Reverberation chambers for testing LTE wireless communication systems

Reverberation chambers are successfully adopted to test last generation wireless communication systems. The aim is the replication of realistic propagation condition in outdoor and indoor situations where the multipath contribution statistically overlaps to the direct path between the base station and the user terminal. The insertion of quantified absorbing materials ...

Raman Fibre Laser Based Amplification in Long-haul/ Unrepeatered Coherent Transmission Systems

  • Ian. D. Phillips
  • Md Asif Iqbal
  • Mingming Tan
  • Paul Harper
  • Pawe³ Rosa
  • Sergei K. Turitsyn
  • Thai Le S.

The paper reviews recent advances of Raman fibre laser (RFL) based amplification techniques in long-haul/unrepeatered coherent transmission systems. Different aspects of theRFL based amplification have been characterised, including signal power distributions and relative intensity noise (RIN). Various RFL based amplifier designs were evaluated in long-haul coherent transmission systems. The results ...

A Multi-objective Heuristic for the Optimization of Virtual Network Function Chain Placement

  • Grigorjew A.
  • Jarschel M.
  • Lange S.
  • Tran-Gia P.
  • Zinner T.

The Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) paradigm offers network operators benefits in terms of cost efficiency, vendor independence, as well as flexibility and scalability. However, in order to profit most from these features, new challenges in the area of management and orchestration of the virtual network functions (VNFs) need to be ...

Video processing for virtual cockpit over 5G networks

  • Becirbasic D.
  • Lukac Z.
  • Molnar M.
  • Samardzija D.

Autonomous driving is the next breakthrough in automotive industry. Although the current achievements are very promising we still envision applications in which a certain level of assistance from the remote operator would be required. The goal of the project is to realize a semi-autonomous driving platform prototype with low-latency control/command ...

Video-processing platform for semi-autonomous driving over 5G networks

  • ŽLukaä?
  • Becirbasic D.
  • Molnar M.
  • Samard D.

Semi-autonomous driving is a huge technological step, but it also introduces a range of new challenges. Real-time control, selection and development of hardware platform, data transfer and development of algorithms are just a small collection of technical challenges to fully take advantages of such a system. The focus of this ...

H.265 inverse transform FPGA implementation in Impulse C

High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), a modern video compression standard, exceeds the predecessor H.264 in efficiency by 50%, but with cost of increased complexity. It is one of main research topics for FPGA engineers working on image compression algorithms. On the other hand high-level synthesis tools after few years of ...

Hierarchical Context Modeling for Video Event Recognition

  • Ji Q.
  • Wang X.

Current video event recognition research remains largely target-centered. For real-world surveillance videos, target-centered event recognition faces great challenges due to large intra-class target variation, limited image resolution, and poor detection and tracking results. To mitigate these challenges, we introduced a context-augmented video event recognition approach. Specifically, we explicitly capture different ...

64 x 0.5 Gbaud Nonlinear Frequency Division Multiplexed Transmissions with High Order Modulation Formats

  • Buelow H.
  • Le S.

Nonlinear frequency division multiplexing (NFDM) with the modulation of the nonlinear Fourier spectrum (both discrete and continuous parts), have been recently considered as a promising transmission method to combat fiber nonlinearity impairments. In this paper, we experimentally demonstrate the generation, detection and transmission performance of NFDM systems where the transmitted ...

Energy-Spectral Efficiency Tradeoffs in 5G Multi-Operator Networks With Heterogeneous Constraints

  • Aydin O.
  • Aziz D.
  • Jorswieck E.
  • Zappone A.

Along with spectral efficiency (SE), energy efficiency (EE) is a key performance metric for the design of 5G and beyond 5G (B5G) wireless networks. At the same time, infrastructure sharing among multiple operators has also emerged as a new trend in wireless communication networks. This paper presents an optimization framework ...

Millimeter Wave Communications for Future Mobile Networks

  • Bjornson E.
  • Cli
  • Dai L.
  • Ghosh A.
  • Huang Y.
  • Karagiannidis G.
  • Li Y.
  • Matthaiou M.
  • Mumtaz S.
  • Xiao M.
  • Yang K.

Millimeter wave (mmWave) communications have recently attracted large research interest, since the huge available bandwidth can potentially lead to the rates of multiple gigabit per second per user. Though mmWave can be readily used in stationary scenarios, such as indoor hotspots or backhaul, it is challenging to use mmWave in ...

Empowering Stream Processing through Edge Clouds

  • Janssens N.
  • Luis Veiga
  • Sergio Esteves
  • Theeten B.

CHive is a new streaming analytics platform to run distributed SQL-style queries on edge clouds. However, CHive is currently tightly coupled to a specific stream processing system (SPS), Apache Storm. In this paper we address the decoupling of the CHive query planner and optimizer from the runtime environment, and also ...

Assessing the Impact of Library Sharing in Containers-Based Infrastructures

  • Bravo Ferreira J.
  • Cello M.
  • Omana Iglesias J.

With the surge in popularity of container-based infrastructures, and microservices gaining further traction as a choice in software design, the logical result is a collection of many, agile software components that need to be run thousands of times, adjusting to a highly dynamic load. An unfortunate consequence of this deconstruction ...

Polar-coded modulation based on the amplitude phase shift keying constellations

  • Dai J.
  • Dong C.
  • Guan H.
  • Niu K.
  • Sun J.
  • Zhang Y.
  • Zhou D.

In this paper, we investigate the polarization effect of the amplitude phase shift keying (APSK) constellations. We find that the polarization effect of the APSK constellations is affected by the bit mapping and the bit loading. Traditionally, the Gray mapping is usually adopted in APSK constellations. Based on the given ...

Nonlinear signal multiplexing for communication beyond the Kerr nonlinearity limit

  • Aref V.
  • Buelow H.
  • Thai Le S.

Current optical fibre transmission systems rely on modulation, coding and multiplexing techniques which were originally developed for linear communication channels. However, linear transmission techniques are not fully compatible with a transmission medium with nonlinear optical response such as silica. As a consequence, the Kerr nonlinearity imposes a limit on the ...

Data Sketching

A Capacitor-DAC-Based Technique For Pre-Emphasis-Enabled Multilevel Transmitters

  • Chang M.
  • Chen Y.
  • Du Y.
  • Hu B.
  • Huang R.
  • Lee J.

This brief presents a capacitor digital-to-analog converter (DAC) based technique that is suitable for pre-emphasis-enabled multilevel wireline transmitter design in voltage mode. Detailed comparisons between the proposed technique and conventional direct-coupling-based as well as resistor-DAC-based multilevel transmitter design techniques are given, revealing potential benefits in terms of speed, linearity, implementation ...

InP DHBT technology optimization for power amplifiers at mm-wave frequencies

  • Dupuy J.
  • Johansen T.
  • Konczykowska A.
  • Midili V.
  • Nodjiadjim V.
  • Riet M.
  • Squartecchia M.

An optimized InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (DHBT) technology is presented for millimeter-wave power amplifiers at E-band and higher frequencies. Single- and multi-finger transistors with 0.7um emitter width are designed for high frequency and high power applications. The static and frequency performances of the fabricated devices are discussed. Reported cutoff ...

Low-resource Multi-task Audio Sensing for Mobile and Embedded Devices via Shared Deep Neural Network Representations

  • Bhattacharya S.
  • Georgiev P.
  • Lane N.
  • Mascolo C.

Continuous audio analysis from embedded and mobile devices is an increasingly important application domain. More and more, appliances like the Amazon Echo, along with smartphones and watches, and even research prototypes seek to perform multiple discriminative tasks simultaneously from ambient audio; for example, monitoring background sound classes (e.g., music or ...

Regulatory Pilot on Licensed Shared Access in a Live LTE-TDD Network in IMT Band 40

This paper presents the Italian pilot on licensed shared access (LSA) in the IMT Band 40 to explore the potential and logistics of spectrum sharing from a regulatory perspective. Organized on a small cell/micro cell scale, it verified both the technical feasibility and regulatory compliance of LSA in a real, ...

Overlay transmission of sporadic random access and broadband traffic for 5G networks

  • Berardinelli G.
  • Viswanathan H.

Providing services to devices with varied rate, latency and energy consumption requirements is a major challenge for 5th Generation (5G) radio access technology. Overlay transmission or non-orthogonal multiple access, wherein multiple devices with same or different service requirements use the same time-frequency resources, may overcome the poor trunking efficiency of ...