Active Solid-State Devices

  • Elder H.

Twenty new solid-state devices were developed to meet the TD-3 requirements. The FM terminal transmitter needed a variable capacitor diode (457A) as the active element in the deviator, a very stable voltage regulator diode (446AC), and a transistor oscillator (44A). A family of medium-power varactors (473A, B, and C) was required for the microwave carrier supply. A high-quality silicon varactor diode pair (471A) was developed for the transmitter modulator. Two new 1323 1324 TI-IE BELL SYSTEM TECHNICAL JOURNAL, SEPTEMBER 1968 rectifiers (463A and 464A) were developed for the high voltage power supply for the traveling wave tube. For the receiver, a low-noise gallium arsenide Schottky-barrier mixer diode (497A) and a low-noise IF preamplifier transistor (45.1) were developed to assure the low-noise figure required of the TD-3 repeater. The second stage of the preamplifier required a transistor that could handle a large signal without harmful distortion (45G). The FM receiver also needed a transistor with controlled input impedance (45B) and a silicon Schottky-barrier diode (479A) in the IF amplifier-limiter, and a similar diode (479B) in the discriminator. The 45C transistor was developed for locations where the signal level exceeds the level at which the 45B transistor can maintain sufficiently low distortion. A silicon p-i-n diode (474A) was developed for the variolosser. Two silicon point contact diodes (488A and 493A) were developed for use in IF and RF monitor circuits. I.

Recent Publications

August 09, 2017

A Cloud Native Approach to 5G Network Slicing

  • Francini A.
  • Miller R.
  • Sharma S.

5G networks will have to support a set of very diverse and often extreme requirements. Network slicing offers an effective way to unlock the full potential of 5G networks and meet those requirements on a shared network infrastructure. This paper presents a cloud native approach to network slicing. The cloud ...

August 01, 2017

Modeling and simulation of RSOA with a dual-electrode configuration

  • De Valicourt G.
  • Liu Z.
  • Violas M.
  • Wang H.
  • Wu Q.

Based on the physical model of a bulk reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (RSOA) used as a modulator in radio over fiber (RoF) links, the distributions of carrier density, signal photon density, and amplified spontaneous emission photon density are demonstrated. One of limits in the use of RSOA is the lower ...

July 12, 2017

PrivApprox: Privacy-Preserving Stream Analytics

  • Chen R.
  • Christof Fetzer
  • Le D.
  • Martin Beck
  • Pramod Bhatotia
  • Thorsten Strufe

How to preserve users' privacy while supporting high-utility analytics for low-latency stream processing? To answer this question: we describe the design, implementation and evaluation of PRIVAPPROX, a data analytics system for privacy-preserving stream processing. PRIVAPPROX provides three properties: (i) Privacy: zero-knowledge privacy (ezk) guarantees for users, a privacy bound tighter ...