Narrowband Double-Pass Wavelength Filter with Broad Tuning Range

  • Alferness R.
  • Buhl L.
  • Heismann F.
  • Warzanskyj W.

We demonstrate a novel double-pass integrated-optical wavelength filter with a bandwidth of only 6angstroms. The Ti:LiNbO sub 3 waveguide filter is designed for operation at 1.52microns and can be electro-optically tuned over at least 160angstroms.

High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy of Semiconductor Interfaces and Surfaces

  • Gibson J.

With the currently available resolution of transmission electron microscopes, high-resolution imaging of cubic semiconductors has become relatively routine. It can be particularly useful in the study of interfaces, which are very important in the electronics industry.

Integrated High-Speed Ti:LiNbO sub 3 DELTA bata - Reversal Switch Circuit

  • Buhl L.
  • Herr D.
  • Korotky S.
  • Murphy T.
  • Veselka J.

We report Ti:LiNbO sub 3 devices intended for time-multiplexed switching environments that consist of several integrated high-speed DELTA bata-reversal directional couplers. Measurements of both the coupler and inter- coupler crosstalk up to multi-GHz frequencies are presented.

Fast Code Generators from Short Specifications

  • Fraser C.

A new code generator accepts compact specifications of the intermediate code and target machine and produces an integrated, hard-coded code generator and peephole optimizer. A C compiler using this package is under construction; for preliminary benchmarks, it has been competitive with compilers that use hand-coded code generators.

Automatic Generation of Fast Optimizing Code Generators

  • Fraser C.
  • Wendt A.

Introduction: This paper describes a system that accepts compact specifications of an intermediate code and target machine and produces program code for an integrated code generator and peephole optimizer. A compiler for most of C uses this package. It emits code comparable to pcc1's, but it runs over five times ...

Optical Digital Computers - Devices and Architecture

  • Huang A.

Introduction: Advances in computation are being limited by communication considerations. The fastest transistors switch in 5 picoseconds whereas the fastest computer runs with a 5 nanosecond clock. This three orders of magnitude disparity in speed can be traced to communication constraints such as connectivity and bandwidth.

A Resonant DC-to-DC Converter Operating at 22 Megahertz

  • Balicki J.
  • Bowman W.
  • Dickens F.
  • Honeycutt R.
  • Nitz W.
  • Strauss W.
  • Suiter W.
  • Ziesse N.

A resonant dc-to-dc converter operating at 22 Mhz is described. Solutions are presented to a number of problems, including MOSFET gate drive and rectifier diode capacitance, that have seriously limited the performance of high frequency converters operating with useful input and output voltages.

A New Family of Resonant Rectifier Circuits for High Frequency DC-DC Converter Applications

  • Bowman W.
  • Dickens F.
  • Magalhaes F.
  • Nitz W.
  • Strauss W.
  • Suiter W.
  • Ziesse N.

This paper describes a new class of rectification circuits capable of efficient operation at very high frequencies. These rectifiers use naturally occurring component parasitics to control the switching of the diodes, thereby minimizing parasitic ringing and improving rectification efficiency.

Lasing Monolithic Microresonator Arrays

  • English J.
  • Gossard A.
  • Jewell J.
  • Lee Y.
  • Mccall S.
  • Scherer A.

Monolithic structures 1-5microns across have been formed by etching on an epitaxially grown GaAs-AlAs nonlinear etalon. Previously we reported use of these structures as optical gates. Here we report use of these structures as optically pumped lasers.

Measurement of the Pressure Dependence of the Direct Bandgap of In sub 0.53 Ga sub 0.47 As Using Stimulated Emission

  • Cho A.
  • Jayaraman A.
  • People R.
  • Sivco D.
  • Wecht K.

Stimulated emission, obtainable at high optical pumping levels, has been used to follow the pressure dependence of the I-band gap of molecular beam epitaxial In sub 0.53 Ga sub 0.47 As on (001) InP. Hydrostatic pressure was generated using a diamond anvil cell and all measurements were made at room ...

Multi-Frame Approach for Parameter Estimation of a Physiological Model of Speech Production

  • Larar J.
  • Schroeter J.
  • Sondhi M.

In this paper, we address the problem of how to accommodate varying speaker characteristics by selecting appropriate control parameters for a vocal tract/vocal cord model. This problem is basic to speech coding based on articulatory modeling.

ISDN Overview

  • Kraft T.

This talk describes in general terms the ISDN technology. It gives the basic definition of ISDN and shows the structure of the basic rate interface.

An Automated Verification System for Finite State Machines

  • Woo N.

This paper describes an automated verification system that checks if an input finite state machine satisfies specifications for them. The finite state machine is represented in the FSM language, while specifications are represented in a language derived from a temporal logic. The verification system reports how verifications proceed and, in ...

Distortion of the Frequency Modulation Spectrum of Semiconductor Lasers by Weak Optical Feedback

  • Derosier R.
  • Lucero A.
  • Tkach R.

Weak optical feedback is observed to cause large deviations from flat frequency modulation response in 1.5microns DFB lasers. Peak-to-valley ripple of more than a factor of 15 is generated by a feedback level of -39 dB.

Fabrication of Gatable Submicron Channels in AlGaAs-GaAs Heterostructures

  • Chang A.
  • Chang T.
  • Owusu-Sekyere K.

A new, simplied process has been developed for fabricating submicron Al sub (x) Ga sub (1-x) As-GaAs heterostructure devices for low temperature transport studies, with the advantage of gatability. This process utilizes electron beam lithography, photolithography, and wet-etching techniques to laterally confine the two dimensional electron gas (2DEG), and possesses ...

High-Transconductance Heterostructure Ga sub .47 In sub .53 As/InP Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors Grown by Chemical Beam Epitaxy

  • Feuer M.
  • Mankiewich P.
  • Schubert E.
  • Tsang W.

Heterostructure Ga sub 47 In sub 53 As/InP metal-insulator- semiconductor field-effect transistors (MISFET) have been grown by chemical beam epitaxy. The SiO sub 2 insulator is on top of an InP layer; current transport occurs, however, in an adjacent n-type Ga sub .47 In sub .53 As:Sn layer.

Integrated Services versus Integrated Transport

  • Luderer G.

ISDN defines an integrated access interface to accept and deliver any information in digital form. Future network architectures can support such services either through integrated transport or on separate transport networks.

Ghost Proximity Correction Technique: Its Parameters, Limitations, and Process Latitude

  • Kostelak R.

Electron beam lithography is ideally suited for the fabrication of integrated circuits with submicron features and high packing density, because of its inherent high resolution and accurate pattern placement. However, pattern fidelity of these resolution patterns is seriously limited by the undesirable exposure of the resist due to the scattering ...

Ceramics and Superconductors

  • Johnson D.

The new family of high T sub c oxide superconductors are electronic ceramic materials. This overview talk will categorize the field of advanced ceramics emphasizing electronic ceramics and finally superconducting ceramics. The history of superconductors along with the recent advances in oxide superconductors will be reviewed.

Effect of Extent of Cure on Polymer Network Properties

  • Pratt M.
  • Quan X.

Siloxane networks formed by the vinyl-addition curing mechanism often contain excess silane groups to improve the curing kinetics. These silanes are reactive, and a network that nominally is fully cured can undergo further reaction, or post-curing, to form additional cross-links, leading to an increase in modulus with time.