Solder Bump Chip Attachment on a Silicon Substrate

  • Bartlett C.
  • Bertram W.

AT&T Bell Laboratories has developed an Advanced VLSI Packaging (AVP) technology that offers significant advantages to system and circuit designers. The advantages of this technology include minimal spacing between chips (500 micron), high density of chips on the final printed wiring board, low inductance power and ground distribution. low capacitance ...

The DADO/DSP Multiprocessor and Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition

  • Gorin A.
  • Shively R.

Large vocabulary speech recognition is a computationally intensive problem, which can require orders of magnitude acceleration over uniprocessors to achieve real-time performance. Also, there is still much algorithm development work to be done, which requires a programmable computer rather than a fixed implementation. Thus, the investigation of parallel computers and ...

Maximal Antiramsey Graphs and the Strong Chromatic Number, II. The Nonbipartite Case

  • Burr S.
  • Erdos P.
  • Graham R.

We will study here certain problems that combine elements of Ramsey theory, extremal theory, and the theory of the strong chromatic number of hypergraphs. If H is a hypergraph, define the strong chromatic number XS(H) to be the minimum number of colors required to color the vertices in such a ...

The Lead-Acid Battery -- An Overview of its Operation and Maintenance

  • Fiorino M.
  • Landwehrle R.

A workshop on the lead-acid battery, an integral part of the telecommunications power plant, is to be conducted at the National Energy Systems Symposium sponsored by the Energy Systems BMO. Included in the first half of the presentation will be a brief review of the history of this system. The ...

Magnetic Properties of Metallic Superlattices

  • Gyorgy E.

The recent work on magnetic properties of coherent metallic superlattices will be discussed with the emphasis placed on rare-earth modulated structures. The evidence for the approach to two dimensional magnetic behavior and for the interaction through the nonmagnetic layers will be reviewed. In addition various possible distributions of the magnetization ...

Version Control in the Inscape Environment

  • Perry D.

We present the important issues to be considered in version control mechanisms and characterize and compare the kinds of version control systems extant in current programming environments. We then characterize Inscape's version control mechanism, Invariant, and show that it makes several significant advances in the state of the art. Using ...

Panther: A Specification System for Graphical Controls

  • Helfman J.

A system for specifying graphical user-interface modules, called panther, is currently being developed. Panther interface modules may be any combination of menus and control panels. Modules specification is done by editing a textual table, or form, which displays all of a module's relevant data at once. Hierarchies of related modules ...

Rheological Behavior of Low-Surface-Area Particulate Silica/Sols in the Presence of F sup (-) Ions

  • Kopylov N.
  • Rabinovich E.

Gelation of particulate silica sols (which we have previously called 'colloidal sols') is a reversible thixotropic process. When low constant shear stress is applied to the gel, its viscosity initially decreases and then increases. If the gel is stirred to restore flowability, its initial viscosity depends on the amount of ...

A Training Procedure for a Segment Based Network Approach to Isolated Word Recognition

  • Soong F.

Even for isolated word recognition, the word-model-based approach is inadequate for certain applications where the performance is limited by possible endpointing errors, by the inefficiency of the word model in representing different pronunciations for the same word or by the weak capability of the model for discriminating minimal word pairs. ...

Research UNIX(R) Filesystems

  • Weinberger P.

File system types were introduced into our version of UNIX (R) several years ago. This is and abstraction, similar to the device drivers, for implementing any object for which the natural operations are read, write, etc. The early applications were a network file system and new hooks for debugging. Recently ...

Polarization Dispersion and Principal States in a 147 km Undersea Lightwave Cable

  • Bergano N.
  • Nathu V.
  • Poole C.
  • Schulte H.
  • Wagner R.

We describe measurements of polarization dispersion in a 147 km undersea lightwave cable at 1.56 micron. The wavelength dependence of the transmitted state of polarization was measured and interpreted in terms of the principle states description of polarization dispersion to determine the difference in the propagation delay time for the ...

Neural Network Chips and Applications

  • Jackel L.

This talk reviews work done at Holmdel on designing and building chips that function as electronic neural networks. These include a 22x22 thin film resistor array, a 54 x 54 VLSI network with programmable synapses, and a 256 x 2456 VLSI network with fixed resistor synapses. The talk also describes ...

A Multi-Representation, Bitmap Interface to the UNIX TM File System Constructed from Cooperating Processes

  • Blewett C.
  • Edmark J.
  • Helfman J.
  • Wish M.

FM is a prototype file manager which can be used for such purposes as browsing, reorganizing, cleaning up, and modifying UNIX directories and files. It is comprised of two new programs, graphmod, along with Pike's sam text editor. The associated processes work together by means of another program which provides ...

Online Search Strategies for Engineering Databases

  • Hawkins D.

According to the Engineers Council for Professional Development, engineering is "the creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design"[1]. Even though this definition is broad and far-reaching, it helps to set the ...

Fundamental Limits of VLSI

  • Sze S.

Since the beginning of the integrated-circuit era in 1958, the minimum device dimension for commercial integrated circuits has been reduced at an annual rate of about 13%. At this rate, the minimum device dimensions will shrink to 0.5 micron in the year 1990 and to 0.1 micron around year 2000. ...

The Effect of ISDN and LAN on Integrated Online Library Systems

  • Penniman W.

As librarians shift their emphasis from exclusively printed material to electronic databases, the need for effective information highways to carry the growing volume of data will become critical. Evolving telecommunications technologies including ISDN and LAN can play a major role in interconnections of systems and creation of library networks provided ...

Secondary Ion Yield Changes in Si and GaAs Due to Topography Changes During Ion Bombardment

  • Chi P.
  • Kahora P.
  • Simons D.
  • Stevie F.

Changes in secondary ion yield of matrix and dopant species have been correlated with changes in surface topography during O2+ bombardment of Si and GaAs. In Si, profiles were measured in (100) and (111) wafers at 6 keV impact energy. A yield increase of about 50% occurred for Si+ in ...

Is Present-Day Accelerated Reliability Testing Adequate for Surface Mount Attachment Evaluation?

  • Engelmaier W.

The MIL-specs, whether required or not, that have been used on SMT assemblies typically involve temperature cycling with the temperature extremes ranging from -65% C to +150 degrees C. These thermal cycling/thermal shock testing regimens are purported to assure the reliability of SMT assemblie, in particular the reliability of the ...

Natural Convective Immersion Cooling with Near-Critical Fluids

  • Hsu Y.
  • Lee Y.

An investigation of a natural convective immersion cooling method using near-critical fluids as the cooling medium is pursued. Compared to single phase methods, this proposal has a higher power dissipation capability than that of normal natural convection. Compared to two phase methods, the present proposal avoids overshoot and enhanced corrosion ...