Fast Vision-based 3D Indoor Localization and Tracking for Commodity Hardware

  • Chang H.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Yun D.

In real-time augmented reality applications, it is important to find and track the 3D position and orientation of a moving camera with high accuracy. However, it is challenging to compute a camera's 3D trajectories at high frequency on commodity hardware because the computation involves heavy-weight 2D-3D matching process. In this ...

Single-Wavelength 112-Gbit/s Transmission over 2 km SSMF using PAM-4 Driver and Clock-and-Data Recovery Circuit

  • Aroca R.
  • Baeyens Y.
  • Buhl L.
  • Chen Y.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Koc U.
  • Lee S.
  • Pfau T.
  • Shahramian S.
  • Sinsky J.
  • Weiner J.

56-GBaud, PAM-4 transmission is experimentally demonstrated over 2 km SSMF at 1551 nm, using in-house developed 4-level driver and clock-and-data recovery circuits. The lowest measured link BER is 2e-7 and the link margin is 6.5 dB at BER of 4e-5.

Latency and Jitter Comparison between Electronic and Optical Packet Slotted Ring Networks

  • Noirie L.
  • Uscumlic B.

In this paper, we demonstrate by analytical calculation and by simulations that the latency and the jitter values due to packet queuing are approximately the same for both optical and electrical slotted ring networks.

Asymptotic Base Station Placement for Microwave Backhaul Links

  • Masucci A.
  • Silva Allende A.

Wireless mobile backhaul networks have been proposed as a substitute in cases in which wired alternatives are not available due to economical or spatio-temporal reasons. In this work, we study the location problem of base stations in a given region where mobile terminals are distributed according to a certain probability ...

16K Cinematic VR Streaming

  • Aerts M.
  • Lievens S.
  • Macq J.
  • Rondao Alface P.
  • Stevens C.
  • Tytgat D.
  • Verzijp N.

We present an end-to-end system for streaming Cinematic Virtual Reality (VR) content (also called 360 or omnidirectional content) that is captured at a resolution of 16K at 50Hz, towards mobile untethered VR devices. Besides the usual navigation interactions such as panning and tilting offered by common VR systems, we also ...

Securing a Compiler Transformation

Compiler transformations can be correct and yet be insecure. One example is the commonly applied optimization that removes dead (i.e., useless) store instructions, which can introduce new leaks of sensitive information. It is shown that determining a posteriori whether this transformation introduces a new leak is difficult: it is PSPACE-hard ...

Adaptive Energy Threshold for Improved Co-existence Between Licensed Assisted Access and Wi-Fi

Coexistence with wireless-fidelity (Wi-Fi) is a key aspect for licensed assisted access (LAA) to succeed. The main coexistence mechanism between both technologies is listen before talk (LBT), whereby radio frequency energy is sensed over a short period of time and compared to an energy detection (ED) threshold. If the sensed ...

Non-Uniform Spatial Coupling for Windowed Decoding of Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes

  • Aref V.
  • Jardel F.
  • Schmalen L.

In this paper, we consider spatially coupled LDPC codes with finite coupling width. Finite coupling width is important for realizing practical codes that are decoded using, e.g., windowed decoders. We show that by carefully optimizing the amount of coupling in each SP, we can construct codes with excellent thresholds even ...

Innovations and Trends in 5G Network Architecture

The 5G mobile network not only incorporates a new radio access technology but also transforms the mobile core network architecture. The new core network will embrace software defined networking principles through separation of user plane and control plane, natively incorporate virtualization through a modular architecture, and will serve multiple access ...

Synthesis of Millimeter-Size Freestanding Perovskite Nanofilms from Single-Crystal Lead Bromide for Optoelectronic Devices

  • Boland J.
  • Cunningham G.
  • Donegan J.
  • Enright R.
  • Gun'Ko Y.
  • Manning H.
  • O'Reilly Meehan R.
  • Purcell-Milton F.
  • Wang J.
  • Zheng J.
  • Zhong C.

In this work, we outline a facile strategy for synthesizing perovskite nanofilms and demonstrate a high-performance nanofilm photodetector. This novel synthesis method seeks to develop a new platform for exploiting optoelectronic devices on the basis of free-standing organic-inorganic perovskite nanofilms with high crystal quality.

CCD-based thermoreflectance measurements of a multi-section slotted laser

  • Donegan J.
  • Enright R.
  • Mccloskey D.
  • O'Reilly Meehan R.
  • Wallace M.

In this paper, CCD-based thermoreflectance microscopy is used to obtain high resolution images of the surface temperature variations in a three section slotted single mode laser. Existing temperature measurements are limited in their ability to capture this information: these novel measurements indicate significant temperature gradients across the laser grating section, ...

Outdoor Trial of an Analog-only Small Cell Unit with Millimeter-Wave Wireless Backhaul for Mobile Communication System

This paper analyzes the achievable signal quality of a novel system architecture for small cell units with integrated millimeter-wave wireless backhaul. In contrast to existing systems, the data signal on the backhaul link uses the same 3GPP compliant signal as with the access link serving the users. The small cell ...

Solar power enabled analog-only small cell unit with millimeter-wave wireless backhaul for mobile communication system

  • Kaltbeitzel G.
  • Klein T.
  • Maier S.
  • Pascht A.
  • Schlesinger H.
  • Woerner S.

This paper presents a completely wireless small cell unit for mobile communication systems with lowest possible power consumption. It consists of a simple frequency conversion from millimeter-wave backhaul to access frequencies based on the self-heterodyning concept with only analog amplifiers as active components. This enables an energy autonomous operation based ...

Performance Impact of LOS and NLOS Transmissions in Dense Cellular Networks under Rician Fading

In this paper, we analyse the performance of dense small cell network (SCNs). We derive analytical expressions for both their coverage probability and their area spectral efficiency (ASE) using a path loss model that considers both line-of-sight (LOS) and non-LOS (NLOS) components. Due to the close proximity of small cell ...

A Simple Framework for Cross-Layer Network Enhancements in Linux

The viability of cross-layer enhancements in computer networks has been discussed for many years. The case for cross-layer solutions usually lacks experimental validation in realistic deployments. Most researchers use simulation to validate their proposed solutions. We demonstrate a technique that we have been using to experiment with cross-layer solutions in ...

Joint Channel Access Mechanism and Scheduling Design and for Licensed Assisted Access System

  • Liu J.
  • Tao T.
  • Wang D.

We consider an Uplink License Assisted Access (LAA) system in which LTE systems compete transmission resources with WiFi systems. Before sending any signals, a listen-before-talk (LBT) process is mandated for LAA system: users are required to sense the environment and can only transmit if the channel is considered idle. To ...

Dymo: Dynamic Monitoring of Large Scale LTE-Multicast Systems - Research Report

  • Abdelmalek Y.
  • Bejerano Y.
  • Gupta V.
  • Gutterman C.
  • Infante H.
  • Raman C.
  • Young T.
  • Yu C.
  • Zussman G.

LTE evolved Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (eMBMS) is an attractive solution for video delivery to very large groups in crowded venues. However, deployment and management of eMBMS systems is challenging, due to the lack of realtime feedback from the User Equipment (UEs). Therefore, we present the Dynamic Monitoring (DyMo) system for ...

QoS-Aware Protection in Flexgrid Optical Networks

We propose a protection scenario for flexgrid networks whereby premium traffic survives fiber cuts with just-enough bandwidth. We demonstrate a proof-of-concept with a novel two-wavelength baud-rate-switchable optical terminal, which reconfigures in <1.9ms. We compute typical improved capacity usage of 250%.

Stokes Vector Communications Using Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits

Multi-dimensional direct detection (DD) can increase the channel rate without the use of coherent detection, compared with traditional one-dimensional intensity modulation with DD. Recently, there is increasing interest in utilizing Stokes vector (SV) receiver, which is a DD technique with the capability to track the polarization changes in fibers and ...

A Case Study on Capturing and Visualising Face-to-Face Interactions in the Workplace

Face-to-face interactions have proven to accelerate team and larger organisation success. Many past research has explored the benefits of quantifying face-to-face interactions for informed workplace management, with little attention being paid to how this information is perceived by the employees. In this paper, we offer a reflection on the automated ...