A Wideband All-Digital CMOS RF Transmitter on HDI Interposers With High Power and Efficiency

This paper demonstrates a wideband CMOS all-digital polar transmitter with flip-chip connection to three high-density-interconnection PCB interposers. The interposers are designed to extract power from a CMOS open-drain inverse Class-D power amplifier core. For a wide frequency range from 0.7 to 3.5 GHz, continuous-wave output power higher than 25.5 dBm ...

Long-haul coherent communications using microresonator-based frequency combs

  • Abel Lorences-Riesgo
  • Andrew M. Weiner
  • Attila Fülöp
  • Dan E. Leaird
  • Eriksson T.
  • Mikael Mazur
  • Minghao Qi
  • Pei-Hsun Wang
  • Peter A. Andrekson
  • Victor Torres-Company
  • Yi Xuan

Microresonator-based frequency combs are strong contenders as light sources for wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM). Recent demonstrations have shown the potential of microresonator combs for replacing tens of WDM channels with a single laser-pumped device. These experiments relied on microresonators displaying anomalous dispersion. Devices operating in the normal dispersion offer the prospect ...

Connectivity graph reconstruction for networking cloud infrastructures

  • Dubus S.
  • Kanoun W.
  • Mensah P.
  • Morin C.
  • Piolle G.
  • Totel E.

Cloud providers have an incomplete view of their hosted virtual infrastructures managed by a Cloud Management System (CMS) and a Software Defined Network (SDN) controller. For various security reasons (e.g. isolation verification, modeling attack paths in the network), it is necessary to know which virtual machines can interact via network ...

Simplified extended Kalman filter phase noise estimation for CO-OFDM transmissions

  • Le S.
  • Megret P.
  • Nguyen T.
  • Wuilpart M.
  • Yakusheva T.

We propose a flexible simplified extended Kalman filter (S-EKF) scheme that can be applied in both pilot-aided and blind modes for phase noise compensation in 16-QAM CO-OFDM transmission systems employing a small-to-moderate number of subcarriers. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated and compared with conventional pilot-aided (PA) and ...

Simultaneous four-channel thermal adaptation of polarization insensitive silicon photonics WDM receiver

  • Chen Y.
  • Dong P.
  • Gatdula R.
  • Kim K.
  • Melikyan A.

We propose a novel approach to demonstrate simultaneous multi-wavelength locking during temperature changes in a silicon photonic polarization insensitive microring-based wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) receiver. The DC component of a single monitoring photodetector at the through port of the microring filter array is exploited as a feedback signal with no ...

Architectures for coded mobile edge computing

  • Avestimehr A.
  • Li S.
  • Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali

We consider a mobile edge computing scenario, in which mobile users (e.g., smartphones) offload their computation requests to the computing nodes distributed at the network edge (e.g., base stations). The edge nodes process the offloaded requests in the “computation phase”, and return the results to the users in the “communication ...

Broadcast Caching Networks with Two Receivers and Multiple Correlated Sources

The correlation among the content distributed across a cache-aided broadcast network can be exploited to reduce the delivery rate over the broadcast link. This paper considers a two-user three-file network with correlated content, and studies its fundamental limits for the worst-case demand. A class of schemes based on a two-step ...

Advances in extreme learning machines (ELM2015)

  • Huang G.
  • Lendasse A.
  • Miche Y.
  • Toh K.
  • Vong C.

Rich Network Anomaly Detection Using Multivariate Data

  • Mendiratta V.
  • Thottan M.

Modern telecommunication networks are complex, and generate massive amounts of data in the form of logs and metadata. Though these networks are designed for high reliability, when they do fail or encounter performance degradations, given the complexity, it is difficult to detect and diagnose problems in a timely manner. Existing ...

BRACE: Cloud-based Software Reliability Assurance

  • Asthana A.
  • Mijumbi R.
  • Okumoto K.

The evolution towards virtualized network functions (VNFs) is expected to enable service agility within the telecommunications industry. To this end, the software (or VNFs) from which such services are composed must be developed and delivered over very short time scales. In order to guarantee the required levels of software quality ...

Coherent frequency tuneable thz wireless signal generation using an optical phase lock loop system

  • Balakier K.
  • Fice M.
  • Graham C.
  • Ponnampalam L.
  • Renaud C.
  • Seeds A.
  • Shams H.
  • Van Dijk F.

We demonstrate experimentally, for the first time, the photonic generation of a continuous tunable THz wireless signal based on using an optical phase lock loop (OPLL) subsystem and optical frequency comb generator (OFCG). The OPLL is employed to select one line from the optical comb and shift it by the ...

Electro-Absorption modulator-based optoelectronic oscillator

  • Alouini M.
  • Debregeas H.
  • Lanteri D.
  • Primiani P.
  • Van Dijk F.

In the perspective of a monolithic integration of an optoelectronic oscillator on photonic integrated circuits, we evaluate the performances of integrated DFB laser and electro-absorption modulator devices. For this purpose two identical chips have been used, the first for laser emission and amplitude modulation and the second for photo-detection. The ...

Analytics-Enhanced Automated Code Verification for Dependability of Software-Defined Networks

  • Jagadeesan L.
  • Mendiratta V.

Software-defined networking (SDN) is a key emerging technology that enables networks to be programmed and dynamically reconfigured through software-based network applications. This programability also significantly increases the exposure of these networks to software application faults, which can compromise or crash the underlying SDN network. It is thus imperative to detect ...

Novel market approach for locally balancing renewable energy production and flexible demand

  • Horta J.
  • Kofman D.
  • Menga D.
  • Silva A.

Future electricity distribution grids will host a considerable share of variable renewable energy sources and local storage resources. Moreover, they will face new load structures due for example to the growth of the electric vehicle market. These trends raise the need for new paradigms for distribution grids operation, in which ...

Digital Pre-distortion using Legendre Polynomials for Band 25 Transmitters

  • Reddy A.

In this paper, we discuss the implementation of a digital pre-distorter for wideband wireless applications using Legendre polynomials as the orthogonal polynomial basis. The implementation discusses a multicarrier configuration using a wideband amplifier. Structures based on polynomial functions are widely used for both power amplifiers (PAs) and pre-distorters. Higher non-linear ...

360-Degree Video Streaming and its Subjective Quality

Traditional challenges for deploying end-to-end streaming systems are made harder when considering 360-degree media content. One of these challenges relates to the lack of commonly accepted standardized methodologies for subjective 360-degree video quality assessment, especially oriented towards streaming services. The contribution of this paper falls in the area of subjective ...

Passive cooling and thermal management in data centers

  • Conte A.
  • Le Masson S.
  • Louahlia H.
  • Nadjahi C.

This article introduces the first experimental and analytical results of a two-phase thermosyphon loop, designed to cool a data center. This loop, composed by a mini-channels evaporator and an air condenser, is a passive system capable of decreasing electricity consumption in a data center. An analytical model has been developed ...

Cross-correlation based clustering and dimension reduction on multivariate time series for KPIs in a data processing system

  • Egri A.
  • Horváth I.
  • Kovacs F.
  • Molontay R.
  • Varga K.

In this paper, we investigate multi-dimensional time series data and we introduce a graph based clustering approach using the cross-correlation between the time series. The procedure is applied to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measured during a specific data processing system in order to identify connections between the various KPIs. The ...

Nonlinear Characterisation for Microstrip Circuits with Low Passive Intermodulation

  • Kozlov Dmitry
  • Schuchinsky A.
  • Shitvov A.

This paper presents a new methodology for experimental charaterisation of distributed nonlinearity in microstrip circuits fabricated on commercial grade microwave laminate materials. The circuits exhibit excessive intermodulation response when subject to relatively high power transmit multi-carrier waveforms. Weak intermodulation products generated in passive circuits may cause strong interference in the ...

An RNS-based forwarding approach to implement SFC

Because of the more and more diversified service, SFC needs to be dynamically and feasibly implemented. Thanks to NFV and SDN ideas, the new SFC architecture is defined to meet the requirements in the IETF. Based on the OpenFlow, the approach of the single flow table is used to implement ...