Generating Two Independent Optical Signals from a Single Directly Reflectivity Modulated Laser

We report a proof-of-concept directly reflectivity modulated laser (DRML) allowing for generating two independent optical signals by modulating the reflectivity of two cavity mirrors. To our best knowledge, this is the first demonstration that a single laser allows multiple direct data modulations.

Performance Metrics for Communication Systems with Forward Error Correction

We revisit performance metrics for optical communication systems with FEC. We illustrate the concept of universality, crucial for using performance thresholds. We discuss the most widespread performance thresholds in optical communications and show how to include FEC into transmission experiments for best possible performance estimation.

Optical Communications for Short Reach

We review the evolution of fiber-optic communication systems employing intensity modulation and direct detection through several generations, present how chromatic dispersion both prevents and facilitates larger bitrate-distance products, and conclude on the potential of DSP-enabled direct detection.

Information Rate of Probabilistically Shaped QAM with Non-Ideal Forward Error Correction

Simulations and experiments using probabilistically shaped QAM quantify the impact of non-ideal coding on the information rate. A coding gap induces an information rate loss that increases with the underlying constellation size, favoring lower-order QAM templates.

Mitigation of Passive Intermodulation on Planar Microstrip Circuits with Distributed Current-Driven Nonlinearities

This paper presents a simple technique for effective mitigation of passive intermodulation generated in planar microwave circuits fabricated on commercial printed circuit board laminates. The proposed procedure is based on covering the edges of a microstrip lines with a material of a high dielectric constant, which reduces the electric field ...

On the basics of Conditional Handover for 5G mobility

We are studying the mobility performance, outage and the signaling overhead of conditional handover (CHO) in Fifth Generation New Radio (5G NR) environment with challenging mobility. We observe that CHO will bring mobility robustness and outage gain but could lead to significant increase in signaling if not properly parameterized. Also, ...

A Low-Complexity Near-Optimal Detector for Multispan Zero-Dispersion Fiber-Optic Channels

We design a novel receiver based on the theoretical finding that the linear phase noise is uncorrelated with the nonlinear phase noise. The implementation of the proposed receiver is straightforward and it performs almost equally to the optimal detector at a much lower complexity.

Low-Complexity Polarization Coding for PDL-Resilience

We propose a new and low-complexity 4D-signaling that ensures polarization-multiplexed systems to be robust against polarization dependent loss. For 16QAM modulation at 0.85-coding rate, the required SNR for error-free transmission on a 6dB-PDL channel is relaxed by 0.5 dB.

On the Performance of Spatially Correlated Large Antenna Arrays for Millimeter-Wave Frequencies

Presents corrections to funding information in the paper, On the Performance of Spatially Correlated Large Antenna Arrays for Millimeter-Wave Frequencies, (Neil, C., et al), IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol. 66, no. 1, pp. 132-148, Jan. 2018.

A Modeling Procedure of the Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy for Ionic Liquids

The dielectric spectroscopy (DS) measurement is an attractive noninvasive method to reveal the intrinsic information of biological materials and cell cultures. However, the presence of a double layer due to electrode polarization within the lower RF and microwave range significantly affects the accurate analysis of dielectric properties of ionic liquids. ...

Low Resolution Digital Pre-Compensation Enabled by Digital Resolution Enhancer

Digital pre-compensation (DPC) is an indispensable block of state-of-the-art optical transceivers, and a key enabler for high order modulation formats (HOMFs) transmission. A crucial component, which enables the transmission of the precompensated HOMFs, is the digital-to-analog-converter (DAC). However, as data and symbol-rates grow, the implementation of such devices becomes highly ...

Integrated Hybrid Wavelength-tunable III-V/Silicon transmitter based on ring-assisted Mach-Zehnder interferometer modulator

  • Brenot R.
  • De Valicourt G.
  • Dong P.
  • Eggleston M.
  • Kim K.
  • Lee S.
  • Zhu C.

We demonstrate a wavelength-tunable hybrid III-V/Si transmitter based on a Vernier laser with more than 30 nm tuning range and two microring modulators nested in a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. This transmitter circuit has versatile operating modes. It can be used for OOK generation based on low drive voltage push-pull ring modulators ...

Optimization of code lines and time of access to information through object-relational mapping (ORM) using alternative tools of connection to database management systems (DBMS)

The present article presents a comparison between technologies used in the development of C# language systems for access to information in database management systems. The method used has been the classic for the input of information with some steps of data persistence to perform the modeling of information with the ...

5G RAN optimizations through radio shared data layer (RSDL)

This paper presents the challenges that are currently faced during X2/Xn handovers. Messages are exchanged between source and target eNBs over X2/Xn interface during handovers. This mechanism is quite inefficient due to messaging overheads, timers, retries and failures like message validation and resource unavailability. The paper proposes optimizations in the ...

Field experimental evaluation of higher rank MIMO in quad-directional UE antenna configuration for 5G radio access system

This paper presents field experiments on the downlink performance of a 5G radio access system employing higher rank MIMO in the quad-directional antenna configuration at UE side comparing the uni-directional antenna configuration in typical small cell environments. Each antenna branch of the quad-directional antenna directs for intervals of 90 degrees ...

An RNS-Based Forwarding Approach To Implement SFC

  • Hu Z.
  • Zhao M.

Because of the more and more diversified service, SFC needs to be dynamically and feasibly implemented. Thanks to NFV and SDN ideas, the new SFC architecture is defined to meet the requirements in the IETF. Based on the OpenFlow, the approach of the single flow table is used to implement ...

Virtual reality experience as a stress recovery solution in workplace

This paper reports a study exploring the possibilities of virtual reality (VR) and head mounted display as a stress recovery solution for workplace. Commercially available low-cost head mounted display (HMD) was used for presenting three different 360° videos of nature scenes, -sounds and calm music. Six experiment sessions were arranged ...

Low-Profile Miniaturized Coaxial Cavity Resonators and Filters

  • Bulja S.
  • Dmitry Kozlov
  • Doumanis E.

A new class of coaxial cavity filters with low-profile is proposed. The additional benefits of the technology include: volume reduction, high performance, and superior spurious free-response. The proposed resonator consists of a cavity enclosure and three metallic conductors; an outer hollow cylinder, an inner hollow cylinder protruding the cavity from ...

Typhoon: An SDN Enhanced Real-Time Big Data Streaming Framework

  • Chang H.
  • Cho J.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Mukherjee S.
  • Van Der Merwe J.

Current big data streaming frameworks focus mainly on the scalability of real-time stream data processing, and are not flexible, controllable, and programmable enough to accomodate dynamic streaming application needs. For example, current frameworks do not deal well with use cases like updating routing and computation logic, or enabling live debugging ...

Simple optoelectronic frequency-offset estimator for coherent optical OFDM

  • Corcoran B.
  • Jignesh J.
  • Lowery A.
  • Zhu C.

We propose a carrier frequency-offset estimator for optical OFDM systems using off-the-shelf optical components and simple digital processing as a replacement for the purely digital signal processing using the cyclostationarity property of optical OFDM signals with cyclic prefix. Simulations show the system accuracy of < 4% estimate error within the ...