GreenTouch Members Collaborate on Dramatic New Antenna System

The GreenTouch Mobile Communications Working Group developed, over a period of a year, a Large Scale Antenna System (LSAS), to show that many antennas -- hundreds or thousands -- could be used together to improve the energy efficiency of wireless communications, and that transmitted radio power can be significantly reduced as the number of antenna elements is increased. In November 2011, the LSAS was demonstrated twice in Switzerland by GreenTouch founding member Swisscom – photos below.

How the LSAS works: instead of broadcasting signals throughout the entire coverage area like other antenna systems, the LSAS transmits concentrated beams of information selectively to many users at once. The greater the number of antenna elements deployed, the higher the concentration of the beams and, therefore, the less power any antenna needs to send a given amount of information.

GreenTouch Demonstrates First Technology On Road to Realizing 1,000-Fold Network Energy Efficiency Vision

Swisscom Demonstrates GreenTouch Consortium's Energy-Saving Large cale Antenna Array




GreenTouch Demonstrates Large-Scale Antenna -- Improving Energy Efficiency

Introduction to Large-Scale Antenna System Demo

Gee Rittenhouse, Chairman, Large Scale Antenna System Demo

Greg Wright, Bell Labs, Large Scale Antenna System Demo

Claude Monney, Large-Scale Antenna System Demo

Rod Tucker, University of Melbourne, Large-Scale Antenna System Demo

Large-Scale Antenna System Demo Q&A

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