Some Principles of Data Analysis

  • Mallows C.
  • Pregibon D.

We review data analysis as one part of statistical practice, to be usefully distinguished from the application of formal statistical techniques, by which we mean experimental design, hypothesis testing, estimation, likelihood and Bayesian calculations.

Dynamics of Photogenerated Solitons in Trans-Polyacetylene

  • Baker G.
  • Etemad S.
  • Jedju T.
  • Rothberg L.

Time-resolved absorption using probe wavelengths of 2.5-5.5microns has been used to study photoexcitations in the quasi-one-dimensional semiconductor, trans-polyacetylene. Our apparatus has 0.5 ps resolution, sufficient to observe the decay of the photogenerated charged soliton pairs which form after intrachain excitation of electron-hole pairs. The tunability of our apparatus permits us ...

Bringing Statistical Computing and Graphics into the 1980's

  • Becker R.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 020185.

Product and Process Design for Quality and Cost, and the Taguchi Method (NOT KNOWN IF PUBLISHED BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Dehnad K.
  • Phadke M.

Robust product and process design is an important technique for achieving high quality at low cost. It involves making the product's function least sensitive to various sources of noise such as manufacturing variation, environmental variation and deterioration.

Subscriber Control of Private Networks

  • Frank R.
  • Kujawinski G.
  • Peek L.
  • Rajala D.
  • Williams J.

The use of telecommunication services by business and other large institutional subscribers has had a profound impact on the evolution of the telecommunications industry. As available services and needs have grown, many enterprises where efficient communication is essential to the success of their business, have found it increasingly important to ...

Origin of Excess Capacitance at Epitaxial Silicide Contacts

  • Anzlowar M.
  • Levi A.
  • Pinto M.
  • Tung R.
  • Werner J.

The physical origin of the excess capacitance at single crystal, epitaxial type-A and type-B NiSi sub 2 Schottky contacts has been identified. To our suprise, and in stark contrast to previous interpretations, we show that the excess capacitance occurring in forward biased diodes is] caused by minority carriers that are ...

Quality Technology to Improve the Product Life Cycle

  • Hooper J.

The successful implementation of quality technology throughout the product life cycle is a key to shortening the design and manufacturing interval and improving product performance.

Distributed Computing Performance Evaluation (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Fenlon M.
  • Mendiratta V.

As networking becomes more a part of the way computing work is done, managing the network becomes increasingly important. Effective use of computer and networking resources will require an overall approach to managing the resources. The goal of managing a network is to use the network and its resources to ...

Multivariable Feedback Loop Closures: An Approach by Exterior Algebra

  • Seshadri V.

The ubiquity of the matrix inverse in multivariable linear systems can be attributed to the multivariable feedback loop control prevalent in such systems. Consequently, exterior algebras designed explicitly for the analysis of inverse can be of assistance in multivariable systems associated with feedback control.

Rayleigh-Benard Convection in Pure and Binary Fluids

  • Kolodner P.

We describe flow-visualization studies of the onset of convection in ethanol-water mixtures for Psi in the range -0.56 to -0.05. Convection is triggered by exponentially growing oscillations at the frequency of the oscillatory instability with a growth rate which is linearly proportional to the Rayleigh number, R - Rco. These ...

Software Quality and Reliability Basics

  • Musa J.

PREFACE: There are three large general classes of people who have a need for information on software reliability measurement.

Measuring Software Reliability

  • Musa J.

PREFACE: There are three large general classes of people who have a need for information on software reliability measurement.

Electronic Devices Using Multilayer Structures

  • Luryi S.

Intersubband transitions stimulated by an infrared lightwave propagating in the plane of a two-dimensional electron gas are accompanied by a "photon-drag" current due to the momentum imparted by the absorbed photons.

Synthesis and Characterization of Semiconductor Clusters

  • Steigerwald M.

A novel interfacial organometallic reaction yielding CdSe semiconductor clusters in the ~15 to 50angstroms diameter range has been found in reverse micelle microemulsions. The synthesis affords reproducible and precise size control. Direct electron microscope imaging of cluster structure shows the clusters to be three dimensional zinc-blende crystallites. The presence of ...

A Note of The Trade-Off Between Sampling and Quantization in Signal Processing

  • Lee D.
  • Pavlidis T.
  • Wasilkowski G.

We discuss the trade-off between sampling and quantization in signal processing for the purpose of minimizing the error of the reconstructed signal subject to the constraint that the digitized signal fits in a given amount of memory. For signals with different regularities, we estimate the intrinsic errors from finite sampling ...

The Design and Interpretation of Accelerated Life Tests for Printed Circuit Products

  • Luvalle N.
  • Mitchell J.

Current trends in the printed circuit industry are forcing changes in the methods used for evaluating reliability. Shortened development cycles, higher circuit densities, the use of new materials, and expanded operating conditions are driving the development of faster, more accurate methods of evaluating the reliability of new technologies.

VIRTUAL GATE ARRAY - A Knowledge-Based Automated Design Style

  • Kane J.
  • Liu J.
  • Noronha L.
  • Srinivas N.
  • Taylor S.
  • Wu K.

In this paper, we present an automatic procedure to generate a verified silicon layout from a netlist, vectors, and IO specification. While previous chip design systems have focused on automating a single design task such as simulation, layout or DRC, the Virtual Gate Array (VGA) system provides an automated process ...

Islanding and Surface Diffusion in Semiconductor Heterostructures

  • Fisanick G.
  • Gossmann H.

Surface diffusion and related phenomena such as islanding play an important role during growth of strained layer structures by molecular beam epitaxy.

An Expandable Array Processor For Implementing The Simplex Linear Programming Algorithm

  • Aaron C.

This paper presents an architecture along with the related data and control flow to implement the Simplex linear programming algorithm.

Central Office Switching - Implications of Tomorrow's Technology

  • Milner M.

The rapid advances now underway in technologies related to telecommunications promise to dramatically effect the network in the 1990s. This talk will focus on three key areas of technological change; photonics, microelectronics, and software.