October 13, 2016

Leveraging Static Analysis Tools for Improving Usability of Memory Error Sanitization Compilers

  • Ballou E.
  • Gjomemo R.
  • Namjoshi K.
  • Phung P.
  • Venkatakrishnan V.
  • Zuck L.

Memory errors such as buffer overruns are notorious security vulnerabilities. There has been considerable interest in having a compiler to ensure the safety of compiled code either through static verification or through instrumented runtime checks. While certifying compilation has shown much promise, it has not been practical, leaving code instrumentation as the next best strategy for compilation. We term such compilers Memory Error Sanitization Compilers (MESCs). MESCs are available as part of GCC, LLVM and MSVC suites. Due to practical limitations, MESCs typically apply instrumentation indiscriminately to every memory access, and are consequently prohibitively expensive and practical to only small code bases. This work proposes a methodology that applies state-of-the-art static analysis techniques to eliminate unnecessary runtime checks, resulting in more efficient and scalable defenses. The methodology was implemented on LLVM's Safecode, Integer Overflow, and Address Sanitizer passes, using static analysis of Frama-C and Codesurfer. The benchmarks demonstrate an improvement in runtime performance that makes incorporation of runtime checks a viable option for defenses.

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