January 01, 2019

A 5GS/s 12b 158.6mW Passive-Sampling 8x-Interleaved Hybrid ADC With 9.4 ENOB and 160.5dB FoM in 28nm CMOS

  • Pelgrom Marcel
  • Ramkaj A.
  • Ramos Juan Carlos Pena
  • Steyaert M.
  • Strackx M.
  • Tavernier F.
  • Verhelst Marian

Emerging 5G communication systems require ADCs to directly digitize wide bandwidth (BW) signals with high spectral purity at low power consumption. Current state-of-the-art solutions include mainly time-interleaved (TI) pipelined or pipelined-SAR architectures, enhanced by digital calibration. To ensure a sufficiently high input BW, all these designs employ a front-end buffer. This buffer often dissipates more power than the ADC itself. Moreover, it significantly deteriorates the linearity and noise performance, and severely limits the available swing, unless over-voltage or multiple supplies are used. This work aims to maximize the input BW and dynamic performance, while inimizing the power of GHz-range high-resolution ADCs, with a 5GS/s passive-sampling, fully-dynamic, 3-stage pipelined-SAR hybrid. Removing the front-end buffer offers at least 2x power reduction, while an input BW larger than 6GHz and a Nyquist performance of 9.4ENOB and 160.5dB FoMS are enabled by the combination of: (1) very low resistance/capacitance passive input network and proper on-chip termination; (2) on-chip clock division and distribution with negligible jitter; and (3) optimized design of each sub-ADC to deliver maximum speed´resolution/power. On top, combined sub-ADC/TI analog/digital calibration is employed to assist performance.

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