Is Multiuser Detection Beneficial to Mixed Service UMTS Networks?

  • Brueck S.
  • Dekorsy A.

The main objective of this paper is to investigate linear multiuser detection for the uplink of mixed service UMTS networks in terms of system capacity, system coverage as well as power reduction. This especially requires to theoretically describe the interaction of linear multiuser detection with radio resource management concepts like ...

DNA Hybridization Catalysts and Catalyst Circuits

  • Yurke B.

Practically all of life's functions, from chemical synthesis to replication, involve enzymes that carry out their functions through the catalysis of metastable fuels into waste products. Biological catalysis ratios are frequently as high as 10sup6 to 10sup9. Catalytic control of reaction rates will prove to be as useful and ubiquituous ...

Distributed Scheduling in Wireless Data Networks with Service Differentiation

  • Gupta P.
  • Stolyar A.
  • Y. Sankarasubramaniam

We propose a class of distributed scheduling algorithms, Regulated Contention Medium Access Control (RCMAC), which provides dynamic prioritized access to users for service differentiation. Furthermore, by regulating multi-user contention, RCMAC achieves higher throughput when traffic is bursty, as is typically the case. In addition to WLANs, the basic concepts of ...

Functional Biomimetic Microlens Arrays with Integrated Pores

  • Aizenberg J.
  • C.K. Ullal
  • Chen G.
  • E.L. Thomas
  • Han T.
  • M. Megens
  • Rapaport R.
  • Yang S.

Biology provides a multitude of varied, new paradigms for the development of adaptive optical networks[1-4]. Here we present a first example of synthetic, biomimetic microlens arrays with integrated pores, whose appearance and function are strikingly similar to their biological prototype -- a highly efficient optical element formed by brittlestars[3]. The ...

The Simplest XML Storage Manager Ever

  • J. Simeon
  • M. Fernandez
  • Vyas A.

In this paper, we report on our experience building Jungle, the simplest XML storage manager ever with full support for XQuery 1.0 and XML updates. Surprisingly, developing Jungle has led us to revisit several key aspects of currently adopted design for XML indexes. We present the design, architecture and lessons ...

One-Dimensional Analysis of Thermoelectric Modules

  • Hodes M.

A framework for the one-dimensional analysis of a thermoelectric module(TM) is provided. First, pertinent themoelectric and irrreversible effects are introduced and categorized. Then, heat conduction in a TM is analyzed. Next, a methodology is developed to determine the operating mode (refrigeration, generation, etc.) of a TM. Also, selected key parameters ...

Interactive Tools for Pattern Discovery

  • Ho T.

Real-world pattern recognition problems contain rich context that must be taken into account in solution development. Beyond the core classification tasks, there are several common challenges including the need to correlate noncomparable groups of variables while preserving data proximity relationships within each group, visualization of data geometry, rapid trial of ...

Generic Framing Procedure (GFP)

  • Hernandez-Valencia E.

This white paper presents an overview of transport solutions for Ethernet traffic over SONET/SDH (EoS), and discusses performance trade offs between GFP-based solutions and relevant HDLC-based solutions such as POS and X.85/X.86.

Stochastic Traffic Engineering for Demand Uncertainty and Risk-Aware Network Revenue Management

  • Mitra D.
  • Wang Q.

We present a stochastic traffic engineering framework for optimizing bandwidth provisioning and route selection in networks. Traffic demands are uncertain and specific by probabililty distributions, and the objective is to maximize a risk-adjusted measure of network revenue that is generated by serving demands.

Absence of Ferromagnetism in Co and Mn Substituted Polycrystalline ZnO

  • A.S. Risbud
  • G. Lawes
  • R. Seshadri
  • Ramirez A.

We discuss the properties of semiconducting bulk ZnO when substituted with the magnetic transition metal ions Mn and Co, with substituent fraction ranging from x = 0.01 to x = 0.15. The magnetic properties were measured as a function of magnetic field and temperature and we find no evidence for ...

Incremental Evaluation of Schema-Directed XML Publishing

  • B. Choi
  • Bohannon P.
  • W. Fan

When large XML documents published from a database are maintained externally, it is inefficient to repeatedly recompute them when the database is updated. Vastly preferable is incremental update, as common for views stored in a data warehouse. However, to support schema-directed publishing, there may be no simple query that defines ...

Methods to Improve TCP Throughput in Wireless Networks with High Delay Variability

  • Haner M.
  • Klein T.
  • Leung K.
  • Mooney C.

In this work, we propose and study two effective ways to avoid spurious TCP timeout and improve throughput in wireless networks. The first technique is to use an RTO value larger than the average plus 4 times the mean deviation of RTTs. A second technique is an appropriate use of ...

Eigenvalue Density of Correlated Complex Random Wishart Matrices

  • Moustakas A.
  • Simon S.

Using a character expansion method, we calculate exactly the eigenvalue density of random matrices of the form M+M where M is a complex martix drawn from a normalized distribution P(M) ~ exp (-Tr{AMBM+}) with A and B positive definite (square) matrices of arbitrary dimensions. Such so-called "correlated Wishart matrices" occur ...

Cooperative Strategies and Capacity Theorems for Relay Networks

  • Gupta P.
  • Kramer G.
  • M. Gatspar

Coding strategies that exploit terminal cooperation are developed for relay networks. Two basic schemes are studied: the relays multi-hop the source message to the destination, or they transmit compressed channel outputs to the destination. Strategies that mix these schemes are also considered.

Tolerance to In-Band Coherent Crosstalk of Differential Phase-Shift-Keyed Signal with Balanced Detection and FEC

  • Giles R.
  • Kao Y.
  • Liu X.
  • Movassaghi M.

It is found experimentally that differential phase-shift-keyed (DPSK) signal with balanced detection has ~6 dB higher tolerance to in-band coherent crosstalk than on-off-keyed (OOK) signal. We attribute the improved crosstalk tolerance of DPSK signal to its 6-dB lowered peak signal power as compared to OOK signal for equal BER in ...

Tools for Design of Composite Web Services

  • Hull R.
  • J. Su

Ths tutorial will begin with an overview of the underlying goals and assumptions of the web services paradigm, from the perspectives of both emerging standards and the semantic web services community. It then reviews key standards in the area, as these provide some of the basic building blocks to be ...

What is OWL (and why should I care)?

  • Patel-Schneider P.

OWL is the new ontology language produced by the W3C Web Ontology Working Group. OWL is thus posed to be the major formalism for the design and dissemination of ontology information, particularly in the Semantic Web. OWL has influences from several communities, including the RDF community, the Descriptor Logic community, ...

Electronic Characterization of Alkali Ruthenium Hollandites: Kru4O8, RbRu4O8 and Cs0.8Li0.2Ru4O8

  • G. Lawes
  • M.L. Foo
  • N.P. Ong
  • R.J. Cava
  • Ramirez A.
  • Siegrist T.
  • W-L. Lee

Transport, specific heat, and magnetic measurements have been performed on three alkali hollandites: KRu4O8, RbRu4O8m and a newly synthesized Cs analog, Cs0.8Li0.2Ru4O8, which was determined to have space group 14/m (#87) and lattice parameters, a=10.0850(4) and c=3.12180(20). In contrast to the ruthenium perovskites, which display a wide range of electrical ...

Adaptive Second-Order Asynchronous CCI Cancellation: Maximum Likelihood Benchmark for Regularized Semi-Blind Technique

  • Kuzminskiy A.
  • Y. Abramovich

An asynchronous interference cancellation problem is addressed when the training and working intervals are available containing the desired signal and arbitrary ovelapping interference. Likelihood ratio (LR) maximization approach for estimation of the structured correlation matrices over both training and working intervals is developed for the Gaussian data model and exploited ...

High-Sensitivity High-Resolution Sampling Using Linear Optics and Waveguide Optical Hybrid

  • Doerr C.
  • Dorrer C.
  • Kang I.
  • Ryf R.
  • Winzer P.

A practical sampling setup based on linear interference of an optical signal with a sampling pulse in a waveguide optical hybrid demonstrates record-sensitivity sampling of eye diagrams up to 640 Gb/s with high fidelity.