On the Complexity of the Riemann Zeta Function

  • Odlyzko A.

This talk will present some improved algorithms for computing the Riemann zeta function and apply them to obtain better bounds on the complexity of some number theoretic functions.

Application of Inverse Theory to Viscoelasticity Evaluation of Warpage and Thermal Stresses in Viscoelastic - Elastic Composites (NOT KNOWN IF PUBLISHED BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Markovsky A.

The non-linear integral Volterra type operator with memory is encountered in non-linear system identification, medical imaging, speech recognition, general viscoelasticity, etc., and is studied in this paper.

Ion Beam Studies of Amorphous Si or "Laser Annealing Revisited"

  • Poate J.

The formation of amorphous Si by ion implantation is an important aspect of the science and technology of integrated circuit processing. Much has been learned of the kinetic and thermodynamic properties of amorphous Si using furnace and laser annealing. Results on the recently discovered regime of ion-beam-induced crystallization and impurity ...

Interconnection of LANs to an ISDN

  • Singh M.

Connection of Local Area Networks (LANs) to an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) offers a variety of ISDN services and a cost effective and flexible wide area connectivity to LAN users. Various options of connecting LANs to an ISDN and interconnection of similar and dissimilar LANs via an ISDN will ...

Consultative Training at AT&T Bell Laboratories (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Ebenau R.
  • Lewski F.

Consultative training is a program to facilitate the rapid, timely, and effective transfer of software engineering to improve organizational practices. It has been in use at AT&T Bell Laboratories since 1982, and is comprised of a unique combination of consulting and traditional classroom training techniques. Consultative training is designed to ...

The Effects of Disruptions on the Manufacturing Process

  • Feinberg E.

A disruption is defined as any unplanned event which causes an interruption in a preferably continuous manufacturing process. Such disruptions prevent the smooth and orderly execution of production plans and lead to increased work-in-process inventories. The model described here explicitly accounts for disruptions in order to better understand their impacts ...

Si Based MCM's

  • Bertram W.

A high-density, low-resistance interconnect structure for packaging multiple chips in a common package is described. The structure contains four copper conductor levels: one power, one ground, and two signal levels. Polyimide is used as the interlevel dielectric. Vias between levels contain electrodeposited nickel. The interconnect structure also contains a large-area, ...

Fault-Tolerant Interconnection Networks

  • Kumar V.

This talk consists of two parts. The first part concerns a class of networks called Multistage Interconnection Networks (MINs), which find applications in multiprocessor systems, packet switched voice/data communication systems etc., as cost-effective and high bandwidth communication facilities. Many MINs which have a unique path from any one of N ...

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Structural and Chemical Probe of Materials

  • Ourmazd A.

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) is now a powerful probe for the structural analysis of semiconductor systems. Lattice images can be obtained in a number of orientations, in at least three of which the individual atomic columns can be resolved [1].

Grain Boundary Structure of Superconducting Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub 7

  • Boone T.
  • Fisanick G.
  • Moore R.
  • Nakahara S.
  • Yan M.

Grain growth habit and the structure of grain boundaries has been investigated using transmission electron microscopy in bulk sintered samples of Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub (6.9) which exhibit typical transport critical currents of 46 amps/cm sup 2 at 77K and R = O T sub c ...

High-T sub c Superconductivity :

  • Vandover R.

Recent advances in the synthesis of superconducting cuprates, such as Ba sub 2 YCu sub 3 O sub 7, have profound scientific and technological implications which have only begun to be explored. This talk will focus on current results regarding the occurrence of high-transition- temperature superconductivity, the physical properties of ...

Ion-Beam-Induced Destruction of Superconducting Phase Coherence in YBa sub 2 Cu sub 3 O sub 7-delta

  • Anzlowar M.
  • Baldwin K.
  • Dynes R.
  • Hong M.
  • Howard R.
  • Hsieh T.
  • Jacobson D.
  • Kwo J.
  • Levi A.
  • Mankiewich P.
  • Poate J.
  • Short K.
  • Skocpol W.
  • White A.

We have explored the effects of ion beam irradiation on the electrical and structural properties of thin films of YBa sub 2 Cu sub 3 O sub 7-delta. Ion species and beam energies were chosen to span a wide range of nuclear energy loss and to insure that the ion ...

The Effect of Repair on the Adhesion of Metallization to Thick Film Multilayers

  • Klicker K.
  • Schock T.

Repairability and mechanical reliability are two of the important properties of thick film multilayers. The effects of the material properties of PtAu and dielectric, thick film process parameters, and the surface mount assembly parameters on repairability and reliability were discussed by the authors at the May 1987 workshop.

Dispersion and Noise of 1.3microns Multimode Lasers in Microwave Digital Systems

  • Bosch F.
  • Hakki B.
  • Lumish S.

The total intensity noise, including mode partitioning, were determined for multi-longitudinal mode 1.3micron InGaAsP buried heterostructure lasers. The impact on performance was measured at 1.7 Gb/s under various degrees of fiber dispersion.

The Rotterdam Econometric Model Revisited

  • Bienstock S.

The Rotterdam model is an econometric model of consumer demand which has achieved prominence as an elegant and efficient means of obtaining detailed information on the effects of prices and income on the demand for goods and services. Some of its advantages are a rigorous foundation inutility theory, the separation ...

Could Compliant External Leads Reduce the Strength of a Surface Mounted Device?

  • Suhir E.

A simplified analytical model of hybrid-integrated-circuit (HIC)/ printed-wire-band (PWB) assembly bowing is developed to explain a paradoxical situation, observed by T.F. Marinis, R.C. Reinert and W.M. Sherry during testing of compliant leaded HIC's: the bending moments applied to the PWB and caused the HIC fracture turned out in some tests ...

Polymer Blends Prepared By In Situ Polymerization

  • Galvin M.
  • Heffner S.

Butadiene has been polymerized in polystyrene with several Ziegler-Natta catalysts via an in-situ technique. We have found that the structure of the polybutadiene is different when polymerization occurs within a solid below its glass transition temperature. For catalysts containing halide ligands, a significant amount of cyclotrimerization of butadiene is observed ...

An Experience in Estimating Fault Coverage of a Protocol Test

  • Dahbura A.
  • Sabnani K.

In this paper, we describe an experience in estimating fault coverage of a test sequence designed to test the control portion of a protocol. The control portion of this protocol is modeled as an FSM. Our study uses Monte Carlo simulation and introduces a new notion of machine equivalence. An ...

UNIX? Secure?

  • Mcilroy M.

Because the UNIX system is the most widely understood and beloved of all operating systems, it attracts more than its share of hacker attacks. Paradoxically, the same reasons make it the system of choice for many critical computer applications, even at highly secret government installations. Thus security is an issue ...

The Role of Ponderomotive Forces in Multiphoton Ionization

  • Freeman R.

The name "Above Threshold Ionization" (ATI) is given to the process by which an atom placed in an intense field absorbs more than the minimum number of photons necessary to reach the ionization limit. The resulting photoelectrons leave the atom in well defined energy peaks, separated by the photon energy.