GreenTouch hosts webinar to announce Bit Interleaved Passive Optical Network (Bi-PON) Technology

On 27 March 2012, the GreenTouch Consortium hosted a live webinar from Bell Labs. This webinar showcased the second major technology milestone in the group’s mission to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of information and communications technology (ICT) networks by a factor of 1,000. The delivery method of this information via webinar also ties into the group’s energy-saving values as compared to the alternative of a traditional in-person event.

The webinar and opportunity to witness the Consortium break new ground with the demonstration of their Bit Interleaved Passive Optical Network (Bi-PON) technology that will make the future ICT networks more energy efficient, was led by GreenTouch member companies Bell Labs, INRIA, IMEC and Orange.

To view presentations and/or video from the Open Forum, please click the links below.

Videos and Presentations View the webinar:
New Wireline Technology Demonstration

View the press release
Fiber-to-the-Home Goes Green: New Technology Dramatically Reduces Energy Need



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