Electronic Detection of Molecule-Surface Interactions

  • Cardillo M.
  • Trevor P.
  • Weiss P.

It has long been known that surface physical and chemical states can strongly affect and indeed dominate the bulk-averaged electronic properties of a semiconductor, [1] and that semiconductor surfaces can function as chemical detectors. As part of a systematic study of the coupling of surface chemistry to electronic properties, we ...

The Monster Group and Its 196884-Dimensional Space

  • Conway J.
  • Sloane N.

The Monster simple group was first constructed by R.L. Griess in 1981 as the group of automorphisms of a certain algebra in Euclidean space of dimension 196884. This chapter describes the simplified construction given in [Con15]. The construction is based on the binary Golay code, the Leech lattice, and a ...

The Two-Armed Bandit with Delayed Responses

  • Eick S.

This paper introduces the delayed response bandit with geometric discounting. The existence of dynamic allocation indices is shown when the discount factor is less than 1/2 or when the information bank size is zero. For the multi-armed delayed response bandit, the arm indicated by the dynamic allocation procedure or Gittins ...

UNITE(TM) Chip Links ISDN and Terminal Equipment

  • Govind P.
  • Offord G.
  • Piper L.

A new integrated circuit couples customer premises products to ISDN - The Integrated Services Digital Network.

Change Management System

  • Clark R.

The 59th Annual National Technical Association Conference will be held July 7-11, 1987 in Norfolk, Virginia at the Omni International Hotel. The areas covered by the conference are in the mathematics, engineering, and computer science fields. The objective of the National Technical Association is to give minorities a forum in ...

Visual Simulation of Teletraffic Models

  • Heffes H.
  • Melamed B.

Visual simulation has recently emerged as a novel approach to computer-aided modeling and analysis. This approach is particularly useful for communication systems where the notions of network, queue and traffic are widespread, since each of them has a fundamental and inherent visual component.

A Queueing Model for Evaluating Lock vs. No-Lock Mortgage Plans

  • Levy A.
  • Levy H.

Mortgage prices are determined according to two major alternative plans: One is the Lock Plan (LP) in which the price is determined at time of application, and the other is the No-Lock Plan (NLP) in which the price is determined when the application process ends and mortgage commitment is issued. ...

IDA User's Manual

  • Hill D.

INTRODUCTION: This documentation describes the features of the IDA system. It does not provide the fundamental knowledge needed in VLSI design, nor does it attempt to explain the techniques used in the implementation of the software.

Trends in Telecommunications

  • Lucky R.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 021086.

Tutorial: Software Quality Assurance - A Practical Approach

  • Chow T.

The tutorial provides the participant with a comprehensive understanding of software quality issues - the components of a software quality assurance plan and how to implement them. Such an understanding is essential, whether you are interested in launching a new SQA plan or improving the existing SQA practices.

Quality Information Systems for the Product Realization Process (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Urso R.

Successful implementations of comprehensive quality programs often require information systems for data acquisition, analysis, and decision- making support. This presentation describes the role of a Quality Information System (QIS) in Product Realization activities from design through installation. A high-level QIS structure and implementation process addressing the quality planning, control, and ...

In-Situ Microscopy of Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Metal Silicides on Silicon

  • Gibson J.

Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is used for the deposition and growth of thin single-crystal metal films on silicon. Such systems have unique scientific and practical interest. Physical properties, particularly electron transport, in these thin uniform films show unexpected dependence on film structure.

Design and Implementation of a Robust Pitch Detector Based on a Parallel Processing Technique

  • Locicero J.
  • Picone J.
  • Sukkar R.

A method of determining pitch and voicing information from speech signals is presented. The algorithm, which employs time-domain analysis and pattern recognition techniques, is fast and yields accurate pitch and voicing estimates.

Magneto-Optics of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect

  • English J.
  • Goldberg B.
  • Gossard A.
  • Heiman D.
  • Pinczuk A.
  • Tu C.

We have carried out a magneto-optical investigation of the 2D electron gas in the extreme quantum limit. The measurements were made on modulation-doped GaAs-(AlGa)As multiple quantum well structures. A novel fiber-optic apparatus allows simultaneous transport and optical measurements in conjunction with He sup 3 refrigerators and high field (B<=29T) hybrid ...

Observation of Two-Stage Melting in a two Dimensional Colloidal Crystal

  • Murray C.

We have observed a two-step melting transition in a two dimensional system with classical screened Coulomb interactions. We have used optical microscopy and digital imaging to investigate the real space and real time behavior of an ultra-clean colloidal suspension of highly charged, submicron sized spheres confined into two dimensions between ...

Enhancement of ADPCM Speech Coding with Backward-Adaptive Algorithms for Postfiltering and Noise Feedback

  • Cox R.
  • Jayant N.
  • Ramamoorthy V.
  • Sondhi M.

The quality of low bit rate ADPCM speech can be enhanced by using a noise-shaping postfilter whose parameters can be derived from those of the pole-zero predictor in standard ADCPM. The speech distortion that is inevitable in postfiltering can be mitigated by adapting the degree of postfiltering to SDPCM performance.

Mechanical Evaluation of the Euler Test Probe

  • Benedetto W.
  • Suhir E.

The density limitations of conventional cantilever probes make it necessary to investigate alternative probing techniques for advanced VLSI package testing. Our study contains a theoretical and experimental evaluation of wires in an Euler test probe. We analyze wire pre- and postbuckling behavior including axial and lateral deflections and stresses, with ...

The Technology - Software

  • Zislis P.

In 1955 and the years immediately following, the telecommunications marketplace will be highly diverse, with many companies providing a large number of different network services, both general and specialized. Software technology will meet the challenges implicit in this large diverse market. Our telecommunications software systems will be highly component oriented ...

Some Recent Developments in Multiple Window Spectrum Estimation Methods

  • Thomson D.

We review the basic theory and some recent developments in the theory of multiple-window spectrum estimation methods. The multiple-window method of spectrum estimation differs from conventional approaches in that a set of data tapers is applied to the data before Fourier Transforming. The tapers, or data windows, are discrete prolate ...

Escape Rate of Electrons From the Surface of Bulk Liquid Helium

  • Goodkind J.
  • Platzman P.
  • Saville G.

We have measured the escape rate of electrons from the surface of bulk liquid helium as a function of temperature and of electric field.