Simulation of the nonlinear phase noise in saturated semiconductor optical amplifiers

  • Wei X.
  • Zhang L.

The nonlinear phase noise in saturated semiconductor optical amplifiers with DPSK modulation is studied by numerical simulation. It is found that the phase noise can be significantly reduced by increasing the carrier lifetime.

How To Deploy, Provision, and Store Intial Filter Criteria in an IMS Network

  • Haase O.
  • Murakami K.

In 3GPP IMS networks, so-called trigger points are used to delegate service execution to dedicated application servers. For service deployment and subscription, these trigger points need to be decomposed into user independent and user specific parts. We propose the concept of trigger point templates that capture the user independent part ...

An Urn Model Arising From All-Optical Networks

  • Morrison J.

An occupancy model that arose in the investigation of randomized distributed schedules in all-optical networks is considered. The model consists of B initially empty urns, and at state j of the process d(j) less than or equal to B balls are placed in distinct urns with uniform probability. Let M(i,j) ...

Can 40-Gb/s Duobinary Signals Be Carried over Transparent DWDM Systems with 50-GHz Channel Spacing?

  • Liu X.

The feasibility of transmitting 40-Gb/s optical duobinary signals over transparent DWDM systems with 50-GHz channel spacing and multiple optical add/drop multiplexers (OADMs) is investigated. While duobinary signal is tolerant to the passband narrowing due to the concatenated filtering by the OADMs, it is very sensitive to the group-delay ripple (GDR) ...

Scalable Dispersion Management for Hybrid 10-Gb/s and 40-Gb/s DWDM Transmissions with High Nonlinear Tolerance

  • Fishman D.
  • Liu X.
  • Wei X.
  • Ying J.

We present a scalable dispersion management scheme that offers essentially distance-independent dispersion accumulation by the use of distributed interleaved periodic-group-delay dispersion- compensation modules for transparent DWDM transmissions. It is also shown by numerical simulations to offer high nonlinear tolerance for both 10-Gb/s and 40-Gb/s traffics, attractive to data-rate-mixed long-haul networks.

Traffic Engineering of Management Flows by Link Augmentations on Confluent Trees

  • Bhatia R.
  • Immorlica N.
  • Kimbrel T.
  • Mirronkni V.
  • Naor S.
  • Schieber B.

Service providers rely on the management systems housed in their Network Operations Centers (NOCs) to remotely operate, monitor and provision their data networks. Lately, there has been a tremendous increase in management traffic due to the growing complexity and size of the data networks and the services provisioned on them. ...

Electro-optic effect in an unbalanced AlGaAs/GaAs microresonator

  • Gasparyan A.
  • Mitrofanov O.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • West K.

We consider the electro-optic effect in an unbalanced AlGaAs/GaAs Fabry-Perot resonator. The resonator structure allows simultaneous enhancement of the electro-optic effect and the total reflectance. These properties are essential for development of a miniature electro-optic probe. We demonstrate and characterize a compact 3.31 micrometer long electro-optic probe based on the ...

Concepts for the temporal characterization of short optical pulses

  • Dorrer C.
  • Walmsley I.

Methods for the characterization of the time-dependent electric field of short optical pulses are reviewed. The representation of these pulses in terms of correlation functions and time- frequency distributions is discussed, and the strategies for their characterization are explained using these representations. Examples of the experimental implementations of the concepts ...

Provisioning Networks to Support Fast Restoration with QoS Guarantees for Real Time Traffic

  • Alicherry M.
  • Bhatia R.
  • Wan Y.

Network QoS is essential for supporting real time interactive services such as VoIP. Such services require guarantees on the minimum bandwidth and also demand low end to end latency, jitter and packet losses. In the differentiated services framework this is done by marking packets to receive a particular (preferential) forwarding ...

Use of rigid spherical inclusions in Young's moduli determination: Application to DNA-crosslinked gels

  • Langrana N.
  • Lin D.
  • Yurke B.

Current techniques for measuring the bulk shear or elastic (E) modulus of small samples of soft materials are usually limited by materials handling issues. This paper describes a noninvasive testing method based on embedded spherical inclusions. The technique simplifies materials preparation and handling requirements and is capable of continuously monitoring ...

Optical Waveguide Loss Induced by Metal Cladding

  • Chen Y.
  • Choa F.
  • Leven A.
  • Lin J.
  • Reyes R.

Optical waveguides with metal cladding are important for a number of applications. However, metal cladding causes undesirable optical waveguide loss. In this work, the influence of curing temperatures and different metals (Ti,NiCr, Cr) on waveguide loss is examined. Cr turns out to be the best candidate metal to deliver reasonable ...

Maximizing profit in overloaded networks

  • Andrews D.

We consider the problem of scheduling data in overloaded networks. We wish to maximize the total profit of data that is served. We first consider a single server that has to schedule data over time-varying channels. This model is motivated by scheduling in wireless networks. Our objective is to maximize ...

Breaking a cryptographic protocol with pseudoprimes

  • Bleichenbacher D.

The Miller-Rabin pseudo primality test is widely used in cryptographic libraries, because of its apparent simplicity. But the test is not always correctly implemented. For example the pseudo primality test in GNU Crypto 1.1.0 uses a fixed set of bases. This paper shows how this flaw can be exploted to ...

Bending of a planar lightwave circuit 2 × 2 coupler to desensitize it to wavelength, polarization, and fabrication changes

  • Buhl L.
  • Cappuzzo M.
  • Chen E.
  • Doerr C.
  • Gomez L.
  • Griffin A.
  • Wong-Foy A.

We present a planar lightwave circuit curved 2 × 2 coupler. Its splitting ratio has a low sensitivity to wavelength, polarization, and fabrication yet is low loss and compact. We present simple formulae for its design. We demonstrate a 50/50 version in silica-on-silicon waveguides. Finally, we discuss an uncertainty principle ...

Dependable Initialization of Large-Scale Distributed Software

  • Buskens R.
  • Gonzalez O.
  • Ren Y.

Most documented efforts in fault-tolerant computing address the problem of recovering from failures that occur during normal system operation. To bring a system to a point where it can begin performing its duties first requires that the system successfully complete initialization. Large-scale distributed systems may take hours to initialize. For ...

Prevalence of Coulomb blockade in electro-migrated junctions with conjugated and non-conjugated molecules

  • Baldwin K.
  • De Picciotto Phd A.
  • Erbe A.
  • Klare J.
  • Nuckols C.
  • Willett R.

Conduction of electro-migration gap junctions coated with various organic molecules is studied to expose the prevalence of different transport processes. Comparisons are made between molecules with conjugated vs. non-conjugated backbones, mono- vs. dithiolated molecules, and molecules with and without large side chains. Coulomb blockade (CB) is observed in all junctions, ...

Quantum mechanics of phase-sensitive amplfication in a fiber

  • Mckinstrie C.
  • Radic S.
  • Raymer M.
  • Vasilyev M.

In a recent report (ITD-04-45711L) four schemes were described, which produce phase-sensitive amplfication infibers. In this report the basic quantum mechanics of these schemes are discussed. For each scheme, formulas are derived for the field- quadrature and photon-number variances, which facilitate the (signal and idler) noise figure analyses for direct ...

Edge-Disjoint Paths in Planar Graphs

  • Chekuri C.
  • Khanna S.
  • Shepherd F.

We study the maximum edge-disjoint paths problem (MEDP). We are given a graph G=(V,E) and a set T = {s1t1, s2t2, ..., sktk} of pairs of vertices: the objective is to find the maximum number of pairs in T that can be connected via edge-disjoint paths. Our main result is ...

Gain Saturation Spectrum in Backward-Pumped Broadband Raman Amplifiers

  • Kilper D.
  • Vorreau P.
  • White C.

Experimental studies of channel dependent gain saturation in broadband backward-pumped Raman amplifiers show that the spectral tilt is controlled by the relative contributions of the pump- to-pump and channel-to-channel interactions.

Collective Magnetic Excitations in SrCu2(BO3)2

  • Blumberg G.
  • Gozar A.

We showed in this chapter low temperature Raman data on phononic and magnetic excitations in SrCu2(BO3)2. Regarding the former, in the 0 to 350 cm-1 range we find several pairs of quasi-degenerate modes which have different symmetries. Group theoretical analysis suggests that the existence of these modes is related to ...