiffusion in 1.3 micron InGaAsP/InP laser structures using modulation spectroscopy

  • Geva M.
  • Jaeger A.
  • Pollak F.
  • Reynolds C.
  • Sun W.

We have investigated three In sub (1-x) Ga sub x As sub y P sub (1-y)/InP p-i-n multiple quantum well (MQW) laser structures with different p-doping profiles using contactless electroreflectance (CER) and piezoreflectance (PZR). From the observed Franz-Keldysh oscillations (FKOs) originating in the i-InGaAsP regions, we have evaluated the electric ...