Multi-Gigahertz Bandwidth FM Response of Two-Electrode DFB Lasers

  • Burrus C.
  • Kaminow T.
  • Koch T.
  • Koren U.
  • Kuznetsov M.
  • Raybon G.
  • Willner A.

We characterize experimentally and theoretically the multi-GHz FM response of a two-section DFB laser. We demonstrate a response magnitude >1 GHz/mA and the widest reported FM bandwidth of ~5GHz which includes a relaxation resonance peak.

Compact Modelocked Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser at 1GHz Repetition Rates

  • Sizer T.
  • Walker S.

Presented is a compact laser system which combines a GaP modelocker and a diode pumped Nd:YAG laser to produce pulses at 1GHz repetition rates.

From Chromium to High T sub c Superconductivity

  • Graebner J.

This talk is a review of a number of projects in which the speaker has been involved, including properties of glasses at low temperatures, localization of electrons and phonons in disordered systems, and thermal properties of high-temperature superconductors.

Low Pump Threshold Cavity Design for Ti:Sapphire Lasers

  • Sizer T.

A Ti:Sapphire laser cavity has been designed and tested for low threshold operation. A reduction in the pump threshold of a factor of 5 was found compared to the more conventional configuration.

Knowledge Representation

  • Brachman R.

In some respects, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is hardly a single field of study, covering as it does problems such as natural language understanding, computer vision, medical diagnosis, automatic planning, and learning. Yet despite this diversity, virtually all AI work is built on the same foundation-the belief that intelligent behavior can ...

Scope and Nonmonotonic Reasoning

  • Etherington D.
  • Kraus S.
  • Perlis D.

Autocircumscription was introduced in part to modularize circumscription into a consistency part and a default part. We have found, to our surprise, that putting the two parts together can actually provide a stronger default mechanism than unmodularized circumscription. This depends in part on an assessment of the `scope` of reasoning, ...

The Opening Up of Communications -- Towards Wideband Telecommunications

  • Lucky R.

For a century telecommunications services have been restricted to fit into a 3000 Hz channel. Now we are beginning to see the glimmer of both an ability and a demand to provide wideband services. On the ability side, optical technology is doubling the capacity of lightwave communication links each year. ...

Exciton Scattering and Localization by Interface Potential Fluctuations in GaAs/AlGaAs Multi-Quantum-Wells

  • Brener I.
  • Cohen E.
  • Ehrenfreund E.
  • Olszakier M.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Ron A.

We offer a novel method to distinguish between localized and extended exciton states in multi-quantum-well (MQW) structures by analyzing the LO-phonon sidebands (PSB) of the exciton photoluminescence. We then use this method to estimate the 'island' size on which the excitons are localized.

Glasses as Nonlinear Photonic Materials

  • Jackel J.
  • Krol D.
  • Vogel E.

The success of photonic switching depends on the development of materials and devices that are capable of processing light signals without converting it to electronic form. Glasses are promising materials for all - optical devices because of their fast responding nonlinearities and low absorption.

Traffic Administration of a Corporate Wide Area Network

  • Gottfrid J.
  • Jidarian S.
  • Shapiro D.
  • Sheng D.

In this talk we will report on the development of a traffic administration software system planned for use in administering a private AT&T Corporate Wide-Area Network (CWAN). CWAN is a nationwide network which provides transport of AT&T internal asynchronous data traffic for 80,000 terminals (including personal computers) which access 10 ...

Evolution of Instabilities in Laterally Heated Slots

  • Simpkins P.

Convective instabilities in laterally heated cavities can originate from different sources depending on the relative scales of the controlling parameters. This talk will review the state-of-the-art for such systems and compare recent experimental observations with contemporary stability analyses. Particular attention will be given to cavities of finite aspect ratio filled ...

Low-Temperature Multi-Phase Adsorption of H sub 2 S on Ni(001) and Cu(001)

  • Citrin P.
  • Hashizume T.
  • Macdowell A.
  • Mcgrath R.
  • Sette F.

The adsorption of H sub 2 S on Ni(001) and Cu(001) has been studied with NEXAFS and SEXAFS as a function of temperature and coverage. These data represent the first results from the new AT&T Bell Laboratories X15B beamline at the National Synchrotron Light Source. Substantial improvements in beam stability, ...

Doped Glassy Carbon Materials (DGC): Their Synthesis and Investigation of Their Properties

  • Alsmeyer D.
  • Callstrom M.
  • Mccreery R.
  • Neenan T.

Remarkable properties of glassy carbon include its chemical inertness, thermal stability, hardness, impermeability to gases and liquids, and electrical conductivity. Current approaches to glassy carbon materials require high temperatures (~ 1000 - 3000C) unavoidably driving off small molecules and resulting in an organic solid composed of carbon with less than ...

Ion-Beam-Induced Metal-Insulator Transition in YBa sub 2 Cu sub 3 0 sub (7-delta): A Mobility Edge?

  • Anzlowar M.
  • Baldwin K.
  • Dynes R.
  • Garno J.
  • Levi A.
  • Short K.
  • Valles J.
  • White A.

We have studied the temperature- dependent resistivity and Hall coefficient of epitaxial YBa sub 2 Cu sub 3 0 sub (7-delta) films as a function of ion-beam-induced damage. At low ion fluences the films behave like typical metals above the superconducting transition. At higher ion fluences, the material goes continuously ...

Temperature-Dependent Variances of Distributions of Oxide Breakdown and Electromigration Failure Times

  • Chan C.

The standard accelerated-life-test model assumes a lognormal distribution of failure times. While the dependence of the median time-to-failure on stress has been studied extensively, the dependence of the variance of 1n t (sigma sup 2) on stress has been largely neglected. A number of theoretical and experimental studies show sigma ...

Speech and Image Processing for Human/Machine Communication

  • Flanagan J.

Transmission advances over the next few years will provide pervasive switched digital capacity. Adundant bandwidth will facilitate multimedia communication among humans, and between humans and machines. A challenge lies in utilizing the capacity thoughtfully, and in matching information formats to the sensory capabilities of humans. This discussion draws a perspective ...

User Profile

  • Golkosky J.

What do you use Mirror for: PC to PC communications via ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) B-channel 64 kbps and D-channel 16 kbps paths as well as PC to UNIX(R) host communications via Datakit(R) VCS (a Virtual Circuit Switch for data communications) including automated emulation and multi-protocol file exchange control.

Fermi-Level-Pinning Induced Surface Segregation of Dopants in Delta-Doped Semiconductors

  • Jordan A.
  • Kopf R.
  • Kuo J.
  • Luftman H.
  • Schubert E.

In delta-doped Al sib x Ga sub (1-x) As:Si strongly localized dopant distributions with diffusion lengths <= 11angstroms can be achieved at low substrate temperatures of 500C during growth by molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE). However, at higher growth temperatures asymmetric dopant profiles are observed which exhibit an enhanced motion to the ...

The Dependence of SIMS Relative Sensitivity Factor on Matrix Composition for B, As, O and C IN Si sub x Ge sub (1-x)

  • Geva M.
  • Green M.
  • Stevie F.

Si sub x Ge sub (1-x) (0<=x<=1) Si epitaxial structures are increasingly attracting attention for applications ranging from heterojunction bipolar transistors to optical detectors. Quantitative SIMS analysis is an essential tool in all stages of Si-Ge device development, from material growth to processing and reliability. SIMS serves to determine dopant ...

Miscellaneous 5ESS(R) Switch Performance Viewgraphs

  • Meier-Hellstern K.
  • Wirth P.

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