Our Mission: The Application Platforms & Software Systems Research Lab (APSS) is inventing exciting technologies that will give people the one resource that is not renewable and cannot be created - time! We do this by building software platforms that provide magical experiences. We make the magic possible by mastering the fundamentals of software methodologies, software design, and system implementation. We believe in theory and running code.

Current Research Initiatives

Research in the APSS Lab is about exploring the future possibilities of communication –– how does software play a role? Below are a few of our current research initiatives, everything from multi-sensory, mixed-reality experiences to open access of streaming data.


Active Research Projects


Multi-Sensory Communications Research Group

As the world gets hyper-connected we need to use all our senses to understand and communicate with people and things around us. We need intuitive and subtle ways of sensing our surroundings and new ways of experiencing the world, augmented with multi-sensory information that will guide us and, ultimately, help us save time. This is the new world we are exploring. Interests within this research area include; distributed reality solutions, computational perception, pervasive systems, and real-time information processing. 

Emerging Software, Computing and Data Foundations

This group creates technologies that enable rapid, economical construction and execution of software. These technologies include formalisms, development tools and methodologies, and specialized software components. Much of the work focuses on software platforms supporting high-performance applications and large-scale data processing. Our research approach consists of a mix of systems and theory. We strongly believe system and theory go hand in hand. Good system design is often rooted on a rigorous foundation. Current focus areas within this group include; scalable data systems, new software experiences, and new computing and software architectures.

Autonomous Software Systems

Autonomous systems outperform their human-controlled counterparts in many ways. Just as self-driving cars provide safer transportation, autonomous software systems provide higher performing services. Such services can respond instantly to changes, interact with clients at great precision, continuously morph to optimize performance, and minimize resource footprints, all while freeing humans from mundane operation tasks. The Autonomous Software Systems Group creates the software to automatically run software perfectly. Focus areas within this group include; autonomous software platforms, automated orchestration systems, and self-adapting software systems.

Leadership Team

Photo of Bob Ensor
Bob Ensor
Crawford Hill, NJ, USA
Photo of Volker Hilt
Volker Hilt
Stuttgart, Germany
Photo of Markus Hofmann
Markus Hofmann
Crawford Hill, NJ, USA
Photo of Fahim Kawsar
Fahim Kawsar
Cambridge, UK
Photo of Xerxes Peshotan Kotval
Xerxes Peshotan Kotval
Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Photo of Diego F. Lugones
Diego F. Lugones
Dublin, Ireland
Photo of Bo Olofsson
Bo Olofsson
Cambridge, UK
Photo of Itai Segall
Itai Segall
Tel Aviv, Israel
Photo of Lieven Trappeniers
Lieven Trappeniers
Antwerp, Belgium


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