Evolutionary Learning of Scheduling Heuristics for Heterogeneous Wireless Communications Networks

  • Claussen H.
  • David Lynch
  • Kucera S.
  • Michael Fenton
  • Michael O’Neill

Network operators are struggling to cope with exponentially increasing demand. Capacity can be increased by densifying existing Macro Cell deployments with Small Cells. The resulting two-tiered architecture is known as a Heterogeneous Network or "HetNet". Significant inter-tier interference in channel sharing HetNets is managed by resource interleaving in the time ...

SDN for 5G Mobile Networks: NORMA perspective

  • Alberi-Morel M.
  • Sayadi B.

To build a flexible and an adaptable architecture network supporting variety of services and their respective requirements, 5G NORMA introduced a network of functions based architecture breaking the major design principles followed in the current network of entities based architecture. This revolution exploits the advantages of the new technologies like ...

Demonstration of quantum dot SOA based colorless ONU transmitter for symmetric 40 Gb/s TWDM PON

  • Chang Q.
  • Gao Z.
  • Hu X.
  • Huang X.
  • Sun X.
  • Xiao S.
  • Ye C.
  • Zhang K.

Detailed numerical investigation of self-seeded colorless ONU transmitter using quantum dot (QD) SOA as the intensity modulator for symmetric 40 Gb/s TWDM-PON has been developed. It is shown that the QD SOA-based intensity modulator is able to support 10 Gb/s OOK upstream signal transmission with an optical extinction ratio of ...

Security enhancements in Transport-SDN networks

  • Buchali F.
  • Dembeck L.
  • Dischler R.
  • Gebhard U.
  • Lach E.
  • Milbrandt J.

The paper describes a Transport-SDN network demonstrator in the light of network security.

VLS4: Valiant Load Balanced Segment Routing

  • Hao F.
  • Kodialam M.
  • Lakshman T.

With the rapid rise in the number of diverse Internetbased applications, it is to be expected that network traffic patterns will vary widely. Significant traffic fluctuations from what is predicted may require corresponding routing adaptations to avoid congestion. Valiant Load Balancing (VLB), or equivalently two-phase routing, is a scheme that ...

SAMPO: Online Subflow Association for Multipath TCP with Partial Flow Records

  • Hao F.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Mukherjee S.

Multipath TCP (MPTCP) is a promising technique for boosting application throughput while using well-known and versatile network socket interface. Recently, many interesting applications of MPTCP in various environments such as wireless networks and data centers have been proposed, but little work has been done to investigate the impact of this ...

Path computation for revenue optimization

  • Hao F.
  • Jansen A.
  • Kodialam M.
  • Lakshman T.

Leveraging centralized path computation algorithms can significantly improve routing efficiencies and revenue generation in existing IP/MPLS networks.

Sustainable Proof-of-Work Cryptocurrency Incentives

  • Pianese F.
  • Sarkar S.
  • Signorini M.

Abstract The design of a successful distributed system for enabling payments and micro-transactions among Internet users has long been a major challenge in applied computer science. Bitcoin, the first successful cryptocurrency, suffers from sustainability problems, such as inefficient energy expenditure for its network operation, and from perverse incentives that foster ...

Spectrum: A critical asset for 5G

  • Dominique F.

Review of 5G impacts on Radio Spectrum, What it will look like, impacts on Spectrum usage and 5G Spectrum Needs

Quad Band Cube Multiband-Transceiver

  • Haase C.

Poster for ALU Family Day 2014 in Nuremberg and Stuttgart

Virtualizing Network Services - Challenges and Trends

  • Hilt V.

Presentation on key challenges and trends in the area of Network Function Virtualization. The talk gives a quick introduction to NFV, outlines key research challenges in the area and introduces our research results to improve the reliability and elasticity of NFV services. The technical content in these slides is based ...

Identification of the PoC scenarios

  • Koppenborg J.

The proof-of-concepts (PoC) in FANTASTIC-5G target is to implement key technical components developed within the project. The demonstration aims at validating the feasibility and the superiority of the different components of the foreseen 5G air interface. For this activity, several platforms are being developed in FANTASTIC-5G. The planned demonstrations are ...

A National Space Weather Service.

  • Killeen T.
  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Lotko W.
  • Siscoe G.

There are strong economic and "quality of life" reasons for developing a full-service, state-of-the-science National Space Weather Service. At present the nation's space weather services, as their operators acknowledge, fall short of providing forecasts with the reliability, accuracy, and specificity that customers desire. The technological, scientific, and infrastructural resources exist, ...

Impact Ionization and Real-Space Transfer of Minority Carriers in Charge Injection Transistor.

  • Canali C.
  • Cho A.
  • Luryi S.
  • Manfredi M.
  • Mastrapasqua M.
  • Sivco D.
  • Tedesco C.
  • Zanoni E.

High electric fields in the channel of InGaAs/InAlAs heterostructure complementary charge injection transistor give rise to impact ionization and real-space transfer of minority holes from the channel. These phenomena are investigated by measuring light emission in the 1.1-3.1 eV energy range for different points on the electrical characteristics. The effective ...

16 Gb/s Fiber Transmission Experiment Using Optical Time-Division Multiplexing.

  • Alferness R.
  • Buhl L.
  • Eisenstein G.
  • Kasper B.
  • Korotky S.
  • Raybon G.
  • Tucker R.
  • Veselka J.

An experimental four-channel optical time-division multiplexed transmission system is described and the first demonstration of fiber transmission at a bit rate of 16 Gb/s is reported. In this experiment, data at 16 Gb/s has been transmitted over 8 km of fiber with a bit error rate below 10 sup (-9).

Reliability considerations for OLS holdover circuits.

  • Kunzinger F.

Many applications require holdover of a power supply's output for 10 to 1000 milliseconds to bridge short input power line outages or dips. Capacitive energy storage is a common means of providing this holdover. This paper examines the reliability of a capacitive energy storage system under both operating and storage ...

Active mode-locking characteristics of InGaAsP-single-mode fiber composite-cavity lasers.

  • Eisenstein G.
  • Hall K.
  • Jopson R.
  • Koren U.
  • Korotky S.
  • Stulz L.
  • Tucker R.
  • Veselka J.

Composite-cavity semiconductor lasers using integral single- mode fiber resonators are capable of producing short-duration mode-locked optical pulses at very high repetition rates. This paper summarizes recent experiments using a composite- cavity structure with an efficient single-mode fiber output port. The dependence of pulse width on the electrical drive waveform and ...

Improved bandwidth of three channel buried crescent lasers.

  • Bowers J.
  • Eisenstein G.
  • Gnauck A.
  • Koren U.
  • Tien P.

The modulation bandwidth of three-channel buried crescent (TCBC) lasers was improved by reducing the ohmic contact resistance by adding a quaternary contact layer for the P-contact of the device. The ohmic resistance was reduced to 6-9 ohms with capacitance of 1.5-3 pF and inductance of 1.5-2 nH. The small signal ...

IFS programmer's manual (release 2).

  • Vo K.

The Interpretive Frame System (IFS) is a tool for creating application software with sophisticated interactive interfaces. IFS is based on the notion of a frame network. A frame network consists of many interconnected modules called frames, each of which represents a logical activity in the system. Frames are written in ...


  • Bosch M.
  • Harrison T.
  • Herbst D.
  • Lemons R.
  • Tewksbury S.

PMOS transistors have been fabricated in device-worthy Si which was achieved by large-area laser-crystallisation of Si on silica. The crystallised Si contains few large-angle grain boundaries due to laser-beam inhomogeneity but exhibits subgrain boundaries aligned along the laser track. Cracking of the Si, a result of the mismatch of the ...