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Bell Labs Consulting, as part of Nokia Bell Labs, provides independent advice to communications service providers, enterprises and industry players, using the Nokia Bell Labs Future X Network and emerging market dynamics as foundations

​Our cross-disciplinary team of experienced industry and technology experts has developed a proprietary toolset to ​address every customer's specific situation​ and help them realize the full economic, social and human potential of the future.

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The way that we work and collaborate has irrevocably changed, and the importance of remote collaboration will continue to increase as work from home becomes the norm. Reliability, QoE and responsiveness will be key metrics on which collaboration providers will be evaluated. The CSPs are in a unique position to leverage their 5G, intelligent, edge-enabled networks to create value for collaboration providers and enterprises and lead the world toward immersive collaboration.

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Stephen Rose

Senior Partner, Bell Labs Consulting

Viby Jacob

Head of Planning & Control, Bell Labs Consulting

Fuad Siddiqui

Senior Partner, Bell Labs Consulting

Ken Budka

Senior Partner, Bell Labs Consulting