AST/RO observations of atomic carbon near the Galactic center

  • Bania T.
  • Bolatto A.
  • Chamberlin R.
  • Hsieh H.
  • Jackson J.
  • Lane A.
  • Ojha R.
  • Stark A.
  • Wright G.

We present a coarsely sampled map of the region textbackslash{}ltextbackslash{} less than or equal to 2 degrees, textbackslash{}btextbackslash{} less than or equal to 0.degrees1 in the 492 GHz (P-3(1) --> P-3(0)) fine-structure transition of neutral carbon, observed with the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST/RO). The distribution of {[}C ...

Excitation gaps in the fractional quantum Hall effect in tetracene

  • Batlogg B.
  • Kloc C.
  • Schon J.

We have measured the temperature dependence of the fractional quantum Hall effect at filling factors v = 1/3, 2/3, and 2/5 in tetracene in order to determine the associated excitation gaps. The stronger two-dimensional confinement of the hole gas compared to conventional inorganic semiconductors as well as the strong electron-electron ...

Spike annealing of boron-implanted polycrystalline-silicon on thin SiO2

  • Bourdelle K.
  • Fiory A.
  • Roy P.

Spike thermal annealing is examined for electrical activation of B implants into 100 nm Si films deposited over 1.5 to 2.4 nm thermally grown SiO2. These structures simulate gate stacks in advanced p-type metal-oxide-Si (PMOS) devices. Spike anneals, at minimized thermal budget, are shown to yield higher carrier concentrations in ...

Application of balanced detection to absorption measurements of trace gases with room-temperature, quasi-cw quantum-cascade lasers

  • Allen M.
  • Baillargeon J.
  • Capasso F.
  • Cho A.
  • Gmachl C.
  • Hutchinson A.
  • Rawlins W.
  • Sivco D.
  • Sonnenfroh D.

Distributed-feedback quantum-cascade (QC) lasers are expected to form the heart of the next-generation mid-IR laser absorption spectrometers, especially as they are applied to measurements of trace gases in a variety of environments. The incorporation of room-temperature-operable, single-mode QC lasers should result in highly compact and rugged sensors for real-world applications. ...

Provisioning differentiated services using programming interfaces for networks

  • Biswas J.
  • Raguparan M.
  • Victoria E.
  • Wang W.

The IETF Differentiated Service (DiffServ) effort aims to create a scaleable framework for realizing traffic differentiation in IP networks. At present, the framework has laid the ground for architecting routers that provide basic functionalities to support traffic differentiation. How these DiffServ-enabled routers can be put together to form a service ...

Non-randomness in network glasses and rigidity

  • Chubynsky M.
  • Jacobs D.
  • Phillips J.
  • Thorpe M.

The continuous random network model is widely used as a realistic description of the structure of covalent glasses and amorphous solids. We point out that, in real glasses and amorphous materials, there are nonrandom structural elements that go beyond just simple chemical ordering. We propose that the network can self-organize ...

Backplane advancements boost bandwidth

  • Charbonneau M.
  • Kenny B.
  • Peardon B.
  • Roberts T.

Probing the microscopic compositions at Ga2O3(Gd2O3)/GaAs interface by core level photoelectron spectroscopy

  • Hong M.
  • Huang K.
  • Hung W.
  • Kwo J.
  • Lay T.
  • Mannaerts J.

The depth profile of high resolution photoelectron spectra at Ga2O3(Gd2O3)/GaAs and Ga2O3/GaAs interfaces have been obtained by using synchrotron radiation beam and low energy Ar+ sputtering. Only one intermediary Ga oxidation state at binding energy similar to 20.3 cV has been observed in the Ga2O3(Gd2O3)/GaAs sample. The data suggest that ...

Enhancement of metallic behavior in bismuth cobaltates through lead doping

  • Batlogg B.
  • Bordet P.
  • Cava R.
  • Godinho M.
  • Jin R.
  • Liu Y.
  • Loureiro S.
  • Nunez-Regueiro M.
  • Qin Y.
  • Young D.
  • Zandbergen H.

Single crystals of Bi2M3Co2Oy phases with M = Ca, Sr, and Ba were synthesized by the flux method. The undoped Ca and Sr analogs are semiconducting while the Ba analog has a metal to semiconductor transition at approximate to 80 K. Pb-substituted single crystals in which Pb partially substitutes for ...

A new degradation model and lifetime extrapolation technique for lightly doped drain nMOSFETs under hot-carrier degradation

  • Croes K.
  • De Ceuninck W.
  • De Schepper L.
  • Dreesen R.
  • Groeseneken G.
  • Manca J.
  • Pergoot A.

The hot-carrier degradation of lightly doped drain nMOSFETs is studied in detail. The degradation proceeds in a two-stage mechanism, involving first a series resistance increase and saturation, followed by a carrier mobility reduction. The degradation behaviour of a characteristic MOSFET parameter is modelled over the complete degradation range, from 0.02 ...

Nanoscale magnetic regions formed in GaN implanted with Mn

  • Abernathy C.
  • Chu S.
  • Hebard A.
  • Lee K.
  • Overberg M.
  • Pearton S.
  • Theodoropoulou N.
  • Wilson R.

Platelet structures with diameters less than 250 A and hexagonal symmetry were formed in GaN by high dose Mn+ ion implantation and annealing at 700-1000 degreesC. Selected-area diffraction pattern analysis indicates that these regions are GaxMn1-xN with a different lattice constant to the host GaN. The presence of the GaMnN ...

Improved gain performance in Yb3+-sensitized Er3+-doped alumina (Al2O3) channel optical waveguide amplifiers

  • Chryssou C.
  • Di Pasquale F.
  • Pitt C.

Small-signal amplification in short, Yb3+-sensitized, Er3+-doped alumina (Al2O3) channel optical waveguides with high Er3+ concentrations is analyzed. Taking into account uniform up-conversion, excited state absorption (ESA) from the Er3+ metastable level (4I(13/2)), and Yb3+ --> Er3+ energy transfer by cross relaxation, the obtainable gain improvements compared to Yb3+-free Er3+-doped Al2O3 ...

Moisture diffusion in epoxy molding compounds filled with particles

  • Suhir E.
  • Uschitsky M.

Mechanical reliability of epoxy molding compounds in plastic packages of integrated circuits (IC) is greatly affected by the compound ability to absorb moisture. Accordingly, the objective of the study is to evaluate the effect of moisture sorption on the mechanical properties of the compound. Experimental studies were conducted to evaluate ...

Comparison of F-2 plasma chemistries for deep etching of SiC

  • Chu S.
  • Lee K.
  • Leerungnawarat P.
  • Pearton S.
  • Ren F.

A number of F-2-based plasma chemistries (NF3, SF6, PF5, and BF3) were investigated for high rate etching of SiC. The most advantageous of these is SF6, based on the high rate (0.6 mum min-l) it achieves and its relatively low cost compared to NF3. The changes in electrical properties of ...

The effect of built-in electric field in GaN/AlGaN quantum wells with high AlN mole fraction

  • Cho A.
  • Chu S.
  • Harel R.
  • Ng H.

Spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization in hexagonal GaN/AlGaN heterostructures give rise to large built-in electric fields. The effect of the builtin electric field in GaN/AlxGa1-xN quantum wells was investigated for x = 0.2 to 0.8 by photoluminescence studies. The quantum well structures were grown by molecular beam epitaxy on (0001) sapphire ...

Mapping the optical intensity distribution in photonic crystals using a near-field scanning optical microscope

  • Campillo A.
  • Hsu J.
  • Rosenberg A.
  • White C.

A near-field optical microscope (NSOM) is used in collection mode to map the optical intensity distribution inside channel glass photonic crystal samples. The intensity distribution at wavelengths spanning the fundamental transmission minimum (i.e., the fundamental photonic band gap) was studied. The dependence of the NSOM signal on tip-sample separation allows ...