ShuffleNet: An Application of Generalized Perfect Shuffles to Multihop Lightwave Networks.

  • Hluchyj M.
  • Karol M.

Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) holds great promise for achieving large-scale concurrency on a single fiber. However, standard multichannel approaches have two serious drawbacks when applied to lightwave networks: (1) they require wavelength- agile transmitters or receivers, and (2) pretransmission coordination between two users wishing to communicate is required. In this memo, ...

On the drying of silica gels.

  • Fleming D.
  • Johnson D.
  • Simpkins P.

A procedure described for drying of sol-gel structures without cracking. The addition of a non-ionic surfactant in the material preparation is shown to be crucial to reducing the drying stresses developed by these high strain visco-elastic materials. Experiments are described which illustrate the effect of relative humidity on the drying ...

Magnetic behavior of diluted lanthanoid-pnictide systems.

  • Gyorgy E.
  • Schneemeyer L.
  • Van Dover R.

We describe a new class of low-carrier-density magnetic materials based on lanthanide-substituted scandium and yttrium pnictides. In general, these III-V compounds have energy gaps in the vicinity of 1 eV, and like most of the lanthanide pnictides, form in the Bl(rocksalt) structure. Substitution of rare earths for Y or Sc ...

Spherulitic morphology in polyethylene and isotactic polystyrene: Influence of diffusion of segregated species.

  • Fadden F.
  • Keith H.

Morphological consequences of a localized diffusion of segregated species at crystal growth fronts have been studied in two specific contexts: (a) variation of texture in spherulites grown in unfractionated polyethylene over a range of crystallization temperatures mostly in regime II, and (b) development of elongated lamellar habits in spherulites of ...

Copper patinas formed in the atmosphere. lll. A semi-quantitative assessment of rates and constraints in the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area.

  • Graedel T.

Almost all metals and alloys corrode in use. The limits to their use are therefore provided not by the tendency to corrode but by the rates at which the corrosion occurs. Information concerning corrosion rates has traditionally been gathered by field experience rather than by an understanding of the processes ...

Wide-Bandwidth and High-Power 1.3microns InGaAsP Buried Crescent Lasers with Semi-Insulating Fe-doped InP Current Blocking Layers.

  • Burrus C.
  • Dentai A.
  • Lee T.
  • Menocal S.
  • Osinski J.
  • Tabatabaie N.
  • Zah C.

The fabrication and performance of 1.3microns InGaAsP buried crescent lasers with semi-insulating Fe-doped InP current blocking layers grown by MOVPE are reported. Modulation bandwidth above 5 GHz has been achieved at room temperature without using a mesa-stripe geometry. On the same device, CW output power up to 30 mW per ...

Nontransitive measurable utility for decision under uncertainty.

  • Fishburn P.

We axiomatize a representation for preference between acts in Savage's formulation for decision under uncertainty that is based on expectation of a nonseparable utility function on pairs of consequences with respect to the decision maker's subjective probability measure over states. The representation has been discussed previously by Graham Loomes and ...

Robust contour tracing.

  • Dobkin D.
  • Thurston W.
  • Wilks A.

We present a robust method for tracing a curve that is represented as the contour of a function in Euclidean space of any dimension. The method proceeds locally by following the intersections of the contour with facets of a triangulation of space. The algorithm is robust in the presence of ...

Design of a non-reciprocal two-dimensional isolator for integrated optics.

  • Zenteno L.

The problem of a non-reciprocal phase shifter for integrated optics is formulated analytically using scaled parameters. Simple expressions for the maximum phase shift and tolerance criteria are presented.

Novel chemistry for high-quality, low-hydrogen PECVD silicon nitride films.

  • Chang C.
  • Flamm D.
  • Ibbotson D.
  • Mucha J.

We have developed a low temperature <~ 300C) plasma deposition process to prepare novel fluorine-containing silicon nitride films (p-SiN:F) using SiH sub 4-NF sub 3-N sub 2 discharge mixtures at 14 MHz RF applied frequency. The deposition rate can be extremely high, up to 1600 angstroms/min. Preliminary data indicate p-SiN:F ...

Magic numbers of alkali halide clusters.

  • Phillips J.

Recent experiments have shown that the most stable sodium halide NaX neutral and ionic clusters are cube shaped, but that the most stable CsI clusters may be either cube-shaped (high ionization energies) or have some other structure (low ionization energies). This other structure is identified here from its observed set ...

Photoluminescence from annealed semi-insulating GaAs crystals - The 1.360 eV band.

  • Caruso R.
  • Pearton S.
  • Swaminathan V.

We investigated the near band edge photoluminescence from semi-insulating GaAs crystals after they were annealed either in wafer form or in bulk form. Our results with respect to the improvements in uniformity achieved after annealing are in agreement with previous studies. The 1.360 eV emission band which is seen in ...

Patterned aluminum thin film growth via photochemically activated metalorganic chemical vapor deposition.

  • Blonder G.
  • Fleming C.
  • Higashi G.

This paper is a review of our recent work, to be presented at the 1986 International Dry Process Symposium in Tokyo, Japan. Excimer laser photolysis of organo-aluminum adlayers has been used to catalytically activate the deposition of Al via thermal decomposition of triisobutylaluminum. Patterns with 2micron resolution and good spatial ...

Epitaxial growth methods for lightwave devices.

  • Karlicek R.
  • Logan R.
  • Long J.

This paper reviews epitaxial growth techniques and their application to the fabrication of optoelectronic devices based on III-V compound semiconductors used in optical fiber based communication systems. It will appear as a chapter in "Optical Fiber Telecommunications II", edited by S. E. Miller and I. P. Kaminow.

Stochastic theory of a fluid model of multiple failure-susceptible producers and consumers coupled by a buffer.

  • Mitra D.

A central topic in manufacturing is the complex interdependence of realized production rate and inventory. The role of inventory is to buffer the vicissitudes of machine failures/repairs and service times. The fluid model considered here operates in the considerably slower time scale associated with the former random phenomenon. This paper ...

Multicast and Broadcast Services in a Knockout Packet Switch.

  • Eng K.
  • Hluchyj M.
  • Yeh Y.

The Knockout Switch is a new packet switch architecture recently proposed for high-performance packet networks. In addition to providing point-to-point connections among user pairs, a packet network must often support multicast and broadcast capabilities. Multicast connections differ point-to-point connections in that each packet of a multicast connection is addressed not ...

Inverse photoemission from metal surfaces.

  • Smith N.
  • Woodruff D.

Ultraviolet inverse photoemission spectroscopy (IPES) is a technique for exploring unoccupied electronic states, particularly in the energy range between the Fermi level and vacuum level, a range inaccessible in ordinary photoemission. Theories of inverse photoemission and its instrumentation requirements are outlined. IPES measurements on clean metal surfaces has revealed an ...

Si-on-SiO(2) structures by lamp annealing of oxygen implanted Si.

  • Batstone J.
  • Celler G.
  • Hemment P.
  • Reesom K.
  • West K.

Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structures are formed by high dose oxygen implantation. Properties of the resulting Si films and the buried SiO(2) have been investigated as a function of post-implantation annealing at 1405C. It is shown that uniform, crystalline Si films can be formed over the synthesized buried oxide, with atomically abrupt ...

Self-amplitude modulation of optical pulses in nonlinear dispersive fibers.

  • Agrawal G.
  • Potasek M.

We consider propagation of optical pulses in the anomalously dispersive region of single-mode fibers after including the effects of Kerr-type nonlinearity. It is found that the pulse develops an internal structure with deep amplitude modulation. We show that this self-amplitude modulation of pulses is distinct from the modulation instability of ...

Glassy relaxation in charge density wave systems.

  • Littlewood P.
  • Rammal R.

A number of phenomena involving metastability, hysteresis and slow "glassy" relaxation have been observed in sliding charge-density-wave (CDW) systems. We consider the theoretical behavior expected within a classical model of an elastically deformable CDW pinned by random impurities at a small, but finite temperature. We find that it is important ...