Comparison of coding strategies for a combined multi-Gbps fiber and twisted-pair link

  • Guenach M.
  • Lefevre Y.
  • Moeneclaey M.
  • Suls A.

In this contribution we consider a communication system consisting of a cascade of a passive optical network (PON) link with on/off keying, and a short twisted pair (TP) link with discrete multitone modulation (DMT). Three coding configurations are investigated. In the first configuration (C1), the PON link and the TP ...

Physical limits on directional beam performance of 28 GHz links

  • Chizhik D.
  • Valenzuela R.
  • Venkatesan S.

Impact of finite coherence in frequency and time on directional beam in a canonical 28 GHz small cell link is assessed. Terminal motion and delay spread are found to limit the maximum achievable directional gain due to the need to measure the channel across time and frequency. It is found ...

75 GHz InP DHBT Power Amplifier Based on Two-Stacked Transistors

  • Dupuy J.
  • Johansen T.
  • Konczykowska A.
  • Midili V.
  • Nodjiadjim V.
  • Riet M.
  • Squartecchia M.

We present in this paper the design and the implementation of a two stage 75 GHz InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (DHBT) power amplifier (PA). An optimized two-stacked transistor power cell has been designed, which represents the building block in the power stage as well as in the driver stage. ...

Photonic integrated circuit based on Hybrid III-V/Silicon Integration

  • Brenot R.
  • Chen Y.
  • De Valicourt G.
  • Dong P.
  • Eggleston M.
  • Kim K.
  • Lee S.
  • Melikyan A.
  • Sethumadhavan C.
  • Simsarian J.
  • Verdier A.
  • Zhu C.

This paper summarizes recent advances of integrated hybrid InP/SOI lasers and transmitters based on edge coupling. At first, we review the different integration method between III-V materials and silicon. Then we focus on using an external III-V chip coupled via edge coupling to our silicon photonic integrated circuit. The paper ...

Electrochromic Thin Films WO3-LiNbO3-NiO Broadband Microwave Characterization at Various Temperatures

  • Bulja S.
  • Cahill R.
  • Kopf R.
  • Norooziarab M.

This paper describes, for the first time, dielectric characterization of an electronically tunable electrochromic (EC) thin film material using a temperature- controlled microstrip line method between 7C to 50C in a broad frequency band of 1-67 GHz. The two ends of the microstrip line, directly exposed to the tunable EC ...

Convolutional Neural Networks for Figure Extraction in Historical Technical Documents

  • Levy C.
  • Saniee I.
  • Yu C.

We present a novel method of extracting figures and images from pages in scanned documents, especially from historical technical documents. Our method uses existing tools, in particular PDF Figures, to extract figures from modern structured PDF documents. We use PDF Figures to generate data which are used to train a ...

I/Q Record-Playback in OAI

  • Bizouarn E.
  • Mongazon-Cazavet B.

A method for recording and replaying radio I/Q samples inside OAI (OpenAirInterface) software.

Testbed for security orchestration in a network function virtualization environment

  • Ahola K.
  • Holtmanns S.
  • Kalliola A.
  • Lal S.
  • Miche Y.
  • Oliver I.

We present a testbed implementation for the development, evaluation and demonstration of security orchestration in a network function virtualization environment. As a specific scenario, we demonstrate how an intelligent response to DDoS and various other kinds of targeted attacks can be formulated such that these attacks and future variations can ...

Hybrid Copper-Nanowire-Reduced-Graphene-Oxide Coatings: A ``Green Solution{''} Toward Highly Transparent, Highly Conductive, and Flexible Electrodes for (Opto)Electronics

  • Aliprandi A.
  • Anichini C.
  • Bonacchi S.
  • Bruna M.
  • Eredia M.
  • Laia C.
  • Moreira T.
  • Pinheiro C.
  • Samori P.
  • Sassi U.
  • Stoeckel M.

This study reports a novel green chemistry approach to assemble copper-nanowires/reduced-graphene-oxide hybrid coatings onto inorganic and organic supports. Such films are robust and combine sheet resistances (<30 Omega sq(-1)) and transparencies in the visible region (transmittance > 70%) that are rivalling those of indium-tin oxide. These electrodes are suitable for ...

Real-Time All-Digital Radio-over-Fiber LTE Transmission

  • Bohn T.
  • Ferling D.
  • Guy Torfs
  • Haolin Li
  • Johan Bauwelinck
  • Joris Van Kerrebrouck
  • Laurens Breyne
  • Piet Demeester

Radio-over-fiber is a key-enabling-technology for next generation wireless networks. To support an increasing number of antennas, a CloudRAN approach that maximally aggregates basestation functionality of the different antenna sites is the most economically feasible. To support light weight antenna units, analog radio-over-fiber is most promising. To mitigate linearity constraints of ...

Flexible resource allocation for device-to-device communication in fdd system for ultra-reliable and low latency communications

  • Li Z.
  • Singh B.
  • Uusitalo M.

Ultra-reliable and low latency communications is envisioned to enable new services and applications with high reliability, availability and low latency, e.g, factory automation, Tactile Internet. Device-to-device communication is one such mean that allows devices to experience benefits in terms of shorter communication latency. Currently most device-to-device communication in frequency-division duplex ...

Massive MIMO with Max-Min Power Control in Line-of-Sight Propagation Environment

  • Marzetta T.
  • Yang H.

A key component for the success of Massive MIMO is the asymptotic orthogonality of channel vectors. With M service antennas, the expected correlation between a pair of channel vectors in line-of-sight (LoS) propagation environment decreases at least as fast as log(M)/M while its counterpart in independent and identically distributed (iid) ...

Distributed Wi-Fi Interference Coordination for Dense Deployments

  • Abinader J.
  • Almeida E.
  • Cavalcante A.
  • Chaves F.
  • Choudhury S.
  • De Sousa J.
  • Doppler K.
  • Tuomaala E.
  • Vieira R.

Unlicensed spectrum is increasingly being used by mobile operators to meet the mobile traffic demand, and Wi-Fi is foreseen as one of the technologies for implementing mobile traffic offloading. However, Wi-Fi efficiency does not scale well as node density increases, and IEEE 802.11ax Task Group (TGax) was created in 2014 ...

Direct and Electroabsorption Modulation of a III-V-on-Silicon DFB Laser at 56 Gb/s

  • Abbasi A.
  • Bauwelinck J.
  • Duan G.
  • Moeneclaey B.
  • Morthier G.
  • Roelkens G.
  • Verbist J.
  • Yin X.

In order tocope with the ever-growing Internet traffic, high-speed optical interconnects are becoming indispensable. Silicon photonicsis emerging as a key technology for such inter-connects. In this paper, we demonstrate 56 Gb/s nonreturn to zeroon-off keying (NRZ-OOK) direct modulation based on a high bandwidth heterogeneously integrated III-V-on-silicon distributed feedback laser, as ...

A Wideband All-Digital CMOS RF Transmitter on HDI Interposers With High Power and Efficiency

This paper demonstrates a wideband CMOS all-digital polar transmitter with flip-chip connection to three high-density-interconnection PCB interposers. The interposers are designed to extract power from a CMOS open-drain inverse Class-D power amplifier core. For a wide frequency range from 0.7 to 3.5 GHz, continuous-wave output power higher than 25.5 dBm ...

Distributed Wi-Fi Interference Coordination for Dense Deployments

  • Abinader F.
  • Almeida E.
  • Cavalcante A.
  • Chaves F.
  • Choudhury S.
  • Doppler K.
  • Sousa V.
  • Tuomaala E.
  • Vieira R.

Unlicensed spectrum is increasingly being used by mobile operators to meet the mobile traffic demand, and Wi-Fi is foreseen as one of the technologies for implementing mobile traffic offloading. However, Wi-Fi efficiency does not scale well as node density increases, and IEEE 802.11ax Task Group (TGax) was created in 2014 ...

Balanced Fair Resource Sharing in Computer Clusters

  • Bonald T.
  • Comte C.

We represent a computer cluster as a multi-server queue with some arbitrary bipartite graph of compabilities between jobs and servers. Each server processes its jobs sequentially in FCFS order. The service rate of a job at any given time is the sum of the service rates of all servers processing ...

Anthropogenic Space Weather

  • Baker D.
  • Balogh A.
  • Erickson P.
  • Gombosi T.
  • Huba J.
  • Lanzerotti L.

Anthropogenic effects on the space environment started in the late 19th century and reached their peak in the 1960s when high-altitude nuclear explosions were carried out by the USA and the Soviet Union. These explosions created artificial radiation belts near Earth that resulted in major damages to several satellites. Another, ...

An Economic Analysis of Distributed Access Architectures: The Next Major Cable Transformation

  • Glapa M.
  • Joseph J.
  • Vale R.

The use of Distributed Access Architectures DAA is one of the concepts transforming the future of cable networks in a way that has not been seen since the late 1980s early 1990s when fiber began to play a prominent role in access. We are moving from a network of today ...

Long-haul coherent communications using microresonator-based frequency combs

  • Abel Lorences-Riesgo
  • Andrew M. Weiner
  • Attila Fülöp
  • Dan E. Leaird
  • Eriksson T.
  • Mikael Mazur
  • Minghao Qi
  • Pei-Hsun Wang
  • Peter A. Andrekson
  • Victor Torres-Company
  • Yi Xuan

Microresonator-based frequency combs are strong contenders as light sources for wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM). Recent demonstrations have shown the potential of microresonator combs for replacing tens of WDM channels with a single laser-pumped device. These experiments relied on microresonators displaying anomalous dispersion. Devices operating in the normal dispersion offer the prospect ...