Using Shape and Layout Information to Find Signatures, Text and Graphics

  • Hobby J.

The decomposition of a page image into text and various types of non-text elements is a challenging problem important to document analysis problems such as OCR, storage and retrieval, and identifying the sender and recipient of a FAX. A fast classifier based on a skeletonization of the image attempts to ...

Population Dynamics of Resonantly-Excited Carriers in INAs Quantum Dots

  • Birkedal D.
  • Bloch J.
  • Bonadeo N.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Shah J.
  • West K.

Measurement of the dynamics of depopulation of resonantly-excited carriers using high-sensitivity differential transmission technique provides direct information on thermal activation rates of carriers in self-organized quantum dots for the first time.

Femtosecond two-photon photocurrent imaging of VCSELs

  • Chirovsky L.
  • Cunningham J.
  • D'Asaro L.
  • Hobson W.
  • Jan W.
  • Knox W.
  • Lopata J.
  • Xu C.

Two-photon photocurrent imaging is used to nondestructively study the current apertures of VCSELs created by ion implantation. Backside imaging with a femtosecond laser combined with a probe-station is ideal for internal and full wafer characterization.

An Analog 0.25 micron BiCMOS Tailbiting MAP Decoder

  • Gabara T.
  • Hagenauer J.
  • Moerz M.
  • Yan R.

A fully analog 0.25 micron BiCMOS tailbiting MAP decoder with a coding rate of 1/2 has been fabricated and tested. The measured BER values match the simulated results over the full E sub b/N sub o range of 0 to 7dB. The measured transient impulse response indicates an operating rate ...

Quantitative TEM of Point Defects in Si

  • Agarwal A.
  • Eaglesham D.
  • Gossmann H.
  • Venezia V.

We review the use of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to provide a quantitative measurement of both vacancy and interstitial clusters in ion implanted silicon. Interstitials agglomerate into rod-like defects on {311} planes, and the evaporation of these defects can be directly correlated to the diffusion enhancements observed during annealing of ...

Thermal Distortion Predictions of a Silicon Wafer During Exposure in a SCALPEL Tool

  • Gallatin G.
  • Gianoulakis S.
  • Liddle J.
  • Stanton S.

Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories is developing a projection electron lithography system known as SCALPEL for post-optical lithography. SCALPEL employs a full die area patterned mask and a 0.25 mm imaging sub-field which is electronically scanned to provide a 3 mm long "effective field" area. This elemental image area is stitched ...

Monte Carlo Study of High Performance Resists for SCALPEL Nanolithography

  • Blakey M.
  • Kasica R.
  • Li Y.
  • Novembre A.
  • Ocola L.
  • Orphanos P.
  • Sato M.
  • Waskiewicz W.

The semiconductor community continues to push the limits of device dimensions by exploring new high-resolution lithography technology. As part of the SCALPEL lithography resist program, our goal is to be able to print sub-100 nm structures at doses that will permit high throughput, reduce wafer heating and still maintain good ...

Industry Can Be A Great Place For Women Chemists

  • Quan X.

While it has been a long and sometimes hard path for many, increasing numbers of women are finding successful careers in industry. I would like to review some of the changes that have taken place over the years and speculate about some of the strategies and changes we might find ...

Lithography for sub-60 nm resist nanostructures

  • Novembre A.
  • Ocola L.
  • Tennant D.
  • Timp G.

As the semiconductor community continues to follow the SIA Roadmap, resist structures are being printed further into the nanometer domain. However, a persistent issue for successful sub-60 nm resist patterning is mechanical stability at high aspect ratios. The objective of this paper is to understand what processing conditions facilitate processing ...

Audio Coding Using a Psychoacoustic Pre- and Post-Filter

  • Edler B.
  • Schuller G.

A novel concept for perceptual audio coding is presented which is based on the addition of a pre- and post-filter controlled by a psychoacoustic model to a transform coding scheme. This allows to model the temporal and spectral shape of the masked threshold with a resolution independent on the used ...

Inheritance-Based Subtyping

  • Fisher K.
  • Reppy J.

There is a great divide between the study of the foundations off object-oriented languages and the practice of mainstream object-oriented languages like JAVA[AG98] and C++[Str97]. One of the most striking examples of this divide is the role that class inheritance plays in defining subtyping relations. In most foundational descriptions of ...

A 3V Low-Power 0.25microns CMOS 100Mb/s Receiver for Fast Ethernet

  • Leonowich R.
  • Shoaei O.
  • Shoval A.

A 125Mbaud receiver for 10/100 fast ethernet has been implemented in a 3V 0.25microns digital CMOS process. Detailed testing show excellent receiver results with error free performance up to 140m. The analog receiver including an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit with baseline wander correction, an equalizer and a DC offset ...

Shaped Fixed Codebook Search for CELP Coding at Low Bit Rates

  • Erzin E.

This paper presents a new shaped fixed codebook (FCB) search technique for Code Excited Linear Predictive (CELP) coding. The state of art CELP coding techniques operate at rates above 4.0 kbps, as it gets harder to build a good FCB contribution with a minimal bit budget. In this paper the ...

A Configurable S-D Packet Classification Engine With 4 Million pkt/sec Throughput for High Speed Data Networking

  • Singh K.

The device described in this place implements a 2-stage search algorithm for determining the best-match over a set of rules that are described as arbitrary ranges in 5-dimensions. Operating at 66MHz, it can match 4 million packet/sec against a set of 8 independent rule-bases, each with 511 rules. Several configurations ...

Security Management System Functional Architecture for Enterprise Network

  • Erfani S.

A modular security management system (SMS) functional architecture is defined for enterprise network applications. The proposed SMS can accommodate new security services as well as new techniques and technologies. It provides a common platform for the next generation products, which adheres to standard requirements and interfaces.

Phase Modulation to Stabilize Pump Laser With Fiber Grating Feedback

  • Huang S.

The power and spectral instabilities of the 980 nm pump lasers with fiber grating feedback were investigated. A phase modulation scheme was proposed to randomize the relative phase between the laser cavity wave and the returned wave from the fiber grating and demonstrated to stabilize the pump operation.

Analysis and Design of Backbone Architecture Alternatives for IP Optical Networking

  • Baroni S.
  • Eaves J.
  • Kumar M.
  • Qureshi M.
  • Rodriguez-Moral A.
  • Sugerman D.

The unprecedented growth of IP traffic is leading Internet Service Providers and network operators worldwide to investigate architectural alternatives for cost effective, reliable, scalable and flexible multi-terabit IP backbones. In this paper, several overlay, service and transport layer networking architectures, which employ IP, MPLS, SONET/SDH and DWDM technologies, are proposed ...

Achievable Performance of Dynamic Channel Assignment Schemes Under Varying Re-Use Constraints

  • Borst S.
  • Whiting P.

We introduce a reward paradigm to derive novel bounds for the performance of dynamic channel assignment (DCA) schemes. In the case of uniform re-use, our bounds closely approach the performance of Maximum Packing (MP), which is an idealized DCA scheme. This suggests not only that the bounds are extremely tight, ...

Propagation Measurements for Fixed Wireless Loops (FWL) in a Suburban Region with Foliage and Terrain Blockages

  • Amitay N.
  • Damen T.
  • Gans M.
  • Valenzuela R.
  • Yeh Y.

We present the results of propagation measurements for Fixed Wireless Loop. Path-loss measurements were performed and characterized at 45 subscriber locations around a base station antenna located on top of Crawford Hill in Holmdel, NJ. This suburban location is characterized by rolling hills, foliage and terrain blockages. Temporal and horizontal ...

Dependence of In-Band Crosstalk Penalty on the Signal Quality in Optical NetworkSystems

  • Chandrasekhar S.
  • Kim H.

The in-band crosstalk penalty induced at different signal quality (OSNR, extinction ratio) is investigated. Tolerant characteristics of the in-band crosstalk induced penalties to varied signal quality is achieved under optimized receiver decision level.